Arkaos 2012 General Catalog

Arkaos 2012 General Catalog
About ArKaos
ArKaos provides professional-grade technology for live visual performances.
The company develops visual synthesizers that trigger and manipulate graphic content for display on large screens
at concerts, clubs, etc.. Founded in 1996, ArKaos is the maker of the well-known video software solutions GrandVJ
and MediaMaster.
For more information visit our website at where you can also find your nearest ArKaos dealer.
A few references..
Concerts, tours and festivals: Tiësto Kaliedoscope Tour and Club Life Tour, Ferry Corsten, Chayanne “No Hay
Imposibles” Tour, Night of The Proms, Milk Inc Blackout, Jane’s Addiction (Lollapalooza Festival), Neon Judgement,
Cradle Of Filth, Archive, Mayday, United Against Malaria, Rosenstolz, Herbert Grönemeyer Tour, Tokio Hotel, AHA
Frogenpark, Robin Gibb, Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band, Seal Copenhagen, Live 8 London, De Phazz Natural-Fake Tour,
Glastonbury Festival, Youssou N’Dour & Guests, Wang Lee Hom, DJ Bobo Pirates of Dance Tour, Voltt Loves Summer,
Reverze, Hennesy Artistry KL, ..
Television: China INMTV (King Bonn) Awards, Australian Idol, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Nickelodeon Kids’
Choice Awards, Benissimo, NRL Footy Show Finale, MTV European Music Awards, The Brit Awards, STC Television
Studios in Abu Dhabi, Manchester United Stadium Television Studios, ..
Clubs: World of Nightlife (Graz), Zouk Club (Kuala Lumpur), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Belly Up (Aspen), Mix Club
(Paris), V.I.P. Room (St. Tropez), ..
Other: Dubai International Film Festival, Shanghai 14th FINA World Championships Opening Ceremony, Aria Resort
New Year Party (Las Vegas), Shenzen City New Year’s Eve Celebration 2011, Games of the Small States of Europe
opening ceremony, Wankdorf Stadium opening ceremony, Scout Jamboree, Cullberg Ballet World Tour, Ball der
Künste, Art On Ice, Beijing Tsinghua University Centenary Celebration, ..
Tiësto Tour 2010
Unlimited Productions BV
United Against Malaria
LD: Sérafin Lampion
Mayday 2009 - LD: Martin Kuhn
Pict.: Amanda Holmes
Rosenstolz - LD: Marc Lorenz
Pict.: Franz Schlechter
MediaMaster Product Range
MediaMaster is a software solution for professional
control of real-time video and effects that has been
specifically developed for desk operators and
lighting designers.
It is also probably the most affordable media server
software on the market thanks to its upgradable
license system: start with MediaMaster Express for
simple control of your show through DMX or MIDI and
later when you need it, upgrade to MediaMaster Pro
for the difference and get access to full fixture control
mode and advanced compatibility with
professional lighting desks.
But no matter what is your choice, there is no compromise on the quality. Both versions are built around ArKaos’
latest generation of technology, embarking our multi-threaded graphics engine which delivers blistering
performance by taking advantage of multi-core machines.
Improved frame blending support allows extremely smooth video playback even at slow speeds while software
genlock makes it possible to play several HD movies at up to 60 fps without dropping a single frame.
Finally, a straightforward interface displaying all layer’s parameters simultaneously, as well as all layers preview, gives
lighting designers improved visibility of their shows and the best ergonomics possible, you can even
generate a preview visual of your Soft Edge setup so you can’t go wrong!
Common features
• 8 independent video layers
• Advanced Graphic engine: Fully hardware accelerated and Multi-threaded
on multi-core CPUs
Optimized for HD movies, HD output support
Internal MPEG2-MPEG4 codec for enhanced reliability
Intuitive user interface
60+ effects
50+ text animations
Audio Visualization Generators
Media library of 255 folders and 255 visuals
Multiple video inputs (PCI card, FireWire DV / HDV, USB, etc.)
Total control of your media: 3D position/ rotation, movie speed, color
levels, etc.
Master brightness-contrast, keystone
Multi-Screen and Wide-Screen with soft-edge
Support of all common media formats (AVI, MPEG, QuickTime MOV, Flash,
WMV, picture files etc)
Supports mixing audio from your video loops
Global audio volume control through DMX
Support for Quartz Composer .qtz files as Sources and Effects (Mac OS X only)
Support for Actionscrip3 in Flash animations and Flash Texts
Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OSX compatible
MediaMaster Express
ArKaos has designed MediaMaster Express to help quickly setup a
show that includes video.
If you have basic needs of DMX or MIDI synchronization but still
want to benefit form the powerful media management and efficient
media playback of MediaMaster, the Express edition is your best
Drag and drop your visuals on the interface and assign them to DMX
or MIDI triggers in a similar way to what made the ArKaos VJ DMX
Simple Mode so popular.
Simply put, it’s the easiest media server software that ever existed.
Main features
Control video layers with a few DMX dimmers or MIDI notes
Work on a single DMX universe or MIDI channel
Drag & Drop visuals directly on the main interface
Organize your shows with up to 64 patches of 64 cells
Control up to 3 parameters per cell via DMX or MIDI
Optional fade time on trigger
Control interface
• Computer keyboard
• Any MIDI controller compatible with your system
• Any DMX lighting desk
Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur
LD: Sebastien Jurkowski
Working with Alpha Channels and the impressive
audio-generated content that reacts exactly with the music is
a real improvement to our show. The real-time effects give
some very dynamic and exciting new ways to play back live
cameras on the screens. But most importantly, MediaMaster
is rock stable; at this point we have done about 50 shows
and it has never failed on us.
Koen De Puysseleir, LD - Tiësto Tour
System requirements (PC)
Media Player:
Windows™ XP, Vista or 7
Pentium™ IV 2Ghz recommended
512MB, 1GB recommended
QuickTime™ 6.5.x (and up),
Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up),
DirectX™ 9.0c (and up)
System requirements (Mac)
Media Player:
Mac OS X 10.4 (and up)
Any Intel Mac, G4/1Ghz (and up)
512MB, 1GB recommended
QuickTime™ 6.5.x (and up),
Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up)
MediaMaster Pro
MediaMaster Pro will turn any powerful computer into a full fledged
professional media server capable of running live or programmed
HD video shows in sync with music and light.
It comes with all the features from MediaMaster Express but adds
DMX fixtures management, advanced geometric correction for
projection on non-planar surfaces, support for MSEX allowing
thumbnails preview and live output to the console screens and all
you need to program and control large shows from popular lighting
Easily create a huge projection seamlessly spanning across several
screens, setup a pixel precise display with any configuration of LED
panels in just a few clicks, modify effect parameters live from your
console or setup a complete pre-programmed visual show; you can
do it all with MediaMaster Pro, it’s the Swiss Knife of media server
Main features
• Includes all the features from MediaMaster Express
• MSEX Compatible: thumbnails preview and live
output on your MSEX compatible lighting desk
• 3 available fixtures: micro, tiny and full
• Geometric Correction & Soft Edge Settings per
• Supports fixtures customization to add new effects
Control interface
• Computer keyboard
• Any MIDI controller compatible with your system
• Any DMX lighting desk
System requirements (PC)
MediaMaster combines greatly with professional lighting
desks such as the ChamSys MQ200: since they both support
MSEx, I can see the thumbnails from MediaMaster directly on
the console and even get live feedback of the servers’ output.
When there’s 15,000 people in front of the stage, it’s good to
know that you can’t go wrong displaying your visuals!
Olivier Demoustier, LD - Milk Inc Blackout
Media Player:
Windows™ XP, Vista or 7
Pentium™ IV 2Ghz recommended
512MB, 1GB recommended
QuickTime™ 6.5.x (and up),
Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up), DirectX™ 9.0c (and up)
System requirements (Mac)
Media Player:
Mac OS X 10.4 (and up)
Any Intel Mac, G4/1Ghz (and up)
512MB, 1GB recommended
QuickTime™ 6.5.x (and up),
Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up)
Geometric Correction
MediaMaster Pro makes it incredibly easy to project
video on non-planar surfaces; wether you need to
correct a single projector mounted in those difficult
places where standard keystone correction is not
effective or wether you need to harmonize the output
from several projectors which cannot be installed at
the same distance or angle to a curved screen, you
can do it all from the Geometric Correction tab in the
application preference window.
Manchester United Stadium TV Studio
Installation by ShockSolutions
The geometry correction operates directly by transforming the output of
MediaMaster and so works on top of both Simple and Fixture mode. A test pattern
is available to help precisely align the real-time video content over non-planar
or curved screens. Edge blending can even be edited globally, or individually for
either side of each projector.
Soft Edge
Seamlessly blend large visuals across several projectors with Soft Edge
Computer or media server
running MediaMaster
Output 2:
External screen
splitter to projectors
Output 1:
Control monitor
Contrast and brightness master is essential
for anyone working with LED screens.
Contrast is also available as an effect, but the ability
to use it as an attribute frees up the effects and it is
particularly useful with the low res screens where the
image is not as detailed.
Francesco Calvi, LD - Australian Idol
A30 Media Server
The ArKaos A-Series Media Servers are designed for customers who demand a high performance turnkey solution to
seamlessly run their real-time video performances. Built for the MediaMaster real time video editing software, the A30
delivers outstanding performance, stability and durability. It is the result of the latest research made by ArKaos in terms of
raw performance but also structural strength, vibration and heattolerance.
This incredibly powerful system comes delivered with a vast library of high quality digital media from the world’s best visual
content providers. It is pre-configured to work directly with all market leading DMX lighting desks.
Everything has been done so you just have to plug and play.
Smart design
I/O specifications
The custom made case provides a very convenient display on the
front to allow using the server without having to connect any
additional screen. The front cover also provides a large LED strip
providing feedback on the server’s state of operation.
• 4 video outputs: DVI, HDMI, VGA or Analog
(2 control monitors + 2 displays)
• 1 video input : HDMI (720p, 1080p) or Analog (NTSC, PAL)
• HD resolution video output (standard resolutions plus
1920x1080, 2560x1024, 3840x1080)
• DMX connectors: 5 pin male & female XLR/DMX
• Firewire 400 / 800 - 1394, eSATA, USB 3.0
• Balanced audio in / out
The A30 is a complete solution for professional Lighting Designers,
supporting up to six outputs and several acquisition possibilities.
The ArKaos A30 guarantees smooth playback of nine
simultaneous HD layers or six Full HD* layers on up to 6 outputs.
Shock-resistant up to 2G. Heat tested. Providing easy access to
fans and filters. It’s totally road ready.
• 2 x 500GB 16 MB Cache hard drives in RAID I for faster data
streaming and enhanced security
• 1 x server grade 15k RPM hard drive for the system
• HDD protection for extreme conditions: passive cooling /
noise damming / shock absorption
• MediaMaster Pro (incl. LED Mapper)
• Fast recovery system
• Pre-configured system for optimized performances
Tokio Hotel
• Shock and Vibration proof for Touring
• Industrial 4U rack chassis with EMC shielded case
• Optimized Airflow system with interactive cooling enabling
Silent, Normal or Full Load modes
• Power supply: 105 – 240v
• Automatic commutation at 50-60hz
• 48 hour burn-in routine before delivery
LD: Mark Lorenz
*Full HD is true high resolution for stage conditions: 1920 x 1080 px, 30 fps, with 0% dropped frames
ArKaos products combine tour-tested stability with
the market’s most intuitive interface and set-up.
It’s the most effcient way to manage your visuals.
Ch. de Waterloo 198 - 1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse - Belgium
Tel: +32 2 340 86 86 / Fax: +32 2 340 86 87 /
Front cover photo:
Beijing Tsinghua University Centenary Celebration (ShowPower)
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