Non-Residential Conservation Incentive Program

Non-Residential Conservation Incentive Program
An example of how you can make high
efficiency more affordable:
(Two) New 95% HighEfficiency, Condensing Boilers
(Two) Standard 80% Efficiency
Non-condensing Boilers
Cost Difference for
Higher-Efficiency Model
One-Time Fixed Rebate
Cost Difference after Rebate
Annual Operating
Cost Savings
Simple Payback on Cost for
High-Efficiency Model
3 years**
*This is only an example. Your actual investment and
savings may be higher or lower depending on the models
you choose to install, the efficiency of the furnace you are
replacing, fluctuating fuel costs and your actual installed cost.
Based on average gas costs of $7.07 per Mcf (including taxes)
for 12 months ending September 20, 2015.
**With savings on annual operating costs of $1,506 per
year, the $4,500 incremental investment will be paid back
in 3 years.
So why is National Fuel helping you
use less natural gas?
A lot of people believe that National Fuel
controls the cost of natural gas and that
higher natural gas prices equal more
revenue for the utility company. The truth is
that utilities have no control over the market
price of natural gas. The price you pay for
natural gas is set in the energy marketplace,
where forces of supply and demand
drive value. By law, we pass those costs to
customers without mark-up.
With the Conservation Incentive Rebate
Program, National Fuel is providing
customers with ways to use less natural
gas, helping to bring balance back to the
marketplace—and lowering the price we all
pay for the energy we use.
To download a rebate
application and learn more
energy-saving tips, visit
Smell gas? Act fast!
A Guide to
Saving Money
and Energy with
the Conservation
Incentive Program
If you smell gas, inside or outside your
home, don’t delay and get away—and then
call us immediately!
For gas emergencies call 1-800-444-3130
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Free technical assistance.
As a courtesy to both our customers and
contractors, Willdan Energy Solutions will
provide free technical assistance with the
application process, as well as facility
walk-through and return on investment
calculations. Contact Willdan at 1-844-840-8095
or email at
If you have a question, problem or request,
please call us Monday through Friday,
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
For Non-Residential Customers
Buffalo, NY area: 1-716-686-6123
All other areas: 1-800-365-3234
NF 3/16
Receive these fixed rebates on select natural gas appliances and save energy and money.
Equipment Type
National Fuel
Minimum Efficiency
Equipment Size
National Fuel
Space Heating Equipment
Hot Air Furnace
≥ 90% AFUE
≥ 92% AFUE
≥ 95% AFUE
The Conservation
Incentive Program
Thinking about purchasing a new
piece of natural gas equipment?
Choose high efficiency and save.
The National Fuel Conservation Incentive
Rebate Program offers non-residential
customers in the Western New York service area
several money-saving rebates for replacing
specified appliances with new, energy-efficient
models. By combining rebates with projected
annual savings for using more energy-efficient
equipment, new, high-efficiency appliances
can quickly pay for themselves.
Offering you two ways to save.
Customers with facilities that use less than
12,000 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of natural
gas per year are eligible for rebates.*
• F
ixed (Pre-Qualified) Rebate
Available on pre-qualified equipment.
• C
ustomized (Performance-Based) Rebate
Determined on a case-by-case basis, based
on the results of an energy-use analysis.
Customized rebates are determined by
multiplying the annual energy savings in Mcf
by $15. This may result in a larger rebate than
if your company received a fixed rebate.
Hot Water Boiler
Hot Water Boiler
Steam Boiler
Warm Air Unit Heater
Low-Intensity Infrared Heater
Vent Damper
Pipe Insulation
Duct Insulation
≤ 300
≥ 85% ET
≥ 85% ET
≥ 85% ET
≥ 85% ET
> 1,700
≥ 90% AFUE
≤ 300
≥ 90% ET
≥ 90% ET
≥ 90% ET
≥ 90% ET
> 1,700
≥ 82% AFUE
≤ 300
≥ 79% ET
≥ 80% ET
≥ 90% AFUE or ET
Any efficiency
For existing gas-fired heating systems only.
R-value ≥ 4. For existing gas-fired hot water or steam systems only.
R-value ≥ 6
Water-Heating Equipment
Storage Tank Insulation
New Circulation Controls
Storage Tank Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater
R-value ≥ 9
$1.00/sq. ft.
0.67 EF
0.82 EF
ENERGY STAR® qualified
Cooking Equipment
Convection Oven
Combination Oven
Cooking efficiency ≥ 30%, tested using standard ASTM F2835-10
ENERGY STAR® qualified
Food Service Technology Center qualified
ENERGY STAR® qualified
ENERGY STAR® qualified
≤ 2 feet wide
3 feet wide
4 feet wide
5 feet wide
≥ 6 feet wide
Programmable Thermostat
Wi-Fi Thermostat
*Rebates are available for existing facilities only.
New construction projects are not eligible for rebates.
(AFUE) Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (EF) Energy Factor (MBtuh) 1,000 Btu per hour (ET) Thermal Efficiency
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