airport communication systems
Seventy percent of
the nation’s busiest
airports have chosen
IED for a reason.
The 500ACS Announcement
Control System ® provides
an unmatched set of communication tools allowing
airport personnel to clearly
communicate to passengers
From curbside to boarding we provide
clear and concise audio and visual information that makes the airport journey
easy and enjoyable. Our vast digital library
of professionally recorded announcements
in multiple languages has no equal.
in any situation. The
industry standard 500ACS ®
feature-set integrates audio
and visual communications
Our LAN based technology easily
integrates with your existing airport
utilizing standard network
in a seamless manner,
The 500ACS ® uses dynamic
audio routing technology,
which assigns, manages and
signal. Audio is tested from
critical usage information
distributes uncompressed
the microphone input
including mic station usage,
real-time digital audio over a
through the loudspeaker
announcement activity, and
Fast Ethernet network, with
output, with test results
equipment faults.
technology licensed from
provided to any computer
Cirrus Logic ® . By utilizing
subscribing to the fault
Audio System Products:
standard Ethernet network
report service.
500ACS Announcement Control System ®
Redundant CPU’s, hard
FAS Flight Announcement System ®
Assembled flight announcements in multiple
topology for the transport of
multi-channel audio and
control data, IED allows
facility owners the ability to
integrate the 500ACS ® into
drives, power supplies, and
power amplifiers ensure
mission-critical reliability.
their structured premises
cabling system, greatly
In addition to being reliable,
reducing the cost of
the 500ACS ® also is secure.
previously required conduit
Microphone Stations,
and cable systems.
Telephone Interfaces and
The field-proven design of
the 500ACS ® capitalizes on
redundancy and reliability.
Everything is supervised and
tested – not only control
paths, but also the audio
Computer Workstations are
all protected via user ID and
password/PIN. The password
hierarchy is user configurable
on a simple software interface. Additionally, the
500ACS software logs all
T-CAS Text-to-Speech Courtesy Announcement
System ®
Audio visual interface and database system
for courtesy announcements.
ACS External Database Link
Open database interface
VIS Visual Information System
ADA compliant visual paging
Titan Series Digital Distribution Products:
Redundant Power Amplifiers
Automatic Backup Switching
Ambient Analysis System
Automatic volume adjustment in real time
Monitor/Test System
Supervision and diagnostics of all audio
integrated voice/data
great deal of flexibility when
IED has designed the MUFIDS
customize operational
product from the ground up
screens to complement their
as a fully comprehensive
particular responsibilities.
This product is scaleable and
designed to fully support
the display and database
requirements of airports
of various sizes. When
integrated with the 500ACS
Announcement Control
System ®, a total communications solution unparalleled in
the transportation industry
is provided.
Microsoft’s .NET development tools were chosen for
IED’s design and development environment. The
combination of Windows
Server, SQL Server and
.Net 32-bit applications
provide the highest perform-
combined with the selection
and filtering of XSL/T.
MUFIDS client provides a
simple, yet powerful user
interface. It was designed by
professionals with more than
30 years of experience in the
training and supporting of
airline and airport operations. With simple pull down
menus, operators easily
The PRIZM System:
PRIZM-Client – the .NET
client with a highly secure
and feature-rich user interface that provides total
control of every element and
function of the system.
PRIZM-LINK – the open
interface to external hosts.
PRIZM-LIVE – the interface
to external WEB sites,
allowing users to see live
FIDS data from any PC with
Internet access.
PRIZM-Present – the
module that creates the
video display from the
database information.
PRIZM-Illustrator – the
graphical screen designer
PRIZM-Announce – the
module that coordinates all
the integration functions
between our audio and
visual systems.
The software design
PRIZM-DDC – the software
application for dynamic
display devices.
approach encompasses
IED’s integration of audio
simplicity, flexibility and
and visual systems provides
performance. A common
the ultimate technology
format (XML) allows for easy
solution for airport
integration and communica-
passenger and staff
tions between all modules of
ance and reliability available.
With the current
industry trends
emphasizing system
and product integration, IED significantly
enhances the passenger communication
process through the
integration of audio
communications with
a robust Multiple User
Flight Information
Display System
(MUFIDS) product.
state-of-the-art system.
the IED system. It provides a
checkpoint ease
Innovative Electronic Designs
9701 Taylorsville Road
The Realities – All airline passengers and their baggage must be checked
Louisville, KY 40299, USA
thoroughly, resulting in noisy checkpoints with long lines. Also, federal
+1.502.267.9070 fax
regulations require that airports make periodic checkpoint procedure
announcements that passengers must be able to hear and see.
The Challenge – To find a dependable solution for informing passengers
at the checkpoint how to prepare their carry-on items to speed-up security inspection.
The Solution – IED’s Security Checkpoint Communication System. This product allows the
500ACS Announcement Control System ® to integrate synchronized text messages with
visual displays, vertically designed for the security checkpoint process. The detailed
graphical displays present specific instructions to the passengers to prepare them for the
inspection process. As passengers view the visual displays, the 500ACS Announcement
Control System ® distributes synchronized voice announcements clearly explaining the
instructions for the passengers. Interspersed with the graphical presentation
are large font scrolling text messages that reiterate the instructions in a
format compliant with ADA regulations.
E x t e n d e d Wa r r a n t y a n d
Maintenance Product
Beginning Fall 2004, IED offers a Comprehensive
Extended Warranty and Maintenance product.
The core of the product is a fully staffed Help
World Leader in Audio
Fully Integrated FIDS
24 Hour Help Desk
Your complete Airport
Contact us today
Desk Service which provides on-call support. Packages are available for 24-hour, seven day
access. The service provides trained support personnel who have extensive knowledge in all
of IED’s hardware and software products. From simple operational questions to
complex hardware and software issues, customers can get immediate resolution to their
problems. The Help Desk service provides a detailed call resolution process, database
tracking, status reports, and escalation process. Additional features include preventive
maintenance, on-site visits and software updates via subscription.
Extended Warranty and Maintenance Products:
Help Desk
Pre-Site Inspection
Extended Hardware and Software Warranty
Preventive Maintenance and Health Checkups
Off-site System Back-up Support
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