Polycom PVX Features and Benefits
Polycom® PVXTM
Features and Benefits
High Quality Audio and Video
Premiere Video
• Conforms to International Telecommunications Union
(ITU) H.264 video coding standard
• Strict adherence to ITU standard ensures industrywide interoperability across Polycom and with other
standard compliant manufacturers
• Advanced, full-screen, full-motion video up to 30 fps
• High resolution people video up to VGA (640x480)
• Additional Annex support for better H.263+ video
Superior Audio Performance for
• Supports Polycom Siren™14 kHz audio
Crisp, Natural Sounds and Voices
• Receives 14kHz audio from group systems
• Codes and transmits 14kHz
- Requires 14kHz capable headset
• G.722.1 – Wideband audio with low bandwidth
consumption allows more bandwidth for higher video
• Automatic Gain Control
Extensive IP Quality of Service
• Supports IP calls up to 2Mbps
• OS determined IP Precedence and DiffServ settings
for optimal video quality through network edge
• Video Error Concealment delivers smooth, clear video
over IP networks by concealing the deteriorating
effects of packet loss
Integration with Microsoft® Live
• Integrates directly with Microsoft® collaboration
Communications Server (LCS) via
• Registers and authenticates with Microsoft LCS 2005
• PVX users can be added to Microsoft Messenger's
buddy list
• Presence information sent to LCS indicating video
buddies’ availability
• Convenient dialing to email addresses
Flexible Viewing Modes
• Full screen mode – sit back and enjoy the video
• Individual windows for local video, remote video and
content can be located and sized independently to fit
unlimited user preferences
• Video only mode optimizes desktop layout for other
applications with thin toolbar for video control
• Single window with PIP
Multiple Monitor Support
• Great for ‘drag and drop’ PIP, allowing near and far
end to be on separate monitors
• Or, video on one screen, desktop applications on the
Full screen for each video windows
Leadership Content Sharing
Supports Polycom
• Show your desktop as high-resolution, XGA graphics
People+Content™ and ITU-T.H.239
to the far side while having high quality video
• Capture your desktop at native resolution with any
aspect ratio and automatically convert to appropriate
resolution for the remote participants
• Receive high-resolution content from remote
participants without losing their video
• Zoom in up to 300%
• Supports ITU coding standards including H.264
Fully Integrated T.120
• Full collaboration with other T.120 endpoints
• Supports all Microsoft NetMeeting® functionalities –
Chat, File Transfer, Whiteboard, and Application
Most Intuitive Interface for End Users
Intuitive, User-Friendly UI
• Flat menu structure speeds navigation
• Detachable menus provide quick access to common
screens without video interruption
Extended Language Support (13 in
• Supports Chinese (Simplified and Traditional),
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
• Including user interface, on-screen help, error
messaging and documentation
Context Sensitive Help
• On screen user manual and guidance - available on
demand in local language!
• Simplifies user experience, shortens learning curve
and eases adoption
Local Alerts
• Automatically detects if minimum platform
requirements are met
• Notify user if speaker/camera not connected
• Continually monitors system and network for errors
and alerts end user of status changes
Flexible Dialing
• E.164
• DNS names
• IP address
• ECS support
• Local address book
• Active directory supporting ILS and LDAP (via Global
Address Book)
• SIP URI support
E.164 Alias Support
• E.164 Alias recognition when dialing through
Far End Camera Control of All
Vendors PTZ Cameras
gateways to ISDN sites
Extends the flexibility of the existing network and
speeds extension calling
Allows remote site to ‘stay in the action’ by adjusting
view of far end; H.323 Annex Q standard-based
Highly Secure Communications
Standards-based, integrated
• Conforms to ITU H.235 Version 3 standard for
Advanced Encryption Standard
embedded encryption
• High-level 128-bit encryption with extended DiffieHellman key distribution
• Strict adherence to ITU standard H.235 Version 3
ensures industry-wide interoperability across Polycom
and with other standard compliant manufacturers
Externally Validated
• Validated by an accredited NIST (National Institute of
Science and Technology) laboratory as compliant with
FIPS 197 (Federal Information Processing Standard)
Powerful Security
• Supports encrypted calls up to 2 Mbps, including
audio, video and content
VPN Support
• Allows secure operation using VPN clients
USB Webcams
View-only Mode
Maximum Support for End User Flexibility
• Highest quality with high resolution USB cameras
including iRez K2 camera
• Works with most USB cameras
• Extremely portable – ideal for mobile applications
• Application runs on your PC or laptop
• Utilizes processing capabilities of modern PCs and
• Multiple location profiles allow end users to save
network configurations for home, office and travel
• Ideal for mobile users
• Receives far side audio, video and content
• Sends audio and content via PC
• Supports headset for hands free operation and
privacy of conversation
Most Robust Management Tools
Global Management System™
• Software update
• Call detail records
Location Profiles
• Individual profiles for the location you are at
• Eliminate network reconfiguration confusion each time
you plug into the network
Registration with Global Directory
• ILS registration
• Live, real-time updates and presence
Expanded Gatekeeper Support
• Cisco canMapAlias support extends gatekeeper
Feature support allowed by
• Easy to use application which allows administrators to
determine the processor’s ability to support PVX
Conference on Demand
Call Detail Records
Unmatched Integration Capabilities
• Initiate unscheduled bridge calls with Polycom
PathNavigator™ and MGC™
• Unified format for Polycom video products
• Remote access; captures and records error
IP Conferencing in Many Different Network Environments
Local Area Network
• Auto discovery of local address
• Configurable local address
Remote Network
• Auto discovery of NAT address
• Dialing from behind a firewall with configurable fixed
• Configurable uplink speed for asymmetric network
(DSL, cable modem network)
• Universal Plug & Play for firewall traversal calls
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