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The IPS12E-R is a self-powered and internally Infra™ processed single 12” portable
bass system. The internal Minima One™ amplifier and Infra™ processing provides for
convenient implementation and wiring. The internal Infra™ integrator, amplifier and
loudspeaker process the full range signal into a flat response low frequency acoustic
output. The Dynamic Filter™ protection threshold is internally preset to eliminate
distortion or accidental overload. This insures the maximum output and robust system
protection with virtually no audible effect.
The audio input incorporates an InGenius® balanced line receiver, providing very high
common mode rejection, to eliminate noise often present in systems with less
optimized grounding and wiring schemes. Low voltage contacts are provided to
remotely turn the amplifier on and off.
System Type:
Input CAL Sensitivity:
Infrasub™ sealed chamber 1.4 ft3
+4 dBu
Maximum Continuous Amplifier
2 - Recessed handles
35 mm Pole mount adapter
4 - Machined aluminum speaker
mounting clamps
A positive asymmetrical signal applied to pin 2
will result in a positive asymmetrical
acoustical pressure
Crossover Type:
Internal Infra™ Integrator Inside
15”h x 18”w x 15”d
39 cm x 46 cm x 39 cm
Frequency Response:
8 Hz to 95 Hz ±3 dB
75 lbs
34 kg
18 mm 13-ply birch plywood
1350 W into 4 Ohms
Black Ro Tex™ True water born environmental
High Pass Filter:
LED Indicators:
16 Gauge black power coated perforated steel
Low Frequency Components:
EL-12 12” Extended Transducer, Infra™ cone,
2.5” Voice coil, 80 oz. Magnet
Switchable: -6 dB @ 8 Hz; @ 50 Hz; @ 95 Hz
Green - On
Yellow - Dynamic filter threshold
Red - System fault or sleep mode
Mains Voltage Requirements:
XLR 1/4” combo with XLR loop through
Auto sensing
Universal voltage range
88 Volts minimum to 270 Volts maximum
Internal Amplification:
Mains Current Requirements:
Input Connector:
Minima One™
Input Impedance:
4.6 Amps @ 120 Volts
2.3 Amps @ 240 Volts
Low Frequency Limit:
8 Hz
Maximum Calculated Continuous
Acoustic Output:
Custom Finishes:
Optional custom finishes include white or
unfinished ready to paint.
Half Space @ 1 Meter
10 Hz - 81 dBSPL
20 Hz - 93 dBSPL
40 Hz - 105 dBSPL
80 Hz - 116 dBSPL
48K Ohms
INFRA™, Infrasub™, MINIMA ONE™ and Dynamic Filter™ are trademarks of Modular Sound Systems, Inc.
BAG END® is a registered trademark of Bag End, Inc.
BAG END Loudspeakers . 1201 Armstrong Street . Algonquin, Illinois, 60102 USA . Voice 847 658 8888 . Fax 847 658 5008 . www.bagend.com . V.091616
Almost all designs and specifications for subwoofer
systems are fixated on the frequency response domain.
However, the impression of power and quality of a
loudspeaker is equally related to the time domain. The
long wavelengths associated with low frequencies,
make this particularly true with subwoofers. Likewise,
the maximum SPL is not a very reliable way to judge the
impact of a subwoofer. A poor time domain performer
will not have the same impact or natural musically
connected sound as a Time-Aligned™ Infra™ system.
The reason that an Infra™ subwoofer sounds
dramatically better is because of its superior time
domain performance, as well as its extended low
frequency response. The Infra™ subwoofer maintains
the bass energy in a tight packet, aligned with the upper
range signal, providing a greater body impact and a
seamless musical connection with the main
loudspeakers. Conventional subwoofer designs perform
so poorly in the time domain because designers have
used methods that sacrifice the phase response for more
control over the frequency response (e.g.: steep low pass
filter slopes, vented speaker enclosures, and narrow
bandwidth systems). With the Infra™ technique, we do
not degrade the phase response while extending the
frequency response. While the Infra™ dual Integrator
does function as the system crossover, it does so
without using a conventional low pass filter. The Infra™
integrator applies an inverse electrical response to the
acoustical response of the Infra™ loudspeaker in its
sealed enclosure. This provides both the upper frequency
roll off and the extended frequency response while
maintaining the hi sound quality often associated with a
sealed box design. When comparing a genuine Bag
End® Infra™ loudspeaker system to any other, our
technology and design is easy to hear and appreciate.
The dramatic clarity, realism, and overall pleasant sound
of an Infra™ system is well noted throughout the world.
Infra™ self processed systems incorporates our analog
Infra™ dual integrator into the Minima One™ input
circuit. Infra™ Self Powered Systems accept a full range
line level audio signal, and utilizes internal Infra™
processing to provide the extended low frequency
acoustical response, as well as a uniform roll off, of the
upper range of the subwoofer. The Dynamic Filter™
protection is included and preset to the amplifiers
sensitivity, requiring no external setup. The Minima
One™ amplifier is both a high fidelity and a high
efficiency amplifier. With efficiency well over 80%, it
provides more power to the loudspeakers, and creates
less heat in the amplifier. In real world applications there
is practically no heat emitted from the amplifier and thus
it requires no cooling fan. The power factor corrected AC
power input, automatically and continuously adapts to
any voltage between 88 and 270 volts. The Minima
One™ is convenient and stable to operate on any power
grid in the world.
The durable Ro Tex™ finish is double layered on Bag
End™ “R” series or Road cabinets. And single layered on
installation or “I” cabinets. Ro Tex™ is a water born
environmentally safe finish. It’s uniquely strong and long
lasting. As it solidifies it attaches and bonds to the
wooden cabinet to make a super hard and durable
permanent finish. Its light texture offers an attractive
and rugged finished look
BAG END Loudspeakers . 1201 Armstrong Street . Algonquin, Illinois, 60102 USA . Voice 847 658 8888 . Fax 847 658 5008 . www.bagend.com . V.091616
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