Fast track to your Microsoft hyper-converged IT infrastructure

Fast track to your Microsoft hyper-converged IT infrastructure
Fast track to
your Microsoft
IT infrastructure
FUJITSU Integrated System
PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct
Hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) are transforming
the economics of IT. Unlike traditional infrastructures,
HCI is software-defined, creating a next generation
data center foundation that’s even more cost-efficient,
resilient, and adaptable to changing business scenarios.
It’s no wonder that organizations are keen to take the next step. But the do-ityourself approach to hyper-converged infrastructures is fraught with challenges.
Fujitsu can provide an integrated system that speeds deployment of the core virtual
infrastructure foundation for the data center: FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX
for Storage Spaces Direct.
PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct is an integrated system that includes all the
hardware and software to simplify procurement and deployment of a Microsoftbased hyper-converged IT infrastructure. It leverages high performance, energyefficient FUJITSU PRIMERGY standard x86 servers and the software-defined server
and storage technology integrated in Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to reduce
complexity and TCO in data center infrastructure.
Learn more about PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct:
The facts
■ Deploy cluster in under 15 minutes
■ 150k+ IOPS per server
■ 2.4x greater storage efficiency
■ Scale from 2 to 16 servers and 384 drives
■ Mitigate risk with built-in resiliency
■ Leverage Storage QoS controls with per-VM IOPS
limits and health service
■ Reduce cost with OS integrated compute and
storage virtualization licences
Move to a more
business-centric IT
As enterprises move to digital business processes, data
center operations are challenged to provide a responsive IT
infrastructure that satisfies the increasing demand for better
service levels. PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct delivers the
speed, flexibility, reliability and scalability necessary to deploy a
more business-centric IT that‘s aligned to future business needs.
Need for speed?
PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct features
a resource-efficient hypervisor-embedded
design in combination with high speed flash
disk devices and high-throughput, low-latency
networking technology. You can therefore set
up a high-performance, responsive virtual
IT infrastructure that provides consistent
IOPS with sub-millisecond response times.
In all-flash or hybrid disk configurations,
Storage Spaces Direct easily exceeds
150,000 IO operations (IOPS) per server.
Protect your business
Built-in resiliency handles drive, server, or
component failures – delivering continuous
availability. If hardware fails, just swap
it out; the software heals itself, with no
complicated management steps.
Grow as you go
Scale your environment from just two hosts
to 16, with 384 drives. To scale out, simply
add drives or add more servers; Storage
Spaces Direct will automatically onboard
new drives and begin using them.
Simplify infrastructure setup
Once you have the servers mounted and
cabled in a rack, Windows Server 2016
installed, and networking configured,
you’re looking at under 15 minutes to
get the storage cluster configured.
Simplify infrastructure management
No specialized skill or expensive training
is required – perfect for environments such
as remote or branch office locations with
limited IT staff. Integrated storage quality
of service controls keep overly busy VMs in
check with minimum and maximum perVM IOPS limits. The health service provides
continuous built-in monitoring and alerting,
and APIs make it easy to collect rich, clusterwide performance and capacity metrics.
Improve storage efficiency
Save floor space, power and cooling
Unique innovations offer better space
and performance trade-offs than classic
RAID configurations. Erasure coding
delivers up to 2.4x greater storage
efficiency than 3-way mirroring.
The convergence of compute and storage
resources in an industry-standard server
reduces your infrastructure footprint, saves
floor space, power and cooling expenses.
Reduce storage costs
More time for value-added activity
PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct
uses local storage only. This reduces
costs and eliminates the need for
extra tools and training for managing
complex external SAN infrastructures.
Since server and storage management
are consolidated, you can move valuable
staff resources from infrastructurerelated management tasks to activities
that create business value.
Reduce compute and storage
virtualization software licence costs
The Windows Server 2016 Data Center
Edition licence that comes with PRIMEFLEX
for Storage Spaces Direct already includes
all rights to use the integrated server and
storage virtualization functionality. There is
no need to acquired additional licences for
compute and storage virtualization software.
Fujitsu’s experience in delivering Microsoft HCI
Based on the vast experience gained with PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-Box,
an integrated system based on Storage Spaces technology introduced
in Windows Server 2012, FUJITSU is well positioned to successfully
deliver your Microsoft hyper-converged infrastructure project.
→Learn more about Microsoft HCI Solutions from Fujitsu:
The benefits with
Storage Spaces Direct
PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct is fully tested and delivered
on a high-performance and energy-efficient server platform for
Microsoft Hyper-V cluster environments – FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY
powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. As well as excellent virtualization
performance, the servers deliver the best economics in terms of
density, energy consumption, heat dissipation and operating costs.
In addition, Fujitsu provides intelligent and innovative system
management solutions providing all the functions for failsafe, flexible and automated 24x7 server operations.
Support and financing
Fujitsu is your single point of contact for hardware and software. Fujitsu has
“The solution gives us excellent
performance, reduces cost for storage,
floor space, power and cooling. The
flexible platform design allows us to
serve both our SMB and enterprise
customers and provides us with the
investment protection for future growth.”
Adam Lantz
Sales Director, Make IT
introduced a unique solution identifier for PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces
Direct that allows our support teams to make solution-level decisions
when working with these sometimes complex systems. For example, this
enables us to route support calls to specialized, solution aware support
engineers making for easier support interactions with speedier resolution
times. Fujitsu Financial Services can also offer you a complete portfolio
of IT leasing and financing solutions, trade-in and buy-back options.
RX2540 M2 2.5”
2x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v4 family (12 core)
16x 32 GB
3-tier (20,4 TB raw capacity)
2x 800 GB NVMe + 3x 800 GB SSD + 9x 2 TB HDD
Microsoft Software
RX2540 M2 3.5”
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M2 (2.5 or 3.5 inch)
2-tier (54 TB raw capacity)
3x 800 GB SSD + 9x 6 TB HDD
2x 10 GBit
Windows Server 2016 (Data Center Edition), System Center 2016 (option)
2 - 16 nodes / 25 - 800 VMs*
*Commercially reasonable recommendations. Technically lower and greater numbers of VMs may be achieved.
Learn more about integrated systems from Fujitsu:
Your advantages
■ Faster time to production for
your virtual infrastructure
■ Easy to order, deploy, operate and scale
■ High performance, availability
and efficiency
■ Grow as you go with no large
upfront investments
■ Reduce storage costs, save floor
space, power and cooling expenses
■ Solution-level support with single
point of contact for the complete
hardware and software stack.
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