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Express Loader Streamlines the Data Loading
Express Loader is a powerful tool for securely
loading large amounts of data into a PODS
database. Whether you’re involved with new
construction, loading new acquisition or
survey data, or performing annual maintenance, Express Loader will save you time
and resources by simplifying the data loading process.
Data Management
Express Loader
Express Loader’s robust functionality will calculate and assign linear referencing
to ensure the highest integrity of the pipeline data is loaded into the database.
Express Loader allows you to designate the data sources and the target databases where data will be loaded. You can also create expressions to ensure the
source data complies with the requirements of the target database — eliminating
the burden of manually editing data. Additionally, users can save the mapping
configuration and reuse it, which increases productivity.
Express Loader also understands the relationships between parent and child
tables within PODS and can load both types of data within a single transaction to
either new or existing lines. Built-in filters validate the data to discover potential
issues and track the corrections. Users can even “pre-load” the data to make
sure the data is ready for loading … and if it’s not, Express Loader allows you
to easily rollback the load.
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▪▪ Source, target, and mapping configuration are saved as templates and can be re-used to increase productivity.
▪▪ On-demand validation for your data prior to loading it allows
the user to identify and quickly correct errors.
▪▪ Users can link important information associated with events in
PODS including inspection reports, corrosion certification, DOT
validations or dig reports.
▪▪ Lets you group data validation messages, making it easier to
scan errors and warnings.
▪▪ Provides mapping of source columns to target columns by clearly
identifying required columns improving accuracy.
▪▪ A guided workflow ensures a complete and verifiable loading
Express Loader’s intuitive and flexible interface lets you move and
reposition panes so data is easier
to view based on user preference.
Key Features
▪▪ Lets you create, save, and re-use projects.
▪▪ Powerful Expression Builder provides a ‘pick list’ of unique values when preparing data for loading.
▪▪ Users have the option to coalesce data being loaded.
▪▪ Supports a variety of configuration scenarios: Load from a single
source table to multiple target tables, multiple source tables to
a single target table, or multiple source tables to multiple target tables.
With Express Loader’s proprietary
validation process, users can identify and correct data issues BEFORE
loading, thereby improving pipeline
data integrity.
Technical Specifications
Operating System
and Framework
Destination Database
▪▪ Windows XP or Windows 7
▪▪ New Century Software PODS
▪▪ Microsoft .NET Framework
▪▪ Microsoft Office
Supported Data Sources
▪▪ ArcMap
▪▪ SQL Server
▪▪ Oracle
▪▪ Microsoft Access
▪▪ Microsoft Excel
About New Century Software
Since 1994, New Century Software has delivered pipeline integrity management software
and services to energy transportation companies. With an ideal blend of innovative software
solutions and extensive pipeline expertise, New Century Software is uniquely qualified to
serve the oil and gas industry. Our flexible solutions empower your organization to manage
pipeline integrity data and navigate regulatory compliance ensuring safety and reliability.
2627 Redwing Road, Suite 100, Fort Collins, CO 80526
970-267-2000 •
Offices in Fort Collins • Houston • Calgary
Data Management
Product Preview
Key Benefits
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