speakersystem: lighting: mixing desk: monitors

speakersystem: lighting: mixing desk: monitors
Please read this rider carefully. Any issues we can solve before showdate, will make all our
jobs much easier. This Technical Rider is an integral part of the contract between the parties. Any modification
of this rider must be in writing and signed by both parties and attached to the contract.
The sound system should be able do deliver a level of 96 db weighted (undistorted)
throughout the venue. The system needs to be well balanced (correct ratio hi, low and sub
cabinets). Line-array modules need to have at least 10” LF drivers.
See attached plot for fixture choices and colours. LED equivalents are allowed but do note: All
backwash colours (L195, L113, L80, L132) should be able to be mixed on separate fixtures.
* A professional (!!) light technician should position, focus, program and operate light in case
of festivals, or when iNtrmzzo is not the only performing act, at the expense of the venue.
Strict colour choices apply (see lightplot) a list of cues is available on request.
We will provide our own mixing desk at FOH position (01V96V2)
Please provide an analogue multicore from STAGE to FOH (minimum 16/8)
The Sound Operator will control the system from an "in house" position.
Closed sound booths are not acceptable.
* We will provide 4 in-ear monitors
(Sennheiser FREQ RANGE A 545-545Mhz)
* We will provide 4 wireless E865 mic’s
(Sennheiser FRQ RANGE GB 580-625Mhz)
Please provide a 230v socket on euro outputs on stage right for our looping station.
The venue shall provide sufficient soft goods to mask the side stage, electrics and backstage
according to masking plan.
* Upon arrival the presenter or venue should provide at their own expense:
A light catering service with a variety of sandwiches, light salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts
baked goods, juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea, white wine (dry) and bottled water (still and
sparkling) IMPORTANT: One of the members of iNtrmzzo is a vegetarian, one is lactose
* 2 hours before showtime the presenter or venue should provide at their own expense:
A healthy and nutrient hot meal accompanied by for 5 persons. IMPORTANT: One of the members of iNtrmzzo is a vegetarian, one is lactose
* A minimum of 10 500ml bottles of chilled water should be available
for the company during the performance.
• The presenter must ensure that the venue is secure and the company’s equipment (set,
tools, equipment, personal possessions) are safe and attended during the run of the
• The presenter will be responsible for any loss, damage or theft, which may occur.
* The venue should provide one professional (!!) all-round technician and one stage-hand
during load-in, show and loud-out at the expense of the venue.
* Sound and light for our regular performances will be operated from FOH by our technician.
* iNtrmzzo requires access to internet via WiFi.
* Presenter/Venue must provide a safe and guarded parking space, within reasonable
distance of venue for our vehicles.
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