Dymo K5 User manual

Dymo K5 User manual
K5 dial replacement instructions.
This is the K5 scale.
To change the dial , use your fingers to pop off the front face.
Grasp the pull tab in the upper right hand corner of the dial.
Pull back until the dial is free of the lens
You may have to bend dial to free it from the lens.
Now you are ready to insert the new dial.
Observe the replacement dial
The replacement dial will have grooves on the sides and bottom.
The grooves on the dial will fit on the notches on the lens.
The top panel of the lens will not have a notch.
You may have to bend the dial to secure your dial onto your lens.
It may be easier to insert the top portion of the dial first…
Then snap bottom into place.
…then snap on the front face.
Your installation is now complete.
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