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Dynex 2-in-1 Quick Setup Guide
Using your tripod
Storing your tripod
1 To adjust your camera to portrait position, loosen the vertical tilt
lock knob, rotate the plate up to 90°, then tighten the knob.
1 Remove your camera.
2 Loosen the center column locking screw. Lower the column as
far as it will go, then tighten the locking screw.
3 Collapse the legs.
4 Press the leg release buttons and push the legs in.
5 Store the tripod in the carrying case.
Vertical tilt
lock knob
Important safety instructions
2 To adjust horizontal tilt, turn the pan locking knob counterclockwise, tilt the tripod head as desired, then tighten the handle.
3 To pan, turn the pan locking knob counter-clockwise, pan the
tripod head, then tighten the knob to lock in place.
Note: For maximum stability, always make sure that your camera lens is
over a leg.
4 To adjust the vertical tilt, loosen the vertical tilt handle, then use
the handle to adjust the vertical position. Tighten the vertical tilt
Converting to a monopod
1 Loosen the center column locking screw, and remove the center
column/monopod leg (with the pan head).
2 With one hand, grab all the twist screw leg locks on the
monopod leg and twist them counterclockwise to loosen them.
3 Extend the leg sections, starting with the thickest section, to the
height you want.
4 Twist each leg lock clockwise to tighten it.
Caution: Incorrectly securing a leg lock can cause the monopod leg to
retract unexpectedly and could result in damage to the monopod or to
the attached camera or camcorder
• Make sure that all leg locks are correctly tightened and that the
legs are fully opened before use.
• Do not carry or transport your tripod with camera equipment
attached (for example, over your shoulder or cradled in your
• Do not expose your tripod to excessive heat or cold, or use near
any flame or fire.
• Do not oil or grease any part of the tripod.
• Do not use any solvents or thinners to clean your tripod. Use
only a mild detergent and wipe dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
• Do not exceed the load limit of this tripod.
66.5" Tripod-Monopod
Maximum operating height : 66.5 in. (168.9 cm)
Minimum operating height: 22.64 in. (57.5 cm)
Folded height: 24.8 in. (63 cm)
Net weight: 4.3 lbs (2 kg)
Max operating load: 11 lbs (5 kg)
Number of leg sections: 4
Quick release thread: 1/4 in. (0.6 cm)
Material: aluminum alloy
One-year limited warranty
Visit www.dynexproducts.com for details.
Contact Dynex:
For customer service, call 800-305-2204 (U.S. and Canada) or
01-800-926-3020 (Mexico)
DYNEX is a registered trademark of BBY Solutions, Inc.
Registered in some countries.
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Monopod leg
Before using your new product, please read
these instructions to prevent any damage.
V1 ENGLISH 14-0372
Package contents
Setting up your tripod
• Tripod
• Carrying case
• Quick Setup Guide
1 Open the flip-lever leg locks on each leg.
2 Extend the leg sections from the top down (thickest section first)
to reach the height you want.
• 3-way pan head with slide quick release plate
• Smooth fluid movement for cameras up to 11 lbs (5 kg)
• Center column converts to a monopod that extends
59.3 in. (150.6 cm)
• Independent legs spread with three angle adjustments
• Reversible tripod leg
Center column
locking screw
3 Close the flip-lever leg locks on each leg.
Caution: Incorrectly securing a leg lock can cause the tripod leg to
retract unexpectedly and could result in damage to the tripod or to the
attached camera or camcorder.
4 Adjust the height of the center column by loosening the center
column locking screw, raising the center column to the height
you want, then tightening the locking screw.
5 To set the angle position of the legs, press the leg release buttons
and lift the tripod leg.
6 To remove the mounting plate, turn the quick-release plate
locking knob counter-clockwise to loosen it, then turn the
quick-release plate locking knob open, then lift the mounting
plate to remove it.
Mounting plate
Quick-release plate
locking knob
Leveling bubble
The quick release plate is level when the bubble
is in the center.
Vertical tilt lock
Adjusts vertical tilt up to 90 degrees.
Vertical tilt lock
Adjusts vertical tilt for head.
Leg release button
Lets you adjust the leg angle position
Mounting plate
Holds your camera.
Quick-release plate Secures the quick-release plate to the tripod.
locking knob
Pan locking knob
Locks the tripod head so that it will not rotate
Center column
locking screw
Locks the center column in place.
Center column/
monopod leg
Provides quick height adjustment.
10 Flip-lever leg locks
Locks the legs in place.
11 Rubber feet
Provide a secure, non-slip footing for your tripod.
7 Align the bottom of your camera or camcorder with the
1/4" mounting screw, then secure your camera or camcorder to
the plate with the screw. The screw should be tight.
8 To attach the mounting plate to your tripod, loosen the
quick-release plate locking knob, then slide the plate onto the
tripod head. Tighten the quick-release plate locking knob.
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