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Cross-Over Pipe for Lowered Trucks
Vehicle Applications: See Below
Catalog #68003
Please study these instructions carefully before installing your new Cross-Over Pipe for lowered trucks. If you have any questions,
contact our Technical Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628 , 7am - 5pm, Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time or e-mail us at
Edelbrock@Edelbrock.com. Please fill out and mail your warranty card.
Cross-Over Pipe for Lowered Trucks: This component is designed to replace the stock cross-over pipe and give an additional
1-5/8” ground clearance on lowered Chevrolet/GMC trucks and Suburbans. This system requires no welding for installation and
retains all O.E.M. emissions equipment.
Applications: 1988-1992 Chev./GMC Pick-Up Trucks, 1500/2500 Series, 4.3L V6, 5.0L/5.7L V8 T.B.I., 2 WD, Automatic Trans.
1993 Chev./GMC Pick-Up Trucks, 2500 Series, 4.3L V6, 5.0L/5.7L V8 T.B.I., 2 WD, Automatic Trans.
1992-1993 Suburbans, 1500/2500 Series, 5.7L V8 T.B.I., 2WD, Automatic Trans.
Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer. Improper installation will void warranty and may result in
poor performance and engine or vehicle damage.
Suggested Tools for Installation:
❑ 3/8” ratchet socket set with extensions and universal
13mm and 15mm swivel sockets
❑ Combination set of open-end wrenches
❑ Jackstands, screwdrivers, pliers, crescent wrench, etc.
❑ Liquid penetrant (GM #1052627), anti-seize compound
(GM #5613695)
Cross-Over Pipe Assembly
Adapter; catalytic converter (4.3L & 5.0L engine)
Adapter; catalytic converter (5.7L engine)
U-clamp; 3”
WARNING: The use of "Thermal Wrap" or any aftermarket coating process will void the warranty on your cross-over
pipe. Those products can cause excessive heat and moisture buildup resulting in corrosion and early failure of the
1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
2. Raise vehicle and support with jackstands.
3. Use penetrating oil on all nuts and bolts to be
removed. This will prevent the possibility of broken
or stipped nuts and bolts.
4. Making sure the converter is cool, remove the
exhaust crossover pipe.
1. Select the correct adapter tube for your catalytic
converter (small diameter for 4.3L & 5.0L and large
diameter for 5.7L engine).
2. Carefully align and tap adapter tube into converter
using a piece of wood or a mallet to protect the end
of the adapter.
NOTE: Be sure adapter goes all the way in,
approximately 2-1/2”.
3. Install crossover pipe assembly on vehicle using
OEM nuts and donut gaskets.
4. Install U-clamps and tighten all nuts.
5. Lower vehicle to ground and re-connect battery.
Start engine and bring to operating temperature,
checking for any leaks. Turn off engine and let cool,
then re-tighten all connections.
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