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Winter 2016
Winter 2016
Winter 2016
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GRAFIK T™ RF C•L® Hybrid Keypad
Raise Your Home’s IQ
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Wolfers Lighting
Alden Homes
The Main Story
Show Control!
Caséta Wireless is your gateway to introducing
customers to the connected home
While the connected home is all about making life
simpler, getting started might seem overwhelming.
That’s where lighting control—specifically, Caséta
Wireless—comes in. This solution of smart lighting
controls is affordable, scalable, and easy to install.
and you can schedule and monitor lights (as well as
shades and temperature*) from anywhere—home or
away—with your smartphone.
Caséta Wireless is made up of in-wall and lamp
dimmers, switches, a Pico® remote control, a
Smart Bridge, and the Lutron App.
Installation and setup are easy. First, install the
in-wall and/or plug-in lamp dimmer (they work
with dimmable screw-in LED, incandescent, and
halogen bulbs). The in-wall dimmer installs in as
little as 15 minutes. The lamp dimmer plugs into a
standard receptacle.
With Caséta Wireless, you can control lights from
anywhere in a room (or from your car) with the
remote. Add the Smart Bridge and Lutron App,
Then plug the Smart Bridge into your Wi-Fi router,
download the free Lutron App from the App Store® or
Google Play™, and follow the instructions in the App.
*Caséta Wireless works with a variety of temperature controls. Please visit for a complete list.
The Main Story
Lutron App features
The Lutron App and Smart Bridge are
the perfect foundations for smart lighting.
The App features:
Add personalized scenes to control multiple lights and shades
(see “Adding Lutron shades” on page 05) at the touch of a
button. Create a “movie” scene that dims lights and lowers
shades as the movie begins. Or create a “goodnight” scene that
turns off all your lights and closes shades before you drift off
to sleep.
Adding Lutron shades
Lutron Serena® battery-powered shades are compatible with
Caséta® Wireless, so you can incorporate them into lighting
scenes via the Lutron App. (You can also control Serena
shades as a standalone solution via the App or a Pico®
shade remote.)
Schedule lights and shades to adjust automatically at set times
of day. Maybe you want your porch light to turn on at sunset
during the fall and winter months, when it gets dark earlier, so
you always come home to a well-lit entry. Or maybe you want
lights to turn on to a soft level while shades raise slightly every
morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.
Serena shades are easy to install, the batteries have a long
life, and they’re simple to change. You don’t even have to
take down the shade! Choose from honeycomb and roller
styles, in a wide variety of fabrics and colors.
Show Control program
The geofencing feature controls lights based on your location.
Do you always forget to turn off the entry lights as you leave for
work in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off once you’re
out the door. It can also turn lights on when you come home.
Apple® HomeKit enabled
The Smart Bridge contains Apple HomeKit technology, so you
can use Siri® to control lights and shades. Tell Siri to turn off all
your lights and close shades just before going to bed or to dim
your dining room lights as guests arrive for a party.
The Lutron Show Control program was designed
to help you more effectively demonstrate
connected lighting control with Caséta Wireless
and Serena shades, while also enhancing your
fixture sales.
Demonstrating the advantages of dimming and
wireless/connected home control—using Pico
remotes and smart devices—provides additional
opportunities to highlight fixtures, while showing
the benefits beyond “on” and “off.”
The Show Control program is built around:
A Cloud Control kit for your showroom to control
fixtures and lamps (you and your staff will receive
training on and supporting selling materials for
the Cloud Control kit).
Starter kits for key influencers, builders, and
installers to use in their own homes, as well as for
your sales consultants, so they can better speak
to Caséta Wireless benefits and recommend it to
their customers.
The program also involves displaying Serena
shades so you can incorporate them into the
“show control” experience.
Participating in the program is easy! For more
information, please contact your local Lutron
sales representative.
Apple, the App Store, and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.
Motion Sensors
Maestro sensors are great for:
Add a dimmer sensor and you can forget about
fumbling to turn the lights on in the middle of the
night. In the morning, lights automatically turn on
to a dim level when you walk into the room, so
your eyes can slowly adjust to the light.
And then there’s the kid factor: A sensor ensures
they don’t accidentally leave the lights on.
A sensor switch works well in 3-way applications,
and is great for creating a path of light to the
kitchen for a late night snack.
The Magic of
Motion Sensors
Give your customers the convenience of simple,
hassle-free automation
We’ve all been there. Hands full, trying to turn on
a light switch with our elbow. Or stubbing a toe
walking across a dark room, because the switch
isn’t near the entry.
There’s an affordable solution to these everyday
annoyances: a motion sensor switch. A motion
sensor automatically turns lights on when you walk
into a room and off when you leave, and is the
perfect addition to any space.
Technology you can count on
Lutron sensors won’t leave you in the dark.
The technology in them (Lutron XCT™
technology) detects fine motion, ensuring
lights stay on when a room is occupied and
off when it’s not. So even if you’re sitting still
while reading a book, the sensor will detect
when you turn a page.
Lutron’s Maestro® sensor family includes sensor
switches for either lighting or exhaust fans and
a C•L® dimmer sensor for dimmable LEDs,
incandescent, or halogen bulbs.
These sensors also contain Lutron’s Smart
Ambient Light Detection (ALD). Smart ALD
senses daylight, ensuring lights stay off when
there’s plenty of natural light in a space.
Laundry rooms, foyers, garages
A sensor switch is perfect for rooms you often
enter with your hands full. How often have you
headed into the laundry room with an overflowing
basket of clothes, walked in the front door with a
bag of groceries under each arm, or stepped into
the garage carrying project supplies?
It’s also a convenient way to add on/off light
control when the switch isn’t near the entryway.
Maestro Sensors are easy to install (you
can do it in about 15 minutes), and they
look good, too. Choose from 7 gloss and
20 Satin Colors® to complement the décor
of any room.
For more information please visit
What's New
Hybrid Keypad
This addition creates a full line of controls
It’s truly all in the family for GRAFIK T, with the introduction of the
hybrid keypad. Customers wanting beautiful, modern lighting
controls for their entire house need look no further.
Adding the keypad, which is compatible with RadioRA® 2 and
HomeWorks® QS, makes it possible to extend the GRAFIK T
aesthetic throughout an entire home. It replaces an existing
switch for an easy retrofit and is compatible with many
LED loads.
Features include:
2, 4, 5, and 6 button configurations
• Backlit, engraved text
• Dynamic Backlighting Management™,
which adjusts the backlight intensity
to ensure the text is readable in any
light conditions.
• Matching accessories, including
receptacles and GFCIs
This keypad was designed with the same attention to detail as
the GRAFIK T dimmer and switch. It’s easy and intuitive to use,
with backlit engraved text that adds a subtle elegance to any
space. You can use the keypad to control a group of lights or to
control scenes (predetermined light levels) that you’ve created.
The GRAFIK T keypad is available
in a wide variety of matte colors and
metal finishes as well as glass.
For more information please visit
GRAFIK T phase selectable dimmer
The phase selectable dimmer is another new member of the GRAFIK T family. This dimmer
provides control of ELV, LED, MLV, incandescent, and halogen loads. It’s compatible with
RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS and is also available as a standalone control.
The phase selectable dimmer is available in the same matte colors, metal finishes, and glass
options as the GRAFIK T keypad.
Raise Your Home’s IQ
App-based home control takes convenience and
security to a new level
Basic home automation has been around for
a while. Who hasn’t put lights on a timer or
programmed the coffee maker for 6 a.m.?
But app-based home automation, or home
control, has taken basic home automation to a
new level. And that makes sense, considering
that most of us spend the majority of our days
away from home.
Now we can control remotely—or receive alerts from—
security systems, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and
slow cookers in real time, adding convenience and
providing peace of mind.
An abundance of mobile devices, hubs, and
interfaces makes app-based home control possible,
with something for every budget and need. Search
Google® for “app-based home control” and you’ll
find over 150,000,000 entries.
We have an app for that
Lutron is no stranger to app-based home control. The Lutron App for Caséta®
Wireless and the Lutron Connect app both let you stay in touch with your
home, no matter where you are.
The Lutron App for Caséta Wireless (in conjunction with the Smart
Bridge), lets you control lighting, Lutron automated shades, thermostats, and
third-party systems, such as security and audio/visual systems. For a look at
Lutron App features, see page 04.
The Lutron Connect app (in conjunction with the Connect bridge) provides a
suite of smart home features for HomeWorks® QS and RadioRA® 2, including:
•Apple® and Android Widgets
• Support for Nest and Honeywell®
Wi-Fi thermostats
For more information about Lutron Connect, please visit
Both apps are free for download from the App Store® and Google Play™.
Featured Showroom
Greater Boston Area
Photos courtesy of Wolfers Lighting
Wolfers Lighting, established in 1931, has the
largest lighting showrooms in New England.
Located in Allston and Waltham, Massachusetts,
Last fall, Wolfers served as a test location for
Lutron’s Show Control program. We talked to
Steve Brand, President of Wolfers, and Kate
Hazen, assistant manager for the Waltham
showroom, about the program, as well as
best practices for a successful showroom.
And of course, the long life of LEDs proves useful
in hard-to-reach areas and in harsh environments
like landscape and security lighting.
these Lutron 5-Star Showrooms cater to both
residential and commercial customers.
What are the current trends you’re
seeing in the industry (residentially and
Steve Brand: We’re seeing LEDs becoming a
more integrated technology in the market. The
small size of the diodes works well in cove lighting,
under-cabinet lighting, and for illuminating bookcases and kick spaces.
LED technology has also served to reimagine the
design of step lights, wall sconces, pendants, and
chandeliers. These fixtures are now assuming forms
that weren’t previously possible with incandescent
lamps, and they have better light quality.
How does Wolfers stay ahead of trends?
Steve: We hire, train, and retain a very skilled
group of sales consultants. We team up with
the best vendors in the market and display
those new products that will benefit our clients.
We also communicate on a regular basis
with our customers electronically and within
our showrooms.
Featured Showroom
How has business changed over the years?
Steve: The internet has given the consumer many
options for researching and purchasing product
outside of the traditional showroom channel.
Showrooms need to find other ways to make
their businesses important to both the consumer
and trade.
What are some best practices for
successful showrooms?
Steve: A showroom needs to create lighting
displays that make it easy for clients to make
decisions. They need to hire people who have
a passion for lighting and technology. And
showrooms should work closely with key vendors
and clients to find ways to grow together.
When did you install Caséta® Wireless for
the Show Control test program, and how
did the installation go?
Steve: We installed 30 plug-in lamp dimmers on
floor and table lamps, as well as on fixtures in our
cloud display in both showrooms in
Installation was somewhat challenging because of
our low voltage switching system, but we found a
way to demo the products effectively.
Did your sales consultants benefit
from installing Caséta Wireless in their
own homes?
Steve: Our sales consultants were very
enthusiastic about their own home installations.
With that in mind I believe they now have a story to
tell to our customers, as well as the confidence to
explain all the Caséta benefits.
Kate Hazen: I installed Caséta Wireless in our
family room, where we have a combination of
overhead fixtures and floor lamps. We enjoy the
convenience of dimming the lights while we’re
watching TV, as well as the ability to turn off all the
lights in the room from one location.
I tend to control the lights with Pico® remotes more
than my smartphone, as I don’t usually carry my
phone with me when I'm in the house.
Kate, how easy has it been to
demonstrate the features/benefits of
Caséta Wireless to customers?
Kate: It’s been easy. Once we had the tablets
and Pico remotes positioned in the showroom,
it made the conversations with customers
easier to start. If we’re presenting a fixture
that’s controlled by Caséta, we can discuss the
benefits it provides. And it’s a good solution when
customers express a need for remote access or
tough control locations.
Do you have customers that come to
Wolfers already knowing that they want
some type of smart lighting control to
pair with their fixtures?
Steve: Customers are often looking to dim
their fixtures, so I think with the advent of
the smartphone and products such as Nest,
customers are more open to looking at smart
lighting control as a natural next step.
What features / benefits seem to appeal
the most with customers?
Kate: Customers like the ability to control
outdoor lights, floor, and table lamps, and the
easy installation of 3-way circuits.
Designed with Millennials in mind, this development
was built to maximize space as well as incorporate
the latest technology. And that includes
Caséta® Wireless.
Liz Borg, Director of Sales and Interior Designer
for Alden Homes, and Bill Martin, New Home
Sales Consultant and Architectural Designer
for Alden, spoke to us about this smaller and
smarter community.
What trends are you seeing in new home
Liz Borg: We’re focusing on utilizing square
footage with well-designed plans because design
matters. How does the home live, how does it feel?
We’re concentrating on eliminating wasted space
and incorporating optional features in our homes,
such as Serena® shades, the Adorne modular track
system and Honeywell® Wi-Fi thermostats. We
want buyers to know we’ve taken their lifestyles
into account when designing our homes.
Alden Homes
Southeastern Pennsylvania
Alden Homes at a Glance
Single-family and
villa-style homes
1,300 to 1,900 sq ft
Price range:
$223,900 to $265,900
Our first featured builder of the year takes us to Alden
Homes in the rolling hills of Lebanon and Lancaster counties.
Building homes since the 1990’s, Alden Homes has three
55+ communities in Myerstown and Cornwall, but it’s
newest—the Gables at Elm Tree in Mt. Joy—is its first
traditional neighborhood.
Is the Gables of Elm Tree the first
community where you’re including
connected home features?
Liz: Yes. We decided early on in the development
of this new neighborhood that we wanted to focus
on the Millenial buyer. Knowing their desire for
technology and how it adds convenience to their
daily life, we wanted to incorporate some features
in our homes as standard that would appeal to
them and their lifestyle, but we had no idea where
to even look. Colleagues at our lighting vendor,
Schadler Yesco, put us in touch with Erik Anderson
[national sales manager] at Lutron. We visited the
Lutron headquarters in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
to tour their smart home, and we were sold on the
product from that point.
We believe we’re the only builder in this area that is
including Lutron as a standard feature.
Photos courtesy of Alden Homes
Featured Builder
In our model home, we
incorporated Caséta®
Wireless throughout and
created specific scenes
for realtor showings. We
installed Serena® in the
entire first floor as well as
both stair landings, and
added the shades to the
scenes, too.
How are you promoting connected / smart
home technologies in your marketing?
Bill Martin: We ran a full page ad in the real estate
section of the Sunday paper and we invited over
500 local agents to our grand opening and included
information about Lutron in the invitation. We’re also
using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to direct
people to our website,
What do you see as the main benefits to
the buyer?
Bill: Smart lighting and shade control provides
convenience for busy lifestyles, security, and a
“wow” factor. It’s so easy to set up the system, it’s
relatively inexpensive, you can eliminate the need
for 3-way switches in some locations, and you can
expand it at any time.
What Caséta Wireless components will you
be installing as standard?
Liz: Buyers will receive the Smart Bridge PRO,
as well as a combination of in-wall switches and
dimmers and plug-in lamp dimmers, up to a certain
dollar amount. That way they can choose what’s
important to them.
Do today’s prospective buyers expect
connected/smart home technologies
as standard?
Liz: I don’t believe they expect it as a standard
feature, especially here in Lancaster County,
so when they find out we’re including a starter
package they’re pleasantly surprised.
Serena shades will be an option, and they can
choose to include the cost of the shades in their
mortgages if needed. And of course, they can
add Serena or additional Caséta Wireless lighting
controls even after they settle.
We’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate lighting
and shade control using the Lutron App and a
smartphone to prospective buyers. They’ve been
blown away. It’s truly fun to see their reaction.
News and Events
Caséta® Wireless wins CEA Award
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
awarded Caséta Wireless a Mark of Excellence
award, naming it Lighting Control Product of the
Year for 2015.
The Mark of Excellence awards recognize the best
in custom integration and installed technology
from manufacturers, distributors and systems
integrators, and are judged by a panel of experts
across a variety of categories.
Dallas International Lighting Market
January 20 – 26, 2016
Dallas Market Center
Dallas, Texas
Visit our showroom #3301
Lightfair International
April 26 – 28, 2016
San Diego, California
Visit us at booth #2320
Become a Lutron 5-Star
Showroom Today!
5-Star Showrooms represent the ultimate
Lutron destination. At a 5-Star Showroom
you can see, touch, and experience Lutron
products and solutions in a fully functional
environment. Each 5-Star Showroom is
handpicked and certified by Lutron as one
of a select number of locations throughout
the U.S. and Canada.
5-Star Qualifications
• Provide a working experience destination
for Lutron dimmers, light control systems,
shades, and fixtures
• Align with certified installers to provide
home system and shading solutions
• Host residential influencer events
throughout the year to promote light
control solutions
• Become fully trained on all Lutron
residential solutions
5-Star Benefits
• One-time MDF load of $2,500
• Annual 5-Star plaque to display
in showroom
• Included in exclusive 5-Star
showroom promotions
• Supporting materials for residential
influencer events
• Opportunity to win a 2015 5-Star Category
Award during January Dallas Market
• Noted as an Experience Showroom on website
Contact your local rep for more
information or Erik Anderson at
484.809.3867 or [email protected]
2015 5-Star Showrooms
AD Cola — Natick, MA
Allied Lighting, Inc. — Costa Mesa, CA
Bayshore Lighting — San Carlos, CA
Boiteau Luminaire — Quebec City, QS
Bright Light Design Center — Wilmington, DE
Cabinet & Lighting Supply — Reno, NV
Connecticut Lighting Centers, Inc. — Hartford, CT
Cost Plus — Englewood, CO
Denney Electric — Ambler, PA
Echo Lighting Design Gallery — Omaha, NE
Energy Plus Wholesale Lighting & Design — Santa Rosa, CA
Feldman Brothers — Paterson, NJ
Franklin Empire — Ville Mont-Royal, QC
Gross Electric — Toledo, OH
Hunzicker Lighting Gallery — Oklahoma City, OK
Idlewood Electric Supply — Highland Park, IL
Klaff's, Inc. — Norwalk, CT
LBC Lighting — Arcadia, CA
Light Bulbs Unlimited — Winter Park, FL
Lighting Concepts — Lewiston, ME
Lighting First — Bonita Springs, FL
Lighting Unlimited — Scottsdale, AZ
Lighting Unlimited — Houston, TX
Lofings Lighting, Inc. — Sacramento, CA
Meletio Electric — Dallas, TX
Metro Lighting — Chesterfield, MO
M & M Lighting L.P. — Houston, TX
Montreal Lighting & Hardware Inc. — Mont-Royal, QC
North Coast Lighting — Bellevue, WA
Northwest Electric — Mount Prospect, IL
Passion Lighting — Grapevine, TX
Rittenhouse Electric Supply — Ardmore, PA
South Dade Lighting — Miami, FL
The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric — Newington, NH
Union Lighting — Toronto, ON
Union Lighting — Montreal, QC
Urban Lights Inc. — Kitchener, ON
Vaughan Electric — Woodbridge, ON
Vivid Concepts Lighting and Design — Edmonton, AB
Wabash Electric — Fort Wayne, IN
Warshauer Electric Supply Co. — Tinton Falls, NJ
Wolfers Lighting, Inc. — Allston, MA
Wolfers Lighting, Inc. — Waltham, MA
Control your lights
with one touch
Set the scene for movies with one-touch remote
control, or adjust your lights from anywhere with
your smartphone or tablet.
You can also expand the system to add light control
throughout your home, and include shade and
temperature control.
To experience a live demo of Caséta Wireless, please
see this lighting showroom’s sales associates. For
more information, visit or call
Lutron customer service at 1.888.588.7661.
Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered
in the U.S. and other countries
Your cell phone with
FREE Lutron app
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