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Produits Cocall inc
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Audio device with 3.5mm audio in jack and maked is
designed to be used with the Cocall.
1 MFB button — Power on/off, pair.
2 Charging jack — DC 5V
3 LED indicator — Indicate current status
4 3.5mm audio in plug — Connect to Cocall wire.
Charging the receiver
When the receiver is low power, red LED flashes once and the receiver emits three tones
every 20 seconds. Please recharge the battery of the receiver.
Connect the charger to a standard power outlet and the charger plug to the charging jack of
the receiver. Red LED is on while charging. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery
fully. When charging has completed, red LED will be off.
LED indicator
Red LED flashes once every 20 seconds
LED flashes red and blue alternately
Blue LED flashes once every 2 seconds
Blue LED flashes twice every 5 seconds
Status of receiver
Low power
Pairing mode
Standby mode and not connected
Turning on/off the receiver
Power Press and hold MFB button for
3~5 seconds
Blue LED is on for 1
Press and hold MFB button for
3~5 seconds
Red LED is on for 1
Pairing with Bluetooth mobile phone
Ensure your mobile phone supports A2DP profile. The pairing procedures will vary
depending on different models of mobile phones. Please refer to your mobile phone user’s
manual for further information. The general pairing procedures are as follows:
1) Place the receiver and Bluetooth mobile phone where they are easily viewable by no
more than 1 meter apart;
2) Enter the receiver’s pairing mode (please refer to “How to enter pairing mode);
3) Activate your mobile phone’s Bluetooth function and set your mobile phone to search for
Bluetooth devices within range, and select “IKBT12 or BTR006L” from the list of devices shown;
4) According to the indication, enter password or PIN No: “0000”;
5) If prompted by your mobile phone to connect, select “Yes” (This will vary among mobile
phone models);
6) After successful connecting, blue LED flashes twice quickly every 5 seconds
How to enter pairing mode
Led indicator
Indication tune
Enter pairing mode
Ensure the receiver is
turned off,
otherwise turn it off first
then press and hold
MFB button
for 6~7 seconds until
flashes red and blue
flashes red
and blue
Two “DU” tones
Bluetooth module connection
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