Electro-Voice FS-212A User manual

Electro-Voice FS-212A User manual
Frequency Response, Measured in Farfield
Calculated to One Meter on Axis, Swept
One-Third-Octave Pink Noise, Anechoic
Environment (see Figure 1):
50-20,000 Hz
Recommended Crossover Frequency:
1,250 Hz
LF/HF: 9%/25%
Long-Term Average Power Handling
Capacity per EIA Standard RS-426A and
AES2-1984 (see Power Handling section),
LF/HF: 600/75 watts
Short-Term Power Handling Capacity
(10 milliseconds),
LF/HF: 2,400/300 watts
Maximum Long-Term Average Midband
Acoustic Output:
72 watts
Sound Pressure Level at One Meter,
Indicated Input Power, Anechoic Environ-
ment, Band-Limited Pink-Noise Signal,
1/1 Watt: 101/112 dB
600/75 Watts: 129/131 dB
2,400/300 Watts: 135/137 dB
Dispersion Angle Included by 6-dB-Down
Points on Polar Responses, Indicated One-
Third-Octave Bands of Pink Noise,
700-20,000 Hz Horizontal (see Figure 3):
60° (+40°, —20°)
600-20,000 Hz Vertical (see Figure 3):
40° (+25°, —5°)
Directivity Factor A, (Q), 600-20,000-Hz
Median (see Figure 4):
15.9 (+14.9, 9.4)
Directivity Index D, 600-20,000-Hz Median
(see Figure 4):
12.0 dB (+2.9 dB, -3.9 dB)
Distortion, 120 dB SPL at 1 Meter, Shaped
Spectrum (see Figure 5),
Second Harmonie,
200, Hz: 1.1%
1,000 HZ: 0.9%
3,000 Hz: 3.2%
10,000 Hz: 1.4%
Distortion, 120 dB SPL at 1 Meter, Shaped
Spectrum (see Figure 5),
Third Harmonic,
200 Hz: 1.1%
1,000 HZ: 0.5%
3,000 Hz: 0.1%
10,000 Hz: 0.3%
Transducer Complement,
LF: Two DL12X-variant woofers
Nominal, LF/HF:
4.0 ohms/8.0 ohms
Minimum, LF/HF:
4.7 ohms/6.5 ohms
Input Connections:
Neutrik Speakon"“ NLAMPR
Enclosure Materials,
14-ply birch plywood
Black Ozite Super TNT carpet
Steel with black nylon cloth covering
Height: 67.3 cm (26.5 in.)
Width: 59,7 ст (23.5 in.)
Depth: 42.5 cm (16.8 in.)
Net Weight:
54.5 kg (120 Ib)
Shipping Weight
59.1 kg (130 Ib)
a MARK IV company
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Axial Frequency Response Using
Recommended Crossover, Equalization
and Time Delay
1 Watti Meter Into LF Section
The Electro-Voice FS-212A concert slant
monitor was designed for high-level concert-
sound stage-monitoring applications. The FS-
212A is a two-way biamped system with a
high-frequency horn and driver and two 12-
inch woofers in an extremely compact
The 12-inch woofers, which operats over the
range of 50-1,250 Hz, make use of the
Electro-Voice "DL" technology that features
the Thermo Inductive Ring, TIR™, and
PROTEF™ coating (U.S. Patent No.
4,547,632). The TIR is a non-magnetic pole-
piece extension that acts as a control on drive
inductance and, more importantly, provides a
major heat-transfer path from the top of the
voice cail, minimizing thermal power
compression. PROTEF is a Teflon®-based
coating applied to the top plate that protects
the voice coil during violent power peaks.
For high frequencies, the FS-212A utilizes a
DH1A 2-inch throat compression driver. Its
unique one-piece geometrically optimized
titanium dome and suspension combined with
its unusually powerful magnetic motor provide
maximum efficiency and precise control of the
diaphragm motion. A high-temperature voice-
coil design and PROTEF-coated front plate
assure excellent reliability with high-power
The compression driver is coupled to an HP64
60° x 40° fiberglass horn. This flat-front,
constant-directivity horn is a member of the
Electro-Voice HP series (U.S. Patent No.
4,685,532), and is geometrically optimized for
performance from 1,250 Hz to 20,000 Hz,
(-6 dB)
reg Tee
2,500 Hz — — 10,000 Hz
4,000 Н: ——— 16,000 Hz ———
6,300 Hz —— 20,000 Hz — —
Level Adjusted
FS-212A Polar Response
(1/3-octave, 4 volts at 20 feet)
FS-212A Beamwidth vs. Frequency
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FS-212A Harmonic Distortion
(120 dB SPL/1 meter using typical
music frequency spectrum)
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FS-212A Directivity Factor and
Directivity Index vs. Frequency
—. a cm
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o or 0 858 e es = DS № 90
В, — 82.5 kQ E
R, — 14.3 КО Re, FAY Sew
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R, — OPEN ES, $ |
R, — 84.5 kQ pr
R, — 28.0 kQ e
Crossover Set Up
Designed to survive the rigors of the road, the
FS-212A is constructed of 14-ply birch
plywood and covered with black Ozite Super
TNT carpeting, the most rugged in the
industry. The FS-212A has a steel grille
covered with black nylon cloth.
The FS-212A is ideal for use as a professional
touring stage monitor wnere extremely high
power and low distortion are required from a
system housed in a compact, low-profile
The frequency response of the FS-212A
shown in Figure 1 was measured on axis in
the far field of an anechoic environment, using
a swept one-third-octave input and calculated
to a one-meter equivalent distance using the
inverse-square law. The system was set up
using an XEQ-3 crossover with equalization
and time-delay set as in Figure 8. Drive level
was set for one watt of power (2.00 volts rms)
delivered to the midband of the woofer
The polar response of the FS-212A speaker
system at selected one-third-octave band-
widths is shown in Figure 2. These polar
responses were measu-ed in an anechoic
environment at 20 feet using one-third-octave
pink-noise inputs and an XEQ-3 crossover
equalizer and time delay set as in Figure 6.
The frequencies selected are fully representa-
tive of the polar response of the system.
Beamwidth of the system utilizing the
complete one-third-octave polar data is shown
in Figure 3. R, (Q) and directivity index (D)) is
plotted in Figure 4.
Using the XEQ-3 crossover, distortion for the
FS-212A speaker system was measured in
the far field with an input power that would
result in a sound pressure level of 120 dB at
one meter using a tailored frequency spectrum
typical of contemporary close-miked rock
music. Plots of second- and third-harmonic
distortion are shown in Figure 5.
To our knowledge, Electro-Voice was the first
U.S. manufacturer to develop and publish a
power test closely related to real-life condi-
tions. First, we use a random noise input
signal because it contains many frequencies
simultaneously, just like real voice or
instrument program. Second, our signal
contains more energy at extremely high and
low frequencies than typical actual program,
adding an extra measure of reliability. Third,
the test signal includes not only the overall
"long-term average” or “continuous” level —
which our ears interpret as loudness — but
also short-duration peaks which are many
times higher than the average, just like actual
program. The long-term average level
stresses the speaker thermally (heat). The
instantaneous peaks test mechanical reliability
(cone and diaphragm excursion).
Specifically, the low-frequency driver is
designed to withstand the power test
described in EIA Standard RS-426A. The EIA
test spectrum is applied for eight hours. To
obtain the spectrum, the output of a white-
noise generator (white noise is a particular
type of random noise with equal energy per
bandwidth in Hz) is fed to a shaping filter with
6-dB-per-octave slopes below 40 Hz and
above 318 Hz, When measured with the usual
constant-percentage-bandwidth analyzer (one-
third-octave), this shaping filter produces a
spectrum whose 3-dB-down points are at 100
Hz and 1,200 Hz. This shaped signal sent to
the power amplifier with the continuous power
set at 600 watts into ElA equivalent imped-
ance (45.5 volts true rms). Amplifier clipping
sets instantaneous peaks at 6 dB above the
continuous power, or 2,400 watts peak (91.0
volts peak).
Specifically, the high-frequency driver is
designed to withstand the AES Standard
AES2-1964 (ANSI S4.26-1964). The AES test
spectrum is applied for two hours. To obtain
this spectrum, the output of a pink-noise
generator (pink noise is a particular type of
random noise with equal energy per octave
bandwidth) is fed into a bandpass filter with
12-dB-per-octave slopes and 3-dB-down
points at 1,000 Hz and 10,000 Hz. This
shaped signal is sent to the power amplifier
with the continuous power set at 75 watts into
the nominal impedance (24.5 volts true rms).
Amplifier clipping sets instantaneous peaks at
6 dB above the continuous power, or 300
watts peak (49.0 volts true rms).
Recommended for use with the FS-212A is
the XEQ-3 electronic crossover. The XEQ-3 is
a combination crossover/equalizer/time-delay
unit which provides the circuitry necessary for
optimum performance of the FS-212A.
When used with the FS-212A, the XEQ-3 is
first set to its low/high two-way-crossover
mode using the switches on the back panel of
the unit. The front panel settings are then
adjusted to the positions shown in Figure 6.
Finally, a special high-frequency EQ module is
inserted. This module is constructed as shown
in Figure 6 using the blank module supplied
with the XEQ-3.
The FS-212A is equipped with Neutrik
Speakon™ NLAMPR connectors for electrical
connection to the woofers and compression
driver, Two connectors are installed for
paralleling additional FS-212A loudspeakers.
The mating connectors on the cable ends
should be the Neutrik Speakon™ NL4FC.
Neutrik Speakon™ connectors, cables, and
wiring accessories are available from Pro Co
Sound, Inc. and Whirlwind Music Distributors,
Inc. To find your local Pro Co., Whirlwind, or
Neutrik dealer, contact:
Pro Co Sound, Inc.
{135 E. Kalamazoo Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 45007
Whirlwind Music Distributors, Inc.
Р.О. Вох 1075
Rochester, NY 14603
Neutrik USA, Inc.
195-53 Lehigh Avs.
Lakewood, NJ 08701
The pin-out arrangement is as follows:
Pin 1-= LF (-)
Pin 1+ = LF (+)
Pin 2-= HF (-)
Pin 2+ = HF (+)
The low-frequency input presents a 4-ohm
load while the high-frequency input presents a
nominal 8-ohm load to the amplifier. The
compression driver has a low-frequency
protection capacitor in series.
The FS-212A was designed for expedient field
service. Loosening the four woofer-clamp
bolts allows the woofer to be easily removed.
A woofer failure will require replacement of the
entire driver. In the case of a compression
driver failure, a diaphragm assembly
replacement kit with instructions is available.
The diaphragm may be replaced without
removing the driver by using the driver access
panel on the back of the enclosure. If desired,
the complete driver may be returned for
The following replacement parts are available
from the Electro-Voice service department in
Buchanan, Michigan:
LF: complete woofer; EV Part No. 812-1372
HF: diaphragm kit; EV Part No. 81147XX
The loudspeaker system shall be a two-way,
biamped, floor-slant-monitor system. The
loudspeaker system shall have two 12-inch
low-frequency direct-radiating drivers, each
with an 8-ohm, 2.5-inch-diameter voice coil
constructed of edge-wound rectangular
aluminum wire, and which together shall be
capable of handling a 600-watt shaped pink-
noise signal with a 6-dB crest factor for 8
hours (as per EIA Standard RS-426A). The
loudspeaker system shall have a 2.0-inch-exit
compression driver mounted on a fiberglass
high-frequency horn. The compression driver
shall hava a 3.0-inch-diameter, 0.0015-inch-
thick titanium dome and an 8-ohm, 3.0-inch-
diameter voice coil constructed of edge-wound
rectangular aluminum wire, and which shall be
capable of handling a 50-watt, 500-20,000-Hz
pink-noise signal with a 6-dB crest factor for
two hours (as per AES2-1984 and ANSI
S4.26-1984 standards). The high-frequency
horn shall be of the constant-directivity type
and shall produce a horizontal beamwidth (6-
dB-down angle) of 60° (+40°, —20°) from 700
Hz to 20,000 Hz and a vertical beamwidth of
40° (+25°, —5°) from 600 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The
loudspeaker enclosure shall be constructed
from 14-ply, ¥/s-inch-thick Finnish birch
plywood, shall be covered with black heavy-
duty carpeting, and shall have a black nylon-
nylon-cloth-covered steel grille. The loud-
speaker enclosure dimensions shall be 26.5
inches high, 23.5 inches wide and 16.8 inches
deep and shall weigh 120 pounds. The
loudspeaker system shall be the Electro-Voice
Electro-Voice products are guaranteed against
malfunction due to defects in materials or
workmanship for a specified period, as noted
in the individual product-line statement(s)
below, or in the individual product data sheet
or owner's manual, beginning with the date of
original purchase. If such malfunction occurs
during the specified period, the product will be
repaired or replaced (at our option) without
charge. The product will be returned to the
customer prepaid. Exclusions and Limita-
tions: The Limited Warranty does not apply
to: (a) exterior finish or appearance; (b) certain
specific items described in the individual
product-line statement(s) below, or in the
individual product data sheet or owner's
manual; (c¢) malfunction resulting from use or
operation of the product other than as
specified in the product data sheet or owner's
manual; (d) malfunction resulting from misuse
or abuse of the product; or (e) malfunction
occurring at any time after repairs have been
made to the product by anyone other than
Electro-Voice or any of its authorized service
representatives. Obtaining Warranty
Service: To obtain warranty service, a
customer must deliver the product, prepaid, to
Electro-Voice or any of its authorized service
representatives together with proof of
purchase of the product in the form of a bill of
sale or receipted invoice. A list of authorized
service representatives is available from
Electro-Voice at 600 Cecil Street, Buchanan,
MI 48107 (616/695-6831) and/or Electro-Voice
West, at 8234 Doe Avenue, Visalia, CA 93291
(209/851-7777). Incidental and Consequen-
tial Damages Excluded: Product repair or
replacement and return to the customer are
the only remedies provided to the customer.
Electro-Voice shall not be liable for any
incidental or consequential damages
including, without limitation, injury to persons
or property or loss of use. Some states do not
allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
Other Rights: This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state.
Electro-Voice Speakers and Speaker
Systems are guaranteed against malfunction
due to defects in materials or workmanship for
a period of five (5) years from the date of
original purchase. The Limited Warranty does
not apply to burned voice coils or malfunctions
such as cone and/or coil damage resulting
from improperly designed enclosures. Electro-
Voice active electronics associated with the
speaker systems are guaranteed for three (3)
years from the date of original purchase.
Additional details are included in the Uniform
Limited Warranty statement.
Service and repair address for this product;
Electro-Voice, Inc., 600 Cecil Street,
Buchanan, Michigan 49107.
specifications subject to change without
EH Litho in LISA.
a MARK IV company
ELECTRO-VOICE, INC., 600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, Michigan 49107
©Electro-Voice, Inc. 1992
Part Number 531340 — 241
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