Electrolux Dito 601577 User manual

Electrolux Dito 601577 User manual
ITEM # _______________________________________________
MODEL # _____________________________________________
PROJECT NAME # ______________________________________
12″ Food Slicer
DSL Series
SIS # _________________________________________________
AIA # _________________________________________________
Main features
12″ Food Slicer
DSL Series
601577 (DSL12)
12″ Food Slicer 120 V/1p/60Hz
Adjustable speed control knob.
Cut thickness-adjusting knob (millimeter adjustment).
Power: 1/2 HP – single phase.
Motor speed: 300 rpm.
373 watts.
Compact design
A highly sensitive cam mechanism permits the user to regulate the
thickness slicing down to millimeters.
24 V wiring and NVR device
Plexiglas hand protection
Microswitch mounted on blade protection
Electronic push-button panel has a class IP 54 silicone protection
Blade ring protection
Mechanism for locking the trolley in place when removing the mobile block.
Belt drive mechanics
Made of an aluminum alloy treated by anodic oxidation. This procedure
guarantees high hygienic standards of the parts interested by the cut and
resistance to acids, salts and oxidation processes.
The blade is made of chromium plated steel 100Cr6; it is grinded and
hardened to guarantee an accurate and sharp cut of products also after it
has been re-sharpened.
The other components of the slicer are made of ABS, LEXAN, PLEXIGLAS
and stainless steel AISI 430 or 304.
Dimensions: (H×L×W): 23.75″ × 23″ × 23.75″
Approx. shipping weight—50 lbs
UL electrical and NSF sanitation listed.
NEMA # : 5-15P
2 year parts warranty, 1 year labor.
Optional Accessories
Short Form Specification
• Blade 12" for food slicer
• Blade (teflon coated) 10" for food slicer
(PNC 653646)
(PNC 653651)
Item No. ___________________________________
Unit to be Electrolux Dito 12″ Food Slicer. Electrical characteristics to be 120 V SINGLE-phase operation with adjustable
speeds at 300 rpm. The slicing machine is made of anodized
aluminum alloy and has the advantage of being easy to clean
and is very hygienic. The cut thickness-adjusting knob is very
sensitive and enables a millimeter adjustment. The easy and
precise sharpening tool makes the work of the user easier by
keeping the edge of the blade always sharp. The carriage, running on self-lubricating bushes, has an exceptional fluency and
you can cut also heavy sausages, roast-beef, cheese and fish.
Though this is a small slicer, it has all the advantages and the
features of a big slicer.
Approval: ___________________________________________
Electrolux Professional, Inc.
3225 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312 • Telephone Number: 866-449-4200 • Fax Number: 954-327-6789
12″ Food Slicer
DSL Series
12″ Food Slicer
DSL Series
Front View
Supply voltage:
601577 (DSL12)
120 V/1p/60Hz – 3.1A
Key Information
The MECHANICAL SAFETY system includes:
- Blade guard;
- Cover;
- Meat pusher;
- Hand cover on meat hopper;
- Meat hopper + finger protection.
Top View
The ELECTRICAL SAFETY system includes:
The slicer is equipped with: a micro-switch which stops the
slicer in case the tie rod for blade guard is removed; the microswitch prevents from restarting the slicer if the guard has not
been set in the switch-off position.
Side View
12″″ Food Slicer
DSL Series
The company reserves the right to make modifications to the products
without prior notice. All information correct at time of printing.
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