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Chorus 700 V
Chorus 700 V
Forget the ordinary
Being one of the world leaders in highend loudspeakers means to rise to the
greatest challenges. That of the Chorus
is certainly one of the most exciting: to
offer at modest prices some of the best
Focal technologies that trickled down
from the reference Grande Utopia EM
loudspeaker. Since the year 2000, the
different generations of the Chorus
700 V line have benefited from this
approach, as we produced speakers
that cost less and performed better.
To achieve this goal, we invested massively
in a superior method to speaker manufacturing, where intelligent machining
and precise handwork were absolutely
It was the only way possible in this
drive for quality and competitiveness:
development and manufacturing of
French made loudspeakers, design
of the cabinets, quality control, a
total autonomy in the development
and design of our own products.
This method allows us to innovate,
to entirely and independently turn
ideas into reality, to place patents
internationally, and have the means
to anticipate trends. And finally, to
The third generation, Chorus 700 V,
goes even further. A direct descendant
of the Chorus 800 V line of which it
heavily borrows technical elements yet
with a more traditional finish, Chorus
700 V invites you in to the Focal universe.
The manufacturing quality and high-end
finishing work are entirely unknown in
this price range. Technology, innovation,
tradition and exclusive design are our
trademarks, being “the Spirit of Sound”.
> Industrial birthplace, St-Etienne has become
the European capital of design. Between
tradition and modernism, Focal is rich with
a unique savoir-faire, which allows it to rise
to the status of luxury manufacturer.All the
research and development, the drive-unit
manufacturing and loudspeaker assembly
are concentrated on a single
production site, where more than 200
people are driven by the same passion:
to offer you the best of Focal loudspeakers.
> C horus V, Light Walnut finish.
> C
horus 700 V side panel,
machined from 1” (25mm) MDF.
V design
Innovation is our business
To permanently innovate, to create that
which has never been tried, to develop the
maximum of technologies and performance on an inexpensive speaker line,
this is another facet of Focal innovation.
For the first time in the history of Chorus,
we have introduced an essential element
such as design so that the speaker’s not
only perceived as a technical object
that is too rational, and as inevitably
boring as low-tech can be. Entrusted to
the Parisian design house “Pineau et Le
Porcher”, the silhouette of Chorus 700 V
is identical to that of Chorus 800 V.
“V” is a strong symbol in this line, which
is found in many style elements, such as
the grille shape details, the non-parallel
sides, and the outline in the injected
metal housing of the tweeter. And one
cannot forget the Polyglass® woofers
(“glass”= “verre”), “V” being historically
associated with this technology. Finally,
the lines are very tight, immediately distinct in this entry-level loudspeaker.
But the style of Chorus 700 V is not
gratuitous. It is drawn according to a
design philosophy where each compo-
> Chorus 726 V Wengé and Chorus 706 V Light Walnut on S 700 V stand.
nent must be justified. All the panels,
in MDF, have a minimum thickness of
20mm, and up to 25mm for the side
panels. Considerable internal braces,
made from sophisticated, cut pieces
from a single piece of MDF and integrating the passageways for the cabling,
optimize the rigidity to offer a particularly effective barrier against vibrations.
Lastly, exclusive construction solutions
permitted us to maintain non-parallel
partitions and therefore inhibit and prevent standing waves, a technological
refinement until now unimaginable in this
price segment.
All these precisions work together to eliminate parasitic interaction in the cabinet,
particularly in the lowest octave. It is
truly these technical points where all
the innovative and creative strengths of
Focal materialize: to clear the way for
new processes to turn what had been the
impossible into a everyday Focal reality.
> T he ever-present attention to detail is the trademark
of a high-end Focal product. Aside from the MDF
construction up to 25mm in thickness, multiple internal
reinforcements, which also integrate the routing of the
cables, the non-parallel structure of the inside walls,
the quality of finishing where each detail is maintained
from the design stage… all this makes for cabinets that
are truly unique in this price category.
Made in Saint-Etienne
The loudspeaker drive unit, too important a part to trust to others
ur assisted build woofer production line allows us to retain the values of a traditional
hand built driver.
The Polyglass cone has been a Focal tradition for the
last 15 years. Incessantly improving, it has matured
today to a very high level of performance. The cellulose fiber cone offers renowned lightness and damping
characteristics. But our special surface treatment of
silica micro-balls gives the cone a huge increase in
rigidity for a negligible increase in mass. The definition
and dynamic capacity of this cone, when combined with
a very powerful magnet (another Focal tradition),
generate a very fine reproduction, with an exceptionally rich midrange.
Loudspeakers remain at the heart of
Focal’s experience. From the reference
line Utopia 3 to Chorus V, from the
woofer to the tweeter, all our loudspeakers are designed, developed and
manufactured on our single production
site in Saint-Etienne. This method is for
us a powerful engagement, one particularly of quality, thanks to the mastery
of all steps of manufacturing and quality
control of this strategic component. It’s
also an extraordinary tool so that each
loudspeaker can be considered as a
unique element, carefully optimized
thanks to the concentration of all the
means needed for development on one
site. Each Focal loudspeaker is developed
internally according to a precise application, which gives us a creative power
without equivalent as we are not limited
whatsoever to a supplier. The manufacturing of our loudspeakers has been
kept internal thanks to the investment
on our automated manufacturingline, a
formidable industrial tool, which daily
capacity can rise to 1500 loudspeakers.
From design up until final production,
each loudspeaker of the Chorus 700 V line
is a 100% internal Focal product. This
approach enhances the value of Focal
loudspeakers: inverted-dome tweeter in
Aluminum-Magnesium alloy, Polyglass
woofers… these technologies will not
be found elsewhere than Focal. Since
we developed them exclusively for our
own use.
> T he recent manufacturing line for the woofers and that
of the tweeters, completely new, are a major asset to
combine elevated production capacity and the highest
quality of manufacturing. This unique technology results
in a sound without equal.
omparative distortion curves between
TNC tweeter of 2003 Chorus S and the
TNV of Chorus V: the decrease in levels
is spectacular.
TNV Tweeter
When we improve our tweeter, the distortion is divided by six
After the experience we gained in the
creation of the famous tweeter in pure
Beryllium, we invented the TNC tweeter,
the first tweeter with the Aluminum/
Magnesium alloy. This alloy proved to
have excellent damping qualities too and
resulted in the entirely new TNV of
Chorus 700 V. A new foam for surround
suspension with reinforced mechanical
properties, new configuration of the neodymium motor, entirely reconceived design,
this new tweeter benefits from all the latest
Focal research. Harmonic distortion is
divided by three at 1000Hz, by 6 at
500Hz: the sweetness of the reproduction in the midrange is transformed. Also,
we entirely ceased the use of ferro-fluid
in the tweeter, as the new motor design
improves the power handling: the dynamic behavior of the tweeter is improved
with a rendering of details and an air in
the extreme treble of the utmost quality.
The TNC tweeter had capitalized on
the immense experience and knowledge
acquired with the pure Beryllium tweeter
of Utopia range concerning the reproduction of higher frequencies: importance of
damping, elimination of the phase piece
for standing distortion, emergence of the
concept of optimization of performance
at the source, which consists of obtaining
the characteristics of ideal loudspeakers
without having to return to mechanical or
electrical corrections at the crossover, a
very risky and dangerous approach.
Sweetness and dynamics in the treble,
this is another quality that is traditionally
reserved for the high-end.
> TNV tweeter production line.
> A luminum TNV tweeter plate.
Home Theatre
Ready for High Definition
Home Theatre is in constant evolution.
The arrival of new High Definition
video formats, with their accompanying
audio tracks exhibiting greater dynamics, power and richness demand that
we go further. Quality stereo loudspeakers, when compared to vastly
inferior Home Theatre models, are
hard-pressed to express the emotion or
sheer impact of a movie soundtrack.
Our offering of subwoofer, as well as
centre channel and surround speakers,
has been developed in parallel with
the other Chorus 700 V speakers to
ensure a natural 3D sound field and an
optimal spatial coherence. This allows
the transition of sound effects from one
speaker to another to attain an incredibly realistic quality.
The CC 700 V centre speaker is a
sealed, more compact version of the
Chorus CC 800 V. It was designed to
obtain adapted directivity curves that
would surpass the limits of the traditional 2-way centre channel speaker
(lack of stability in the 3D image,
“megaphone” dialogue sound, poor
transition between the other two front
speakers). The quality of the dialogue
and the resulting harmony with the
other sound effects is exceptional.
The SR 700 V is a wall-mount surround
speaker, equipped with our Polyfix®
mounting system. Its performance is
such that the listener will be entirely
immersed in the 3D image.
The SW 700 V subwoofer inherits the
motor of the famous SW 700 S of the
preceding generation. The firmness of
the bass from the 27cm woofer, married to the inexhaustible resources of
the 300 Watt BASH® amplifier, surely
benefits from the exceptional rigidity of
the new Chorus 700 V cabinets.
All these loudspeakers benefit from the
experience accumulated from Electra
1000 Be, Profile 900 and of course,
the Utopia line as we continue on our
obsessive quest: the recreated, live
> T he Polyfix® mounting system, consisting of two
fitted metal pieces, is as simple as it is functional.
It is as well extremely reliable.
> Chorus SR 700 V, black satin lacquer finish.
> C horus 700 V line, Light Walnut finish.
i-wiring is our entirely abandoned technology on the
entirety of the Focal line-up. Rather than invest in a
unworthy and useless functionality (the design of our
OPC crossovers rises above inferior, bi-wired designs)
of which there is limited demand, we prefer to utilize
new, hi-end moulded connectors. Their winged form
assures a well-tightened coupling.
Home Theatre configurations
> F ront and surround: 705 V (x4)
Center: CC 700 V
Subwoofer: SW 700 V
> F ront: 716 V (x2)
Center: CC 700 V
Surround: SR 700 V (x4)
Subwoofer: SW 700 V
horus SW 700 V subwoofer with BASH ® amplifier.
> F ront: 706 V (x2)
Center: CC 700 V
Surround: SR 700 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 700 V
> F ront: 726 V (x2)
Center: CC 700 V
Surround: SR 700 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 700 V
> F ront: 714 V (x2)
Center: CC 700 V
Surround: 705 V (x2)
Subwoofer: SW 700 V
> F ront: 726 V (x2)
Center: CC 700 V
Surround: SR 700 V (x4)
Subwoofer: SW 700 V
All of the models in the Chorus 700 V range (except SR 700 V) are available in Black Ash, Wengé and Light Walnut.
But may not be available in some countries and/or in some retail outlets.
> In-Ceiling IC 706 V and IC 706 V ST (stereo) loudspeakers.
In-Wall IW 706 V loudspeaker and outdoor OD 706 V loudspeaker.
The Chorus 726 V is the accessible
high-end loudspeaker incarnate:
technically very advanced, its 3-way
design marries the exceptional
definition of the midrange with the
power of the two 61/2" (16.5cm)
woofers. A great sound, ample,
generous, and more… up to 40m2.
The Chorus CC 700 V is a
centre loudspeaker that has
been phase-optimized to offer
an optimal directionality. Its
qualities of dynamics, linearity
and timbre are equally in phase
with the ensemble of the Chorus
700 V line to maintain an
excellent sonic coherence.
The same drive-units as in the
Chorus V line, in a very flat
and compact loudspeaker, this
is the key to the SR 700 V. It
is aesthetic, discrete and an
all-out performer! Ideal to fill
large surround spaces and to
accompany Chorus 700 V in
multi-channel mode.
Chorus 716 V
Chorus 726 V
Chorus CC 700 V
Chorus SR 700 V
Chorus SW 700 V
Wengé finish
Light Walnut finish
Black Ash finish
Black satin finish
Light Walnut finish
• Type
3-way bass-reflex floorstanding
2-way shielded center sealed speaker.
2-way sealed effects speaker,
Polyfix® wall bracket.
Active bass-reflex subwoofer.
2x61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass midbass.
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass midbass.
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
11" (27cm) Polyglass woofer.
Chorus 705 V is the ideal loudspeaker for installation in rooms
of modest dimensions (approximately 15m2). With a responsive
and lively bass, it represents the
foundations of a great system,
especially when paired with the
SW 700 V subwoofer.
Chorus 706 V is the epitome
of a reference, compact loudspeaker: a true Focal tradition.
Superbly balanced and neutral,
its accuracy and definition are
ideal for rooms near 20m 2.
The smallest of the Chorus V
floorstanders exhibits a fine form
with a minimal footprint. Elaborate
yet balanced, the Chorus 714 V
benefits from two 5" (14cm)
woofers in a 2-and-a-half way
configuration to deliver solid bass.
Ideal for rooms of 15 to 25m2.
The Chorus 716 V examines the
2-and-a-half way formula in a
high-end configuration, with two
61/2" (16.5cm) woofers working
in tandem in the bass (only
the higher unit also reproduces
the midrange). Double the bass
impact for rooms up to 30m 2.
Chorus 705 V
Chorus 706 V
Chorus 714 V
Black Ash finish
Wengé finish
Light Walnut finish
A considerable evolution of the
famous SW 700 S subwoofer
of the last generation, the
new SW 700 V uses the same
motor (BASH ® amplifier and 11”
Polyglass woofer) in a more elaborate cabinet design which is
among other things, much more
rigid. More depth, more impact.
• Type
2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker,
wall mounting.
2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker.
2 -way bass-reflex floorstanding
2 -way bass-reflex floorstanding
• Drivers
5" (14cm) Polyglass midbass.
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass midbass.
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
5" (14cm) Polyglass woofer.
5" (14cm) Polyglass midbass.
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass woofer.
61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass midbass.
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
• Drivers
2x61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass woofers
61/2" (16.5cm) Polyglass midrange
1" (25mm) TNV Al/Mg inverted
dome tweeter.
• F requency response
65Hz - 28kHz
55Hz - 28kHz
52Hz - 28kHz
50Hz - 28kHz
• Frequency response
49Hz - 28kHz
61Hz - 28kHz
75Hz - 28kHz
36Hz - 160Hz
• L ow frequency point
• Low frequency point
• S ensitivity
• Sensitivity
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
• Nominal
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
8 Ohms
• Minimum
2.9 Ohms
5.2 Ohms
3.7 Ohms
• Crossover frequency
300Hz / 3 000Hz
3 000Hz
3 000Hz
• Recommended
amplifier power
40 - 250W
25 - 200W
25 - 100W
3 Ohms
3.6 Ohms
4.2 Ohms
4.3 Ohms
• C rossover frequency
3 000Hz
3 000Hz
300Hz / 3 000Hz
300Hz / 3 000Hz
amplifier power
25 - 100W
25 - 120W
25 - 150W
40 - 200W
Subwoofer features
Adjustable 40Hz to 160Hz,
phase inverter,
Lfe (mono) and Stereo input.
300W (450W max.) BASH® amplifier
• Dimensions
39x8 x14 "
7 x19 x9"
11 x15 x5 "
• Weight (unit)
12.5lb (5.7kg)
18lb (8.2kg)
35.6lb (16kg)
45.1lb (20.5kg)
• Weight (unit)
51.7lb (23.5kg)
16.5lb (7.5kg)
10.3lb (4.7kg)
33.7lb (15.3kg)
> 24" (60cm) optional Chorus S 700 V stand, black satin.
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