Electrolux EOU43003 User's Manual

user manual
Built in double oven
2 electrolux
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Safety information
Product description
Before first use
Care and cleaning
What to do if…
Customer Service
Subject to change without notice
Safety information
These warnings are provided in the interests
of your safety. Ensure that you understand
them all before installing or using the appliance.
Your safety is of paramount importance. If
you are unsure about any of the meanings of
these warnings please contact customer
• The appliance must be installed according
to the instructions supplied.
• The installation work must be undertaken
by a qualified electrician or competent person.
• The appliance should be serviced by an
authorised Service Engineer and only genuine approved spare parts should be used.
• The appliance must be installed in an adequately ventilated room.
• It is imperative that the appliance is left in
the base to protect both the appliance and
the floor.
• This appliance is heavy and care must be
taken when moving it. Always wear safety
• Do not attempt to lift or move this appliance by the handles.
• All packaging, both inside and outside the
appliance must be removed before the appliance is used.
• It is dangerous to alter the specifications or
modify the appliance in any way.
Child safety
• Do not allow children to play with any part
of the packaging.
• Do not allow children to sit or climb on the
drop down doors.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
children and other persons whose physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack
of experience and knowledge prevents
them from using the appliance safely without supervision or instruction by a responsible person to ensure that they can use
the appliance safely.
• Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
Caution! Accessible parts may become
hot during use, to avoid burns young
children should be kept away.
During use
Warning! Never leave the appliance
unattended when the oven door is open.
• This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system.
• This appliance has been designed for domestic use to cook edible foodstuffs only
and must not be used for any other purposes.
• Take great care when heating fats and oils
as they will ignite if they become too hot.
• Never place plastic or any other material
that may melt in or on the oven.
• Always support the grill pan when it is in
the withdrawn or partially withdrawn position.
• Always use oven gloves to remove and
place food in the oven.
electrolux 3
• During use the appliance becomes hot.
Care should be taken to avoid touching the
heating elements inside the oven.
• Ensure that all vents are not obstructed to
ensure ventilation of the oven cavity.
• Never line any part of the appliance with
• Always stand back from the appliance
when opening the oven door to allow any
build up of steam or heat to release.
• Stand clear when opening the drop down
doors. Support the doors using the handles until fully open.
• Do not place sealed cans or aerosols inside the oven. They may explode if they are
• Ensure that all control knobs are in the OFF
position when not in use.
• Do not stand on the appliance or on the
open oven doors.
• Do not hang towels, dishcloths or clothes
from the appliance or its handles.
• Do not use this appliance if it is in contact
with water. Never operate it with wet
Cleaning and maintenance
Warning! For hygiene and safety
reasons this appliance should be kept
clean at all times. A build-up of fat or
other foodstuff could result in a fire
especially in the grill pan.
• Do not leave cookware containing foodstuffs, e.g. fat or oil in the appliance in case
it is inadvertently switched on.
• Always allow the appliance to cool before
switching off at the wall prior to carrying
out any cleaning/maintenance work.
• Only clean this appliance in accordance
with the instructions given in this book.
• Never use steam or high pressure steam
cleaners to clean the appliance.
Product description
General overview
Control panel
Top oven handle
Top oven
Main oven handle
Main oven
4 electrolux
Control Panel Overview
Top oven function knoob
Top oven temperature knob
Decrease button
Mode button
Increase button
Main oven function knob
Main oven temperature knob
Oven grill shelf
Oven accessories
3 oven shelfs
Anti stick meat/Drip pan
Before first use
Rating plate
This is situated on the front frame of the appliance and can be seen upon opening the
door. Alternatively the rating plate may also
be found on the back or top of some models
(where applicable).
The appliance must be protected by a suitably rated fuse or circuit breaker.
The rating of the appliance is given on the
rating plate.
Warning! Do not remove the rating plate
from the appliance as this may invalidate
the guarantee.
Preparing to use your appliance
Wipe over the base of the oven(s) with a soft
cloth using hot soapy water. Wash the furniture before use.
We suggest that you run the oven(s) and grill
for 10 – 15 minutes at maximum temperature, to burn off any residue from their surfaces. Accessible parts may become hotter
than in normal use. Children should be kept
electrolux 5
away. During this period an odor may be
emitted, it is therefore advisable to open a
window for ventilation.
Do not use baking trays larger than 30cm x
35cm (12” x 14”) as they will restrict the circulation of heat and may affect performance.
Important! There is a hot surface label on
the oven door. Please remove the label from
the door before first use of the appliance.
Setting the Time
The oven only operates when the time
has been set.
The cooling fan
The cooling fan comes on immediately the
top oven or grill is switched on. It may run on
after the ovens are switched off until the appliance has cooled. During the cooling down
period the cooling fan may switch on and off.
Warning! Always allow the cooling fan
to cool the appliance down before
switching off the electrical supply to
carry out cleaning or maintenance.
Control panel indicator neon(s)
The indicator neon will operate when the
oven(s) is switched on. The indicator neon
will glow. It may turn on and off during use to
show that the setting is being maintained. If
the neon does not operate as the instructions
indicate the controls have been incorrectly
set. Return all controls to zero and reset following the instructions for the required setting.
1. When the appliance is connected to the
electrical supply or when there has been
a power cut, Time
flashes automatically.
2. Using the
button, set the current
3. After approx. 5 seconds, the clock stops
flashing and the clock displays the time of
day set.
The appliance is now ready to use.
Condensation and steam
When food is heated it produces steam similar to a boiling kettle. The vents allow some
of this steam to escape. However, always
stand back from the appliance when opening
the door(s) to allow any build up of steam or
heat to release.
If the steam comes into contact with a cool
surface on the outside of the appliance, e.g.
a trim, it will condense and produce water
droplets. This is quite normal and is not
caused by a fault on the appliance.
To prevent discoloration, regularly wipe away
condensation and foodstuff from surfaces.
For your safety wall coverings at the rear of
the appliance should be securely fixed to the
Initial Cleaning
Before using the oven for the first time you
should clean it thoroughly.
Baking trays, dishes etc., should not be
placed directly against the grid covering the
fan at the back of the oven.
Warning! Do not use any caustic,
abrasive cleaners! The surface could be
To clean metal fronts use commercially
available cleaning agents.
1. Turn the oven function switch to oven
lighting .
2. Remove all accessories and the shelf
support rails and wash them with warm
water and washing up liquid.
3. Then wash out the oven with warm water
and washing-up liquid, and dry.
4. Wipe the front of the appliance with a
damp cloth.
6 electrolux
The top oven
The top oven is the smaller of the two ovens.
It is heated by elements in the top and bottom of the oven. It is designed for cooking
smaller quantities of food. It gives especially
good results if used to cook fruitcakes, sweet
and savoury flans or quiche.
The top oven is ideal for use as a warming
compartment. It can be used to warm dishes
and keep food hot. Use the lowest setting on
the top oven temperature control.
Warning! Do not place cookware and
cooking pots with rough bases e.g. cast
iron on the oven door as damage to the
glass may occur.
Important! Always grill with the door
2. Turn the temperature selector to the desired temperature.
3. To turn the oven off, turn the oven functions dial and the temperature selector to
the Off position.
The power indicator is lit as long as the
oven is in operation.
The temperature pilot light is lit as long
as the oven is heating up.
The fan switches on automatically in order to keep the appliance’s surfaces
cool. When the oven is switched off, the
fan continues to run to cool the appliance down, then switches itself off automatically.
Switching the Oven On and Off
1. Turn the oven functions dial to the desired
Oven Functions
Top Oven
Oven function
Using this function you can light up the oven interior, e.g. for
Conventional Cooking
This form of cooking gives you the opportunity to cook without
the fan in operation. It is particularly suitable for dishes, which
require extra base browning such as pies, quiches and flans.
Gratin's, lasagne and hot pots which require extra top browning
also cook well in the conventional oven. For best results cook
on one level.
Top Heat
This function uses the top element to give single level cooking.
This is particularly suitable for dishes which require extra top
Bottom Heat
For baking cakes with crispy or crusty bases.
Economy Grill
For grilling flat foodstuffs placed in the middle of the grill and for
Full Grill
For grilling flat foodstuffs in large quantities and for toasting.
Bottom Oven
Oven function
Using this function you can light up the oven interior, e.g. for
Ultra Fan
The fan function is particularly suitable for cooking larger quantities of food. Set the oven temperatures 20-40 °C lower than
when using Conventional.
electrolux 7
Oven function
For defrosting e. g. flans and gateaux, butter, bread, fruit or
other frozen foods.
Clock Functions
• Countdown
- See appropriate chapter
on setup. A signal sounds after the time
has elapsed. This function does not affect
the functioning of the oven.
• Cook time
- is used to set the desired
period of cooking time.
• End time
- when set the appliance is
turned off at desired time.
• Time
- shows the current time.
How to use the clock functions
• After a function has been selected, the
corresponding function indicator flashes
for about 5 seconds. During this period,
the desired times can be set using the inor decrease
• When the desired time has been set, the
function indicator continues to flash for approx. 5 seconds. After that the function indicator is then lit. The set time begins to
• Press any of the buttons to stop the audible signal.
• The desired oven function and temperature can be selected before or after the
clock functions Cook time
and End
are set.
• When the cooking process is completed,
turn the oven function dial and the temperature selector back to the OFF position.
1. Press the Mode
button repeatedly until the function indicator Countdown
2. Using the increase
or decrease
button set the desired Countdown (max.
2 hours 30 minutes).
3. After approx. 5 seconds the display
shows the time remaining. The function
indicator Countdown
lights up.
4. When the time has elapsed, the function
indicator flashes and an audible signal
sounds for 2 minutes. The signal can be
stopped by pressing any button.
Cook time
1. Press the Mode
button repeatedly until the function indicator Cook time
2. Using the increase
button set the desired cooking time.
After approx. 5 seconds the display returns to showing the current time. The
function indicator Cook time
When the time has elapsed, the function
indicator flashes, an audible signal
sounds for 2 minutes and the oven
switches itself off.
3. The signal and the programme can be
stopped by pressing any button.
End time
1. Press the Mode
button repeatedly until the function indicator End time
2. Using the increase
button set the desired switch-off time.
After approx. 5 seconds the display returns to showing the current time. The
function indicator End time
lights up.
When the time has elapsed, the function
indicator flashes, an audible signal
sounds for 2 minutes and the oven
switches itself off.
3. The signal and the programme can be
stopped by pressing any button.
Cook time
and End time
Cook time
and End time
be used simultaneously, if the oven is to
be switched on and off automatically at
a later time.
1. Using the Cook time
function, set the
time required for cooking the dish.
2. Using the End time
function, set the
time at which the dish should be ready.
The function indicators Cook time
and End time
light up and the current
time is shown in the display.
8 electrolux
The oven switches on automatically at the
time calculated.
Oven levels
• Baking with Conventional Cooking is only
possible on one level.
• When baking with Fan Cooking one to two
baking trays can be put into the bottom
oven at the same time:
1 tray, e.g. oven level 3
1 cake in cake tin, e.g. oven level 1
2 tray, e.g. oven levels 1 and 3
Baking tins
• Baking tins made from dark-coloured metal with Teflon coating are suitable for baking using Conventional Cooking.
• For baking using the Fan Cooking function,
baking tins made of shiny light-coloured
metal are suitable.
General instructions
• Insert the tray with the bevel at the front.
• When baking using Conventional Cooking
and Fan Cooking , you can also place two
baking trays next to one another on one
And switches itself off again when the
cooking time entered has elapsed.
level. This does not significantly affect the
baking time.
When frozen items are placed on baking
trays, they can buckle during cooking.
This happens due to the large difference
in temperature between the frozen item
and the oven. After cooling, the buckling
in the trays disappears.
How to use the Baking Tables
• The tables give the required temperature
settings, cooking times and oven levels for
a selection of typical dishes.
• Temperatures and baking times are for
guidance only, as these will depend on the
consistency of pastry, dough or mixture,
the amount and the type of baking tin.
• We recommend setting the oven to a lower
temperature for the first time and only setting a higher temperature when required,
e.g. if you require more browning or if the
baking is taking too long.
• If you cannot find the settings for a certain
recipe, look for similar items.
• The baking time can be 10-15 minutes
longer when baking cakes on trays or in
tins on multiple levels.
• Recipes with moist ingredients such as
pizzas or fruit flans are to be baked on one
• Cakes and pastries at different heights
may brown at an uneven rate at first. You
should not change the temperature setting
if this occurs. Different rates of browning
even out as baking progresses.
• Baking and roasting times could differ from
those of your previous oven. For this reason you should adjust the settings you
usually use (temperature, cooking times,
etc.) and oven levels to the recommendations provided in the following tables.
Ovenware for roasting
• Any heat-resistant ovenware is suitable to
use for roasting. (Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.)
• You can place large roasts directly in the
roasting tray or on the shelf with the
roasting tray underneath.
electrolux 9
• We recommend roasting leaner cuts in a
roasting pan with a lid. The meat will be
more succulent.
• All types of meat which are supposed to
be browned or form a crust or crackling
can be roasted in a roasting pan without
a lid.
The information given in the following tables is for guidance only.
• We recommend meat and fish weighing
1 kg or more for roasting in the oven.
• To prevent escaping meat juices or fat
from burning on to the pan, we recommend placing some liquid in the roasting
• If required, turn the roast after 1/2 - 2/3 of
the cooking time.
• Use the cooking juices to baste large
roasts and poultry several times during the
cooking time. This will give better roasting
Hints and tips when using the grill
• Most foods should be placed on the grid
in the grill pan to allow maximum circulation of air and to lift the food out of the fats
and juices.
• Adjust the grid and grill pan runner position
to allow for different thicknesses of food.
• Position the food close to the element for
faster cooking and further away for gentler
• Food should be thoroughly dried before
grilling to minimise splashing. Brush lean
meats and fish lightly with a little oil or melted butter to keep them moist during cooking.
• Accompaniments such as tomatoes and
mushrooms may be placed underneath
the grid when grilling meats.
• When toasting bread, use the shelf in the
top position with the grid in the ‘high’ position.
• Preheat the grill on a full setting for a few
minutes before sealing steaks or toasting.
Adjust the heat setting and the shelf as
necessary during cooking.
• The food should be turned over during
cooking as required.
• When using the centre section grill, ensure
food is placed centrally on the grilling grid
directly beneath the grill element.
Hints and tips when using the top oven
• Arrange the shelves in the required positions before switching the oven ON. Shelf
positions are counted from the bottom upwards.
• There should always be at least 2.5cm (1”)
between the top of the food and the element. This gives best cooking results and
allows room for rise in yeast mixtures,
Yorkshire puddings etc. When cooking
cakes, pastry, scones bread etc., place
the tins or baking trays centrally on the
• Ensure that food is placed centrally on the
shelf and there is sufficient room around
the baking tray/dish to allow for maximum
• Stand dishes on a suitably sized baking
tray on the shelf to prevent spillage onto
the oven base and to help reduce cleaning.
• The material and finish of the baking tray
and dishes used affect base browning. Enamelware, dark, heavy or non-stick utensils increase base browning. Shiny aluminium or polished steel trays reflect the heat
away and give less base browning.
• Because of the smaller cooking space and
lower temperatures, shorter cooking times
are sometimes required. Be guided by the
recommendations given in the cooking
• For economy leave the door open for the
shortest possible time, particularly when
placing food into a pre-heated oven.
Hints and tips when using fan cooking
• Arrange the shelves in the required positions before switching the oven on. Shelf
positions are counted from the bottom upwards.
• When cooking more than one dish in the
fan oven, place dishes centrally on different shelves rather than placing several
dishes on one shelf, this will allow the heat
to circulate freely for the best cooking results.
• When batch baking one type of food, e.g.
Victoria sandwich cakes, those of similar
size will be cooked in the same time.
• It is recommended that when baking larger
quantities the shelf positions should be
evenly spaced to suit the load being
10 electrolux
cooked. A slight increase in cooking time
may be necessary.
• Do not place baking trays directly on the
oven base as it interferes with the oven air
circulation and can lead to base burning;
use the lower shelf position.
Hints and tips when defrosting
• Place the frozen food in a single layer
where possible and turn it over half way
through the defrosting process.
• The actual speed of defrosting is influenced by room temperature. On warm
days defrosting will be faster than on cooler days.
• It is preferable to thaw fish, meat and poultry slowly in the fridge. However, this process can be accelerated by using the defrost function. Small or thin fish fillets, frozen peeled prawns, cubed or minced
meat, liver, thin chops, steaks etc., can be
thawed in 1 – 2 hours.
• A 1kg/2¼lb oven ready chicken will be
thawed in approximately 5 hours. Remove
the giblets as soon as possible during the
thawing process.
• Joints of meat up to 2kg/4½lb in weight
can be thawed using the defrost function.
• All joints of meat and poultry must be
thawed thoroughly before cooking.
• Always cook thoroughly immediately after
• Do not leave food at room temperature
once it is defrosted. Cook raw food immediately or store cooked food in the fridge,
once it has cooled.
Top Oven - Conventional Cooking
Shelf Positions are not critical but ensure
that oven shelves are evenly spaced
when more than one is used (e.g. shelf
positions 1 and 3)
Approx Cook Time
Shelf Position
170 - 190
10 - 20
200 - 220
30 - 35
Bread rolls/buns
200 - 220
10 - 15
- Small & Queen
170 - 180
18 - 25
- Sponges
160 - 175
20 - 30
- Victoria Sandwich
160 - 170
18 - 25
- Madeira
140 - 150
75 - 90
- Rich Fruit
140 - 150
120 - 150
- Gingerbread
140 - 150
75 - 90
- Meringues
90 - 100
150 - 180
- Flapjack
160 - 170
25 - 30
- Shortbread
130 - 150
45 - 65
- Beef/Lamb
150 - 170
150 - 180
- Chicken
160 - 180
75 - 90
Convenience Foods
Follow manufacturer´s instructions.
170 - 190
20 - 30
Fish Pie (Potato Topped)
190 - 200
20 - 30
Fruit Pies, Crumbles
190 - 200
30 - 50
Milk Puddings
150 - 170
90 - 120
Pasta Lasagne etc.
170 - 180
40 - 50
electrolux 11
Approx Cook Time
Shelf Position
- Choux
180 - 190
30 - 40
- Eclairs, Profiteroles
180 - 190
30 - 40
- Flaky/Puff Pies
210 - 220
30 - 40
- Mince Pies
190 - 200
15 - 20
- Meat Pies
190 - 210
25 - 35
- Quiche, Tarts, Flans
180 - 200
25 - 50
220 - 230
8 - 12
Shepard´s Pie
190 - 200
30 - 40
180 - 190
20 - 30
- Baked Jacket Potatoes
180 - 190
60 - 90
- Roast Potatoes
180 - 190
60- 90
- Large
200 - 210
25 - 40
- Individual
210 - 220
15 - 25
Yorkshire Pudding:
Roasting Meat, Poultry
See roasting chart.
Top Oven - Full Grill
Adjust shelf position and grill pan grid to
suit different thicknesses of food
Bacon Rashers
Grill Time
(mins in total)
5- 6
10 - 20
Chicken Joints
20 - 40
- Lamb
15 - 25
- Pork
20 - 25
Fish - Whole
Trout/ Makarel
10 -12
Fillets - Plaice/Cod
12 - 18
Kidneys - Lamb/Pig
6 - 10
20 - 30
- Rare
- Medium
12 electrolux
Grill Time
(mins in total)
- Well Done
12 - 15
Toasted Sandwiches
Main Oven - Ultra Fan
Shelf Positions are not critical but ensure
that oven shelves are evenly spaced
when more than one is used (e.g. shelf
positions 1 and 3)
Approx Cook Time
180 - 190
10 - 20
190 - 210
30 - 35
- Small & Queen
160 - 170
18 - 25
- Sponges
160 - 170
20 - 25
- Madeira
140 - 160
60 - 75
- Rich Fruit
130 - 140
120 - 150
- Christmas
130 - 140
180 - 270
160 - 180
20 - 30
Fruit Pies, Crumbles
170 - 180
30 - 50
Milk Puddings
140 - 160
60 - 90
- Choux
180 - 190
30 - 40
- Shortcrust
180 - 190
25 - 35
180 - 190
30 - 40 depends on size
- Flaky
- Puff
Follow manufacturer´s instructions; Reduce the temperature for Fan
oven by 20°C
Plate Tarts
180 - 190
25 - 45
170 - 180
25 - 45
210 - 230
8 - 12
Roasting: Meat and Poultry
160 - 180
see Roasting Chart
Main Oven - Ultra Fan
Beef/ Beef boned
Mutton/ Lamb
Pork/ Veal/ Ham
Turkey/ Goose
Temperature [°C]
Cooking Time
160 - 180
20-35 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 20-35 minutes over
160 - 180
20-35 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 20-35 minutes over
160 - 180
30-40 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 30-40 minutes over
160 - 180
15-20 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 20 minutes over
160 - 180
15-20 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 20 minutes over
electrolux 13
Temperature [°C]
Cooking Time
160 - 180
25-35 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 25-30 minutes over
160 - 180
35-40 minutes per ½ kg (1lb)
and 35-40 minutes over
160 - 180
20 minutes per ½ kg (1lb) and 20
minutes over
Care and cleaning
Warning! When cleaning, the appliance
must be switched off and cooled down.
Warning! Cleaning the appliance with a
steam jet or high-pressure cleaner is
prohibited for safety reasons.
Caution! Do not use scourers, sharp
tools or rinsing devices to clean the
Do not use scourers or metal scrapers
to clean the glass oven door, as these
could scratch the surface. This could
cause the glass to shatter.
The outside of the appliance
• Wipe the front of the appliance with a soft
cloth and a solution of warm water and
washing-up liquid.
• For metal surfaces use standard commercial cleaning products.
• Please do not use any scouring agents or
abrasive sponges.
Clean the oven after every use. This is the
easiest way to remove dirt which then cannot
burn on.
Inside of the oven
1. When the oven door is opened, the oven
light bulb automatically illuminates.
2. Wipe out the oven after every use with a
solution of washing-up liquid and then dry
Remove stubborn dirt with special oven
Important! When using oven sprays, please
follow the manufacturer's instructions
exactly. Make sure that no visible remaining
detergents are left after the cleaning with
oven spray!
• Clean and dry the oven accessories (shelf,
tray, roasting pan, etc.) after each use.
Soak the items to make cleaning easier.
Catalytic cavity cleaning
models only)
Warning! You must not wipe out the
cavity side walls. It will damage the
catalytic surface.
1. Remove all slide-in parts from the oven.
2. Wipe the floor of the oven clean with
warm washing-up solution and dry.
3. Set the oven with max temp. of 275˚C for
30 min (use Conventional Cooking or Ultra Fan function).
4. Oven will switch off after one hour.
5. Wipe away any remaining a damp from
the floor with soft sponge.
Warning! Before you wipe away wait
until the cavity is cool.
Do not use oven spray or abrasive cleaning
agents. Do not use soap or other cleansing
agents. The catalytic coating may otherwise
be damaged.
After long periods of use, the catalytic
coating may become slightly discoloured. This has no effect on the catalytic
Side rails
The side rails on the right and left-hand side
of the oven interior can be removed for the
purpose of cleaning the side walls.
14 electrolux
Removing the side rails
First pull the rails away from the oven wall at
the front (1) and then unhook them at the
back (2).
Oven back lamp (for selected models
Warning! Risk of electric shock! Before
replacing the oven light bulb:
– Switch oven off.
– Unscrew the fuse from the fuse box or
switch fuse off.
To protect the oven light bulb and the
glass cover, lay a cloth on the floor of the
Replacing the oven light bulb/Cleaning
the glass cover
1. Take off the glass cover by turning it anticlockwise and clean it.
Replace the side rails
Important! Important The rounded ends of
the guide bars must point to the front.
To install, first insert the rails in the holes at
the back (1) and then lower into position at
the front and press into place (2).
2. If necessary:
replace with a 40 Watt, 230V, 300°C
heat-resistant oven light bulb .
3. Refit the glass cover.
electrolux 15
Replacing the side oven lamp/Cleaning
the glass cover (for selected models
top of another. The interior glass panels can
be removed for cleaning.
Important! Important: Rough handling,
especially around the edges of the front
panel, can cause the glass to break.
Removing the glass door panels
1. Open the door as far as it will go.
1. Take out the left-hand side rails.
2. Remove the glass cover with the help of
a small, blunt object (e.g. a teaspoon) and
clean it.
3. If necessary: replace halogen oven light
Order the replacement light bulb from the
Customer Care Department (see section
"Service/Customer Care Department").
2. Loosen the clamp levers on both door
hinges (A) completely .
Always touch the halogen light bulb using a cloth to avoid grease contamination.
3. Close the oven door to the first open position (approx. 45°).
4. Refit the glass cover.
5. Replace the side rails.
Oven door glass
The oven door comprises 2,3 or 4 panels of
glass (depends of model) mounted one on
4. Hold the door strip (B) on the upper side
of the oven door on both sides and press
this inwards in order to loosen the seal.
Then pull the door strip upwards and off.
16 electrolux
2. Hold the door strip (B) on both sides, align
it with the inner edge of the door and
press the door strip (B) into the upper
edge of the door.
5. Hold the glass panels on their upper side
and one after the other pull them up and
out of their retainers.
On the open side of the door strip (B)
there is a guide bar (C). This must be
pressed between the outer side of the
door and the corner (D). The seal (E)
must audibly click into place.
Cleaning the glass door panels
Thoroughly clean the glass door panels using
a solution of water and washing-up liquid.
Then dry them carefully.
Replacing the glass door panels
1. Slide the glass door panels one after the
other into the retainers from above at an
angle and then lower the panels.
The two smaller panels should be inserted first, then the larger panel.
3. Open the door as far as it will go.
electrolux 17
4. Fold the clamp levers on both door hinges (A) down into their original position.
damage may occur. Regularly wipe over the
control panel, control knobs, handles, doors
and appliance sides using a soft cloth and
hot soapy water. To prevent streaking, finish
with a soft cloth.
Stainless Steel cream cleaners are abrasive
and should be avoided as they may dull the
surface finish. Any spillage on the stainless steel finish must be wiped off immediately.
Warning! Do not attempt to remove any
of the control knobs from the appliance
as this may cause damage and is a
safety hazard.
Cleaning inside the grill and oven
The vitreous enamel coating in the grill/top
oven and main oven compartments can be
cleaned using normal oven cleaners with
Ensure that the manufacturers instructions
are followed and that all parts are well rinsed
Warning! Aerosol cleaners must not
come into contact with elements, the
door seal, or any painted finishes as this
may cause damage.
Cleaning the door(s)
5. Close the oven door.
Warning! Before cleaning always allow
the appliance to cool down before
switching off at the electricity supply.
Cleaning materials
Before using any cleaning materials on your
appliance, check that they are suitable and
that their use is recommended by the manufacturer.
Cleaners that contain bleach should not be
used as they may dull the surface finishes.
Harsh abrasives and scourers should also be
Cleaning the outside of the appliance
Do not use abrasive cleaning materials e.g.
abrasive cream cleaners, wire wool pads or
scourers on painted or printed finishes as
Warning! Under no circumstances
should the door assembly be detached
from the product for cleaning.
Warning! To prevent damaging or
weakening the door glass panels avoid
the use of the following:
• Household detergents and bleaches.
• Soap Impregnated pads unsuitable for
non-stick saucepans.
• Abrasive cleaning pads, scorers and steel
wool pads.
• Chemical oven pads or aerosols.
• Rust removers.
• Bath/Sink stain removers.
Cleaning between the outer and inner
door glass
The door glass is removable for cleaning.
Clean the outer and inner glass using hot
soapy water or hob cleaner may be used. Do
18 electrolux
not use hob cleaner on the Stainless Steel or
painted finishes.
Ensure that all parts are well rinsed and thoroughly dried before attempting to replace the
outer door.
What to do if…
Warning! Repairs to the appliance must
only be carried out by qualified service
engineers. Considerable danger to the
user may result from improper repairs.
In the case of misuse the visit by the
Customer Care Department technician
or the repair may be chargeable, even
during the warranty period.
Information for appliances with metal
Due to the appliance's cool front, when
the door is opened during or shortly after
baking or roasting, there may be condensation of the inner glass panel for a
short while.
Please carry out the following checks on your
appliance before calling a Service Engineer.
It may be that the problem is a simple one
which you can solve yourself without the expense of a service call.
In-guarantee customers should make
sure that the checks have been made as
the engineer will make a charge if the
fault is not a mechanical or electrical
Please note that proof of purchase is required for in-guarantee service calls.
Possible Solution
The grill, ovens and timer do not
Check that the appliance has been wired in to the appliance supply
and is switched on at the wall.
Check that the main appliance fuse is working.
If you have checked the above: Allow the appliance to cool for a
couple of hours. The appliance should now be working normally.
The grill does not work or cuts out
after being used for a long period
of time.
Ensure the cooling fan is running when the grill is on. If the cooling
fan fails, the grill will not operate correctly. Contact your local service force centre.
Leave the grill door open and allow the grill to cool. After a couple
of hours check that the grill works as normal
The indicator neons are not working correctly.
Check that you have selected only the function you require. Ensure
all other controls are in the off position.
The oven is not cooking evenly.
Check that the appliance is correctly installed and is level.
Check that the recommended temperatures and shelf positions
are being used.
The oven light fails to illuminate.
The oven light bulb may need replacing.
The oven fan is noisy.
Check that the oven is level.
Check that the shelves and bakeware are not vibrating in contact
with the oven back panel.
The oven temperature is too high
or too low.
Check that the recommended temperatures and shelf positions
are being used. Be prepared to adjust the temperature up or down
slightly to achieve the results you want.
• The set-up of the electrical installation is
arranged so that the appliance can be iso-
lated from the mains with a minimum 3 mm
all-pole contact separation.
electrolux 19
Suitable isolation devices include, for example, circuit breakers, fuses (screw type
fuses are to be removed from the holder),
RCDs and contactors.
• Anti-shock protection must be provided by
the installation.
• The built-in unit must meet the stability requirements of DIN 68930.
• Built-in cookers and cooking surfaces are
equipped with special attachment systems. For safety reasons, they must only
40 mm
320 mm
551 mm
720 mm
320 mm
364 mm
560 mm
be combined with appliances from the
same manufacturer.
The use of heat protection strips is prohibited
for cookers and ovens with Pyrolytic Cleaning, if the recess has a rear wall and closed
ground-level compartment.
However installation is possible with a
ground-level compartment that has been
shortened by at least 20 mm and which has
base ventilation of the same cross-section.
20 electrolux
2x 3,5x16
Drill with drilling machine at high revolution and lowest torque.
Electrical Installation
• Enquiries regarding the installation of the
cooker point, if required, should be made
to your Regional Electricity Company to
ensure compliance with their regulations.
• The appliance socket switch should be
outside the cabinet but within 2m of the
appliance to make it accessible to switch
off the appliance in case of an emergency.
• To protect the hands, wear gloves when
lifting the oven into its housing.
Earth leakage and continuity tests must be
carried out before the appliance is connected
to the mains supply and re-checked after fitting.
There are three possible ways to connect
your appliance. In each case the appliance
should be operated using at least 6mm² twin
core and earth PVC insulated multicore cable. Please choose from the most appropriate after reading the different methods :
a) By connecting to a cooker point (having
a double pole isolating switch with at least
3mm contact separation in all poles and
neutral) and protected with a fuse or miniature circuit breaker at your mains fuse
b) By connecting the appliance together
with a hob directly to a cooker point(s).
Having a double pole isolating switch with
at least 3mm contact separation in all
poles and neutral.
c) If you wish to connect an oven and a hob
to a cooker point you can by connecting
the oven and hob separately to the cook-
electrolux 21
er point. Oven and hob units should be
separately connected to a cooker point.
(See Picture)
1 Cooker Point
2 Hob
3 Oven
It is good practice to :
– Fit an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker to
your house wiring.
– Wire your appliance to the latest IEE regulations.
The symbol
on the product or on its
packaging indicates that this product may
not be treated as household waste. Instead
it should be taken to the appropriate
collection point for the recycling of electrical
and electronic equipment. By ensuring this
product is disposed of correctly, you will help
prevent potential negative consequences for
the environment and human health, which
could otherwise be caused by inappropriate
waste handling of this product. For more
detailed information about recycling of this
product, please contact your local council,
your household waste disposal service or the
shop where you purchased the product.
The packaging material is environmentally-friendly and recyclable. Plastic parts
are marked with the international abbreviations such as, e.g. >PE <, >PS< etc.
Dispose of the packaging material in the
containers provided for this purpose at
your local waste management facility.
Warning! Your appliance should be
made inoperable before it is disposed of,
so that it does not constitute a danger.
To do this, take the mains plug from the
socket and remove the mains cable from
the appliance.
Packaging material
GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND - Guarantee/Customer Service
Standard guarantee conditions
We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12
months of the date of the purchase this Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved
to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our option
repair or replace the same FREE OF
CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on
condition that:
• Appliance has been correctly installed and
used only on the electricity supply stated
on the rating plate.
• Appliance has been used for normal domestic purposes only, in accordance with
manufacturer's instructions.
• Appliance hasn't been serviced, maintained, repaired, taken apart or tampered
with by person not authorised by us.
• Electrolux Service Force Centre must undertake all service work under this guarantee
• Any appliance or defective part replaced
shall become the Company's property.
22 electrolux
• This guarantee is in addition to your statutory and other legal rights.
• Damage, calls resulting from transport, improper use, neglect, light bulbs, removable
parts of glass, plastic.
• Costs for calls to put right appliance which
is improperly installed, calls to appliances
outside United Kingdom.
• Appliances found to be in use within a
commercial environment, plus those
which are subject to rental agreements.
• Products of Electrolux manufacturer that
are not marketed by Electrolux
fault, model and serial number of the appliance (found on the rating plate), the purchase
Please note a valid purchase receipt or guarantee documentation is required for in guarantee service calls.
Service and Spare Parts. Please contact
your local Service Force Centre: 08445 616
616 (Call will be routed to Service Force Centre covering your postcode area).
For address of local Service Force Centre
and further information, please visit:
Before calling out an engineer, please ensure
you have read the details under the heading
"What to do if..."
When you contact the Service Force Centre
you will need to give the following details:
Your name, address and postcode, your telephone number, clear concise details of the
08445 613 613
08445 611 611
08445 612 612
Customer Care. Please contact our Customer Care Department: Electrolux Major
Appliances, Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 9QQ or visit our website at
Customer Care Department,
Tel: (Calls may be recorded for
training purposes)
For Customer Service in The Republic of
Ireland please contact us at the address
Electrolux Group (Irl) Ltd, Long Mile Road,
Dublin 12, Republic of Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)1 4090751, Email: service.eid@electrolux.ie
+35 5 4 261 450
Rr. Pjeter Bogdani Nr. 7 Tirane
+32 2 363 04 44
Bergensesteenweg 719, 1502
Česká republika
+420 261302111
Budějovická 3, Praha 4, 140 21
+45 70 11 74 00
Sjællandsgade 2, 7000 Fredericia
+49 180 32 26 622
Fürther Str. 246, 90429 Nürnberg
+37 2 66 50 030
Pärnu mnt. 153, 11624 Tallinn
+34 902 11 63 88
Carretera M-300, Km. 29,900
Alcalá de Henares Madrid
08 44 62 26 53
Great Britain
+44 8445 616 616
Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 9QQ
+30 23 10 56 19 70
4, Limnou Str., 54627 Thessaloniki
+385 1 63 23 338
Slavonska avenija 3, 10000 Zagreb
electrolux 23
+353 1 40 90 753
Long Mile Road Dublin 12
+39 (0) 434 558500
C.so Lino Zanussi, 26 - 33080
Porcia (PN)
+371 67313626
Kr. Barona iela 130/2, LV-1012,
+370 5 278 06 03
Ozo 10a, LT-08200 Vilnius
+352 42 431 301
Rue de Bitbourg, 7, L-1273
+36 1 252 1773
H-1142 Budapest XIV, Erzsébet
királyné útja 87
+31 17 24 68 300
Vennootsweg 1, 2404 CG - Alphen aan den Rijn
+47 81 5 30 222
Risløkkvn. 2 , 0508 Oslo
+43 18 66 400
Herziggasse 9, 1230 Wien
+48 22 43 47 300
ul. Kolejowa 5/7, Warszawa
+35 12 14 40 39 39
Quinta da Fonte - Edificio Gonçalves Zarco - Q 35 -2774-518
Paço de Arcos
+40 21 451 20 30
Str. Garii Progresului 2, S4,
040671 RO
Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera
+41 62 88 99 111
Industriestrasse 10, CH-5506
+38 61 24 25 731
Gerbičeva ulica 98, 1000 Ljubljana
+421 (02) 32141334
Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Electrolux Domáce spotrebiče SK,
Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava
+46 (0)771 76 76 76
Electrolux Service, S:t Göransgatan 143, S-105 45 Stockholm
+90 21 22 93 10 25
Tarlabaşı caddesi no : 35 Taksim İstanbul
+7 495 937 7837
129090 Москва,
Олимпийский проспект, 16,
БЦ "Олимпик"
+380 44 586 20 60
04074 Київ,
вул.Автозаводська, 2а, БЦ
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