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Review Notes - Genesis Class A.
The Genesis Class A is a specialised development of the Dual Mono Xtreme intended purely for SQ applications such
as running front stage.
This amplifier runs in true Class A mode up to 20 watts per channel @ 4 ohms, and Class G circuitry takes over at
higher levels to allow up to 150W to be realised for listening at higher levels.
The amplifier can therefore draw less current than if it was rated for class A operation at 150W per channel. This
amplifier draws 11 Amps at idle as opposed to the 50+ Amps needed by a 150W per channel Class A amplifier.
The Class G function works on only the peaks of each cycle, and the amplifier returns to Class A operation as soon as
the instantaneous power level drops below 20W RMS. This ensures complete freedom from crossover distortion and
phase errors at all listening levels.
Exceptional low level linearity and musicality is thus combined with the capability to play at realistic levels.
Twin power supplies and true Dual Mono architecture throughout provide excellent soundstaging.
The Highpass filter can be set at any value between 15 - 200Hz, which allows it to be used as a subsonic filter for
subwoofer applications, as well as conventional highpass for component speakers. There is also a bypass switch which
completely removes the HP filter from the signal path.
Burr-Brown and Analog Devices preamp and filter IC’s are used, along with Sanken output transistors for exceptionally
warm, detailed and musical sound quality.
It is fitted with a temperature dependent fan output providing flexibility in cooling options, and two inbuilt fans control the
case temperature at an optimum level.
A limited production of 250 amplifiers will be made world wide, all individually numbered.
Brief Specifications:
Rated Power:
Class A mode
4  2 x 20 W RMS
2 
 2 x 10 W RMS ( This is not a misprint )
Typical Power: 4  2 x 26 W RMS
Class A Mode 2 
 2 x 13 W RMS
Typical Power: 4  2 x 150 W RMS
Class G Mode 2 
 2 x 250 W RMS
1.5 : 2 x 300 W RMS
4 BR: 1 x 500W RMS
3 BR: 1 x 600W RMS
> 115dB A Wtd Ref full output
0.3 - 4.0 Volts RMS
High pass <20 Hz - 200Hz Fully variable
Lowpass, 50 Hz - 200Hz Fully variable
Filter slope:
12dB / octave ( 2nd order butterworth )
4 x 20 Amps
450 x 210 x 62
5 years if dealer fitted.
Designed and hand-built in our factory in Essex, England.
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