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MergePoint Embedded
Management Software (EMS)
Key Technical Features
High-Performance KVM:
Capture, compress, encrypt and
transmit keyboard, video and mouse
(KVM) streams.
Compliant with Industry
• SMASH 2.0
• WS-Man
• DCMI 1.0
• PMBus 1.1
• IPMI 2.0
• IPv6
• NC-SI 1.0
Seamless KVM and Virtual Media:
Sessions are maintained during
power cycling or when the server is
turned off, with no requirement to
restart sessions.
Silicon Independence:
Easy to extend and port to multiple
silicon cores with ports for various
ASICs and operating system support
that includes Linux®.
Powerful, Integrated Console:
Embedded Web server simplifies
Fast Time-to-Revenue:
An off-the-shelf design that includes
robust development tools for easy
integration and extension.
Take Advantage of Intelligent
Management Designs:
With its innovative products and
services, Avocent OEM services
can help reduce your overall
engineering and build/BOM costs
while accelerating time-to-revenue.
You can start with extensible
firmware and software then grow by
adding appliances and management
consoles that are fully integrated. By
incorporating the Avocent threetiered intelligent management
design into your business, you are
able to differentiate to increase
revenues while future-proofing your
customers’ environments.
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical ContinuityTM
High-Performance, Remote-Presence
Software for Embedded Applications
The MergePoint EMS allows OEM and ODM customers to implement powerful,
remote access and device management functionality on platforms designed to
support baseboard service processors. The MergePoint EMS supports the latest
industry standards such as IPMI 2.0, SMASH 2.0, DCMI, PMBus and the Avocent
widely-adopted, embedded KVM and virtual media technologies. Customers benefit
from a mature solution that can be quickly integrated with their platform portfolio,
reducing bill of material (BOM) costs and time to market (TTM) while increasing
product differentiation.
High performance, secure, enterprise-grade KVM redirection.
MergePoint EMS supports the Avocent Dambrackas Video Compression® (DVC)
algorithm, the industry’s most widely-used video compression algorithm. It delivers
high-quality, interactive video that is optimized for server management interactions.
The DVC algorithm reduces the round-trip latency from keyboard and mouse
commands to the video response. It also minimizes the impact on the network
through efficient data management and compression. Optional encryption secures
session data.
Virtual media for effortless remote storage.
The Avocent virtual media allows administrators to easily transfer data to and from
the managed system from a remotely located drive. This feature is especially useful
in enterprise data centers that are typically secured. The remote storage drives
are easy to use as they appear to the user as local server drives. This provides the
administrator with the ability to perform file transfer, application and OS patches
and diagnostic testing from remote media.
Extensible and portable architecture to meet hardware needs.
MergePoint EMS architecture is a modular design that provides various levels of
abstraction. This enables portability across platforms and extensibility for OEMspecific functionalities. As shown in Figure 1, the architecture is comprised of
multiple layers. The Applications layer handles user space applications such as
security, Web services, KVM, IPMI, DCMI, WS-Management, SMASH, IPC and virtual
media. The Kernel layer offers OS-level services and is based on Linux 2.6.30. Finally,
the Driver layer controls various hardware components, using virtual and physical
device drivers, which reduces TTM and BOM costs.
Design flexibility and fast TTM.
Featuring a highly integrated design, the MergePoint EMS speeds TTM for OEMs
and ODMs by being easily incorporated within the latest hardware platforms. For
companies that want to support proprietary or advanced features, predefined
service offerings and advanced development packages are available. This allows you
to create differentiated products without having to access or modify the original
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical ContinuityTM
SwitchView® Multimedia/DVI Desktop KVM Switches
• Web Server/
Web UI
• WS-Man
• vKVM
• IPMI 2.0
• vMedia
• Flash Update
Kerberos, IPMI
Embedded Linux Kernel
Hardware Drivers
• I2C
• PMBus
• Timers
• Fan Tach
• A/D
• vLAN
• Event
• Future Drivers
Managed Platform Hardware
Manageability Controller ASICs
Figure 1: MergePoint EMS Architecture
Web-based management features
Supported silicon platforms
• Embedded Linux Web Server supporting four
users concurrently
• Display overall server health and status; peak
and cumulative power usage; hardware assets
and their configuration; and system events
and alerts
• Configure users and privilege levels; IPMI;
SNMP; email events and alerts; and to turn
on/off event logging and alerting for sensors/
• Controls server power - power on/off/reset
the server
• Runs diagnostics
• Failsafe firmware updates (using Web GUI,
TFTP, USB [vMedia], IPMI)
• Download KVM and vMedia client applets for
remote users
• Supports Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Firefox
3.6 or later
• Supports Telnet and Secure Shell (SSH v2)
• ASPEED: 2xxx
• Nuvoton: Hermon
• Server Engines Pilot 2
IPMI development tools
Tablemaker, BMC configuration utilities, SDR
generator and editor, FRU/SDR loader, firmware
download utility
• System-independent video and text console
redirection, including keyboard and mouse
• Independent from server’s graphics subsystem
• Full remote administration with seamless access from BIOS POST through to OS load
• OS independent - no drivers or OS-agents
• Up to 30 frames per second
• Fast, hardware-based video capturing
and compression
• Multiple resolutions – independent of local
- 1600x1200 at 72Hz max
- 1280x1024 at 72Hz max
- 1024x768 at 85Hz max
- 800x600 at 85Hz max
- 640x480 at 100Hz max
• 15-bit color (configurable down to 7-bit and
gray scale for low bandwidth connections)
• Supports four remote users simultaneously
Easy customization and localization
GUI and viewer applets fully customizable
• Change vendor name, product name, logo,
splash screen
• Modify Web pages to customize for any URLs
or references
Industry standards support IPMI
• Conforms to IPMI 2.0 and includes latest
compliant errata
• PET, PEF (up to 40 filters and four policies) and
firmware firewall
• Supports vendor-specific IPMI commands
• IPMI Security/AAA support:
- Authentication: RAKP-HMAC-SHA1, RAKP-
- Integrity: HMAC-SHA1-96, HMAC-MD5-128, MD5-128
- Encryption: AES-CBC-128, XRC4-128, XRC4-40
• Command line shell (IPMItool) for scripting
management tasks
• Serial-over-LAN (SOLProxy) for access to BIOS
and OS-Console
Conforms to all base profiles and guidelines for
SMASH 2.0 Extensive profile support
Virtual media
• USB 2.0 compliant w/14x CD-ROM speed
• Allows use of up to four simultaneously
mounted remote floppy, hard-disk CD, DVD,
USB flash drives or IDE image devices
• Optional encryption (AES/RC4) on connections
• Requires Java™ Run Time Environment (JRE)
1.4.2 or higher
• Supported platforms – Windows®, Red Hat®
and SUSE®
Figure 2: MergePoint EMS Web-Based Management
Security features
• Supports up to 12 user profiles w/credentials
• Optional per KVM/vMedia session SSL 128 Bit
(RC4), AES or Triple DES encryption
Figure 3: MergePoint EMS Virtual Media Mapping
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