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Medium Voltage
Fire Pump Controllers
Firetrol® FTA2000 combined automatic and manual class
E2 medium voltage controllers are intended for starting squirrel
cage motors driving listed fire pumps.
The maximum controller ratings are as follows:
• 1500 HP (1119 kW) @ 2300 Volts
• 2000 HP (1492 kW) @ 3300 Volts
• 2500 HP (1865 kW) @ 4160 Volts
• 3000 HP (2238 kW) @ 5500 Volts
• 3000 HP (2238 kW) @ 6000 Volts
• 3250 HP (2425 kW) @ 6300 Volts
• 3500 HP (2611 kW) @ 6600 Volts
• 3500 HP (2611 kW) @ 6900 Volts
• 3500 HP (2611 kW) @ 7200 Volts
Firetrol fire pump controllers are listed by Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL 218, Standard for Fire
Pump Controllers, CSA, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment (cUL), and approved by Factory Mutual. They are built to
meet or exceed the requirements of the approving authorities
as well as NEMA and the latest editions of NFPA 20, Standard
for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection, and
NFPA 70, National Electrical Code.
The Firetrol® Mark IIXG medium voltage fire pump controller
monitors, displays and records fire pump system information.
The system is standard on all Firetrol medium voltage electric
fire pump controllers. The standard USB host controller and
port allows recording of events/alarms to a Flash Memory Disk.
Depending on the capacity of the flash disk utilized, the amount
of data saved could easily cover the lifetime of the controller.
The data is recorded in text (.txt file) format and can easily be
reviewed using popular software such as Microsoft® Word® or
Door mounted display/interface panel featuring a 128 x 64
pixel backlit LCD Graphical Display, Membrane Type User Control
Push-buttons and easy to read LED Indicators for:
• Alarm
• Phase Failure
• System Pressure Low
• Phase Reversal
• Pump Running
• Automatic Shutdown
• Deluge Open
• Remote Start
• Overvoltage
• Interlock On
• Undervoltage
• Fail To Start
• Motor Overload
Other features include:
• Isolating switch - NEMA rating, 7200 Volts, 400 Amps
with external operating handle and both electrical and
mechanical interlocks to prevent opening of the medium
voltage compartment door with the isolating switch or
the main contactor closed.
• Fuses - current limiting motor starting main fuses.
• Vacuum contactor - NEMA rating, 7200 Volts, 400 Amps.
• Control transformer with fused primary and secondary.
• Simultaneous 3 phase display of both voltage and current.
• Pressure display in PSI or Bars in 1 psi increments (0.1 bar)
• Operators for START, STOP, NORMAL-OFF-TEST and
• Field connection remote alarm terminals for each of
the following: Pump Operating, Power Available, Phase
Reversal and Overcurrent Trip.
• Circuitry for start by remote deluge valve or other fire
protection equipment (requires normally closed, open
to start remote contacts).
• Circuitry for remote start by push-button or other normally open, closed to start device (requires manual stop
at controller.
Options and Modifications
Refer to the controller Product Description sheet for a list
of available Options and Modifications.
Medium voltage compartment (including vacuum contactor,
main fuses, motor connection bus and mechanical emergency
run mechanism).
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