Emerson FIELDVUEDVC6200 Brochure

Emerson FIELDVUEDVC6200 Brochure
FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series Digital Valve Controller
A Single Instrument Solution Across Your Facility
2 | A Single Instrument Solution
What if you had a single instrument solution that could...
Meet your control valve RELIABILITY needs with solutions and experience?
Handle the majority of your CONTROL AND SAFETY applications?
Improve operational PERFORMANCE?
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Increase PRODUCTIVITY and reduce maintenance costs?
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Poor valve reliability or performance can undermine process operations. Are control valves
working the way they are supposed to in your facility?
With FIELDVUE digital valve controllers, we
have not only seen a step-change improvement in
valve reliability but also in process performance.
Tim Prestifilippo
Instrument & Control Technician
Southern Company, USA
A Single Instrument Solution | 3
Designed for control valves,
by control valve people.
A single instrument solution can
meet your control valve reliability,
performance, and diagnostics needs
across your facility. The Fisher®
FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Series digital
valve controller is a valve-mounted,
microprocessor-based instrument from
Emerson that brings intelligence to the
entire control valve assembly.
This technology makes it possible
to set a more aggressive loop strategy
that, at the same time, is more stable
and reliable.
The reliability of the FIELDVUE
DVC6200 instrument, plus its on-line
monitoring capabilities, enables our
operators to avoid manual checks
and valve repairs in areas filled with
ammonia vapors.
To optimize process control, I start by
improving control valve performance.
I’ve made sure that every critical valve
has a FIELDVUE controller.
Operations are stretching the limits
of their processes, so the FIELDVUE
instrument has evolved to meet these
needs. Keep your process in control
using vital, real-time information about
control valve assemblies. Information
can be accessed anywhere along the
loop. The FIELDVUE instrument is
available with either the HART® 5 or 7,
WirelessHART,® Foundation™ fieldbus, or
PROFIBUS® communication protocol.
4 | A Single Instrument Solution
The FIELDVUE instrument has logged
billions of operating hours and has
earned high praise from companies
that employ its technology to improve
plant availability. The FIELDVUE
instrument is very robust—units
installed over twenty years ago are still
performing today.
Count on proven technology.
A long-time favorite within industry,
the FIELDVUE instrument is proven
with over 1.5 million instruments
installed—the largest installed base
available today. It can fit on nearly any
control valve regardless of the make,
model, or size.
Linkage-less for more uptime.
A magnet array and Hall Effect sensor
are used in the FIELDVUE instrument
to detect valve position on slidingstem and rotary control valves. With
no linkage to wear, loosen, corrode,
or vibrate, it can handle harsh
environments and nonstop cycling.
Protected components.
The sealed terminal box isolates
field-wiring connections from other
areas and keeps water and harsh
atmosphere away from internal parts.
Electronic components on the printed
circuit board are fully encapsulated
and isolated from the environment.
Survival in harsh conditions.
Built for extreme conditions, the
FIELDVUE instrument has proven
itself by surviving the most difficult
process conditions. Product testing
includes highly accelerated vibration
and temperature testing to help assure
reliable performance in your process.
Optional stainless steel housing
provides extended service life in hostile
and corrosive environments.
Discover more
Just how rugged are FIELDVUE
Scan or click the digital valve controllers? Watch some
QR code to
watch the video. examples of product durability testing.
Separate Wiring Compartment
The sealed terminal box isolates field-wiring
connections from other areas of the
instrument and keeps water and corrosive
process atmosphere away from
electronic components.
A Single Instrument Solution | 5
Linkage-Less, Non-Contact
Feedback Technology
With no sliding parts to wear, loosen,
corrode, or vibrate, a magnet array and
Hall Effect sensor are used to detect valve
position. This technology provides a robust
solution for harsh environments and
nonstop cycling.
Modular Design
Makes Maintenance
Quick and Easy
The master module design
allows fast replacement of the
I/P converter, relay, gauges, and
encapsulated electronics
without disturbing the
mounting, pneumatic tubing,
or field wiring.
Position Transmitter
The optional integral valve position
transmitter eliminates the need for a
separate valve position transmitter.
Electronic circuitry on the
printed circuit board is fully
encapsulated and isolated
from the terminal box,
conduit, and plant
Integrally Mounted
Supply and output gauges
are under the cover, fully
protected from the
environment and against
rough handling, helping assure
maintenance-free performance.
6 | A Single Instrument Solution
Any host, any valve or actuator— the
FIELDVUE instrument can be used in
nearly all control valve applications.
Benefits may include reduced
inventory and training for personnel.
Inventory reduction.
A single instrument can be used in
countless applications and on virtually
any valve assembly. Commonality of
parts across the FIELDVUE instrument
helps you reduce spare parts inventory
requirements and associated costs.
The optional integral valve position
transmitter eliminates the need for a
separate valve position transmitter.
One instrument to learn.
The FIELDVUE instrument meets
the requirements of a broad range
of applications, which means
maintenance training can focus on a
single instrument design. Your staff
can quickly take advantage of the
instrument’s versatility, saving training
time and expense.
Broad application.
Models are available for offshore,
compressor antisurge, turbine bypass,
natural gas, and Safety Instrumented
System applications. Temperature
ranges from -52°C to 125°C (-62°F to
257°F) can be accommodated.
Hazardous areas, no problem.
The FIELDVUE instrument is offered
with CSA, FM, ATEX, and IECEx
hazardous area approvals as well as
other certifications and approvals. It
is also listed in the Lloyd’s Register for
industrial, marine, and offshore use.
Diagnostics without
The FIELDVUE instrument provides
a high level of diagnostic coverage
regardless of the application—
continuous or abnormal processes;
hazardous or standard fluids; large or
small valves.
Easy mounting.
It can be mounted on any actuator
or valve assembly. To simplify and
speed instrument mounting, short
videos are accessible from
a scannable QR code on
the side of the FIELDVUE
Fits any
existing rotary or
sliding-stem valve
Retrofit to Fisher or
non-Fisher valves.
You can test the availability of
the final control element in a
Safety Instrumented System
(SIS) without disrupting
production. The SIS instrument
helps you reduce the probability
of failure on demand.
A Single Instrument Solution | 7
Remote mount solutions for
instrumentation decouple
the base unit from the
process environment for
extended temperature and
extreme vibration applications.
The optional position transmitter
connects to the control system AI channel.
8 | A Single Instrument Solution
Reducing process variability is
key to improving product quality.
The performance of the FIELDVUE
instrument allows for your operation
to run closer to setpoint, improving
product quality with more accurate
control. Using FIELDVUE Performance
Diagnostics, valve operation is
monitored online to evaluate
performance and reliability.
Where critical loops
make a difference.
Accurate and fast response.
Users depend on the FIELDVUE
instrument in their most critical loops
where valve performance impacts the
bottom line. It is used every day in
critical applications such as: compressor
antisurge, basis weight, fermenter
backpressure, feedwater recirculation,
attemperator spraywater, and main
steam pressure control.
Improve control.
The faster and more accurately a valve
moves, the greater the impact to the
bottom line. The FIELDVUE instrument
responds better and achieves higher
loop performance and stability thanks to
minor loop feedback and the proprietary
control algorithm. This unique design
maintains superior performance even as
the control valve ages.
The FIELDVUE instrument is paired
with Fisher sliding-stem and rotary
control valves to achieve precise
positioning accuracy and fast response
to process changes. They work
together to provide superior dynamic
performance to help you reduce
process variability.
You can mount the FIELDVUE
instrument to non-Emerson
pneumatic actuators to help
improve performance and reliability.
Control closer to the
optimum setpoint
with less variability.
Fisher valves with FIELDVUE
instruments undergo in-line dynamic
performance testing. We evaluate the
assembly’s ability to reduce variability.
A Single Instrument Solution | 9
Minor loop feedback is the key to better
valve assembly performance. It allows the
assembly to achieve higher gains, respond
better, and give remarkable stability regardless of
actuator size, actuator type, and service conditions.
The FIELDVUE instrument
provides the performance
needed for valves that are
equipped with a fast-stroke,
antisurge accessory package.
10 | A Single Instrument Solution
The FIELDVUE instrument helps you
save time and money. It provides a
stream of actionable information that
can be used to improve maintenance
planning and reduce process downtime.
Pinpoint problems.
Visual inspection of control valve
assemblies is time consuming, may
present safety concerns, and might
not reveal hidden issues. FIELDVUE
diagnostics can pinpoint problems in
control valve assemblies that will lead to
performance degradation or loss of loop
availability. Tests can be performed
online with the control valve assembly
in-service, with no interference to the
process, or offline when the process is
shutdown or bypassed.
Maintenance ease.
It’s simple to rebuild a FIELDVUE
instrument in the field or on the
bench. Three field-hardened modular
components make repair a snap. From
the front, modules can be switched
without disturbing instrument
mounting, air supply tubing, or field
wiring. Parts and procedures are
common across the DVC6200 Series.
Access diagnostics from
almost anywhere.
Configure, calibrate, and diagnose a
FIELDVUE instrument from a central
location or with portable tools such
as ValveLink™ Mobile software. While
online and in-service, information
is presented in an easy-to-interpret
interface that provides actionable
recommendations to the user.
Wireless access to diagnostics.
It can be easy and cost effective to
implement HART communication
with a legacy control system. Critical
diagnostic information can be
remotely accessed by adding a 775
Smart Wireless THUM™ adapter to an
existing HART FIELDVUE instrument.
Integration without hassles.
Connect field devices from many
suppliers to your control system—
seamless integration is essential.
The interoperability of the FIELDVUE
instrument is tested and certified to
conform to HART, Foundation fieldbus,
and Profibus standards. Integration
testing and certification has been
completed by the FDT Group and
major control system manufacturers,
including Emerson, ABB, Honeywell,
Invensys, Kongsberg, Siemens,
SUPCON, and Yokogawa.
Diagnostic tests can be run locally
with ease and mobility using the
475 Field Communicator with
ValveLink Mobile software. Catwalks,
ladders, or other difficult locations
no longer present a barrier.
Maintenance Shop
Ruggedized and portable tools enable easy valve setup and
troubleshooting in the field. Saved data from ValveLink Mobile can
seamlessly transfer to asset management software.
Maintenance personnel use ValveLink diagnostics to assure valve
calibration and performance prior to commissioning and during
turnarounds. Valve signatures form the basis for future troubleshooting.
A Single Instrument Solution | 11
Discover More
Watch how you can replace the
instrument module in under five minutes
Scan or click
the QR code to without disturbing stem connections,
watch the video.
pneumatic air connections, or field wiring.
The 775 Smart Wireless THUM
adapter allows you to easily and
cost-effectively access control
valve assembly diagnostics.
where you are
Asset Management Console
Control Room
Integrate powerful in-service diagnostics for DeltaV™ and Ovation™
systems with AMS ValveLink SNAP-ON.™ FDT technology allows access
to ValveLink software diagnostics in non-Emerson hosts.
Operators can quickly monitor control valve performance from the
safety of the control room. Know the condition of a valve at a glance by
checking the dashboard in ValveLink software.
12 | A Single Instrument Solution
Read how the FIELDVUE
instrument has helped
customers improve operational
performance, reduce
maintenance, and improve
reliability. These proven results
flyers provide solid, quantifiable
results from real customers.
FIELDVUE DVC6200f Instrument Resists
Vibration, Improves Valve Performance at
SECCO Complex.
FIELDVUE DVC6200-PD Instruments Automate
Startup and Reduce Downtime, Saving a Nuclear Plant
$250,000 per hour.
FIELDVUE DVC6200 Instrument Improves
Reliability and Monitoring of Critical Valve in
Liquid-Ammonia Service.
A Single Instrument Solution | 13
+ I worry about having the proper spares for the wide variety of valve applications in our facility.
With the DVC6200 Series, it is possible to cover a majority of applications with a single instrument. The mounting changes from
valve assembly to valve assembly. Few spare parts are required, which are common between instruments.
+ Valve diagnostics are great, but I can’t shut down my process to use them.
FIELDVUE instrument users can diagnose, analyze, and trend valve diagnostic data while the valves are in service. You are given a
real-time, accurate picture of valve health, not just numbers and graphs, without impacting your process.
+ We can’t spend all day in front of a PC, waiting for a problem. Digital valve controllers should tell me
when there is a problem.
You decide when the FIELDVUE instrument collects diagnostic data. Schedule it to collect data automatically or when triggered by
a certain event. Or configure ValveLink software’s Event Messenger feature to email you when a critical problem is detected.
+ Our old control system has analog I/O. I’m not going to see the benefit of a digital valve controller.
You can experience the benefits of the FIELDVUE instrument regardless of the age of the control system. Real-time information,
including alerts and performance trending, can be presented to operations without changing control system I/O. Smart Wireless
THUM adapters make it convenient to bring critical valve data to a central point within the facility.
+ I don’t want to buy new asset management software just to communicate with my digital valve
ValveLink software integrates into existing asset management software and communicates with all FIELDVUE instruments. It has
been tested and approved by most control system manufacturers, including Emerson, ABB, Honeywell, Invensys, Kongsberg,
Siemens, SUPCON, and Yokogawa.
+ My safety valves are too complex. How can I simplify?
In a single device, you can accomplish safety demand, partial stroke, and position transmitter functions. The DVC6200SIS
instrument is SIL3 capable and provides the safety shutdown function as a type A device. This can eliminate the need for hardware
redundancy. The position transmitter is also SIL certified and is power independent of the positioner loop.
+ We have valve assemblies from several manufacturers, not just Emerson. Can we really standardize
on the DVC6200 Series?
The FIELDVUE instrument has been mounted on every major control valve and actuator assembly, regardless of manufacturer—
not just Emerson.
+ It’s cumbersome to carry a PC into a process environment. Our technicians need simple, rugged
tools for setup and calibration.
Fisher ValveLink Mobile software makes setup and calibration easy. It goes where you go—no PC required. Installed on your 475
Field Communicator, you can take it into hazardous areas where your FIELDVUE instrument is located.
14 | A Single Instrument Solution
DVC6200f and DVC6200p
Foundation fieldbus and PROFIBUS
Analog input signal: 4−20 mA DC, nominal;
split ranging available.
Minimum voltage available at instrument
terminals must be 10.5 VDC for analog control,
11 VDC for HART communication.
Voltage Level: 9 to 32 volts.
Maximum Current: 19 mA.
Reverse Polarity Protection: Unit is not polarity
Termination: Bus must be properly terminated per
ISA SP50 guidelines.
Hazardous Area Approvals:
n CSA: Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-proof,
Division 2, Dust Ignition−proof
n FM: Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-proof,
Non−Incendive, Dust Ignition-proof
n ATEX: Intrinsically Safe, Flameproof, Type n
n IECEx: Intrinsically Safe, Flameproof, Type n
Hazardous Area Approvals:
n CSA: Intrinsically Safe, FISCO, Explosion-proof,
Division 2, Dust Ignition−proof
n FM: Intrinsically Safe, FISCO, Explosion-proof,
Non−Incendive, Dust Ignition−proof
n ATEX: Intrinsically Safe, FISCO, Flameproof, Type n
n IECEx: Intrinsically Safe, FISCO, Flameproof, Type n
Electrical Housing:
n CSA: Type 4X, IP66
n FM: Type 4X, IP66
n ATEX: IP66
n IECEx: IP66
Electrical Housing:
n CSA: Type 4X, IP66
n FM: Type 4X, IP66
n ATEX: IP66
n IECEx: IP66
Other certifications are available. Contact your
Emerson sales office for specific classification/
certification information.
Other certifications are available. Contact your
Emerson sales office for specific classification/
certification information.
Supply Pressure
Maximum: 10.0 bar (145 psig) or maximum pressure rating of the actuator, whichever is lower
Temperature Limits
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
-52 to 85°C (-62 to 185°F) with extreme temperature option
-52 to 125°C (-62 to 257°F) with remote mount option
Available Mounting
n Sliding-stem linear applications
n Rotary shaft applications
n Integral mounting to Fisher rotary actuators
n Integral mounting to the Fisher GX control valve and actuator system
n IEC 60534-6-1, IEC 60534-6-2, VDI/VDE 3845, and NAMUR standards
n Remote mount
n Extreme temperature
n Remote mount
n Stainless steel
n Low-bleed relay
n Integral 4-20mA position transmitter1
n Integral switch1
n Natural gas certified, single seal device
n Constructions to meet US Environmental
Protection Agency emissions requirements2
n Extreme temperature
n Remote mount
n Stainless steel
n Low-bleed relay
n Natural gas certified, single seal device
n Constructions to meet US Environmental
Protection Agency emissions requirements2
The electronic output is configurable as either the position transmitter or
the switch
New Source Performance Standards Subpart OOOO, EPA-HQ-QAR-2010-0505
New Source Performance Standards Subpart OOOO, EPA-HQ-QAR-2010-0505
System Integration
eDDL, FDT/DTM, AMS Device Manager SNAP-ON, PRM Plug-In
HART Communication Foundation
HART 5 and 7
Fieldbus Foundation
PROFIBUS International
A Single Instrument Solution | 15
Educational Services.
Emerson instructor led courses,
e-learning offerings, and “live” virtual
classes are designed to help you run
your plant operations with greater
workforce effectiveness. Whether
you are looking for specific industry
application expertise or product
knowledge, we have courses to help
you engineer, operate, maintain, and
manage industrial process control
devices and systems to achieve peak
plant and process performance.
We encourage you to use
our website as a resource for
announcements on new online
offerings, current listing of courses
with dates, locations, and information
on all of our worldwide training
centers. www.EmersonProcess.com/
Looking for additional documentation
on the FIELDVUE instrument? Want
to learn how to mount it? Scan or
click this QR code to find
links to videos, product
documentation, device
descriptions, and valve
diagnostics information.
Lifecycle Services.
The way you manage key production
assets, like control valves, directly
affects your plant’s efficiency,
reliability, and profitability. Emerson’s
Fisher Services provides trusted
expertise for reliability-centered
control valve maintenance and repair.
Whether you’re starting or
commissioning a process, scheduling
diagnostics and repair, or planning a
turnaround with upgrades to optimize
and extend your plant’s lifecycle, our
network of owned and authorized
service centers around the world
provide effective maintenance through
a network of experienced, highly
skilled technicians when and where
you need them.
To help you maintain your plant’s
efficiency and reliability, Fisher
Services uses only certified OEM parts
and assemblies sourced through local
inventories, regional parts distribution
centers, and Quick Ship facilities
to deliver unmatched response to
customer needs.
With Emerson’s Fisher Services as
your trusted partner, you can realize
the true potential of your Fisher and
non-Fisher control valves throughout
their lifecycle.
Discover more
Learn about how you can extend
Scan or click the
QR code to
watch the video.
the life of your facility using
Lifecycle Services from Emerson.
Just how well does your current instrument compare? Here is a recap of the advantages that the FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series
instrument brings to you and your facility:
+ Meet your control valve reliability needs
+ Linkage-less, non-contact feedback for all
with solutions and experience
Handle the majority of your control valve
Improve operational performance
Increase worker productivity and reduce
maintenance costs
types of control valve assemblies
Stem position transmitter option
Severe service options
Human-centered design user interfaces
Online, in-service diagnostics with analysis
Field upgradeable firmware and diagnostic tiers
Separate wiring compartment with
encapsulated electronics
FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series Instrument
main red
gradient bottom
C0 M96 Y90 K2
C13 M96 Y81 K54
C0 M0 Y0 K0
C100 M100 Y100 K100
PMS 1795C
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PMS 1815C
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To find the Fisher
sales contact in
your area, scan or
click the QR code.
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