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Vibration Welding
HyLine-2i Series
Models VW-4i1 H, VW-6i2 H (-i3), and VW-8i4 H (-i5, -i6)
Linear Vibration Welders
HyLine-2i Series Models
VW-4i1 H, VW-6i2 H (-i3),
and VW-8i4 H (-i5, -i6)
Linear Vibration Welders
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Branson, the pioneer in vibration
welding with over 35 years of production experience
is proud to offer the enhanced version of our popular
HyLine 2 Series linear vibration welder. Featuring the
all-new I-Class weld heads, Branson’s HyLine-2i Series
welders are complete assembly systems designed to weld
parts of various sizes and/or irregular shapes.
The I-Class weld heads offer multiple benefits including: increased tool weight capacities, increased
tool weight to frequency ratios, higher power drives (more plastic joining capacity), PPL technology
(see Machine Description section), interchangeable/common parts across weld head models, global
commonality, and lower noise output.
Six models, VW-4i1 H, VW-6i2 H (-i3), and VW-8i4 H (-i5, -i6) are available to handle parts up to 58” by
22” (1473 by 559 mm), or multiple smaller parts.
The Branson power supplies that drive the weld heads have an adjustable vibrating frequency range of 180
to 240 Hz. Modular construction allows the individual vibrator assembly and power supply / controller
components to be adapted to automated or custom systems.
Process Description
Vibration welding is a proven welding technology capable of producing
strong, pressure tight joints in thermoplastic parts.
Frictional heat is generated by pressing the surfaces of two plastic parts
together and vibrating one of the parts through a small linear displacement
in the plane of the joint. When a molten state is reached at the joint interface,
vibration is stopped and the parts are automatically aligned. Clamping
pressure is maintained briefly while the molten plastic solidifies to form a
bond approaching or equal to the strength of the parent material.
Process Advantages
The major advantage of vibration welding lies in its
application to large (up to 60”/1524 mm long or 24”/610
mm wide), irregularly-shaped parts. Even cross ribs which
create separate compartments can be sealed. The process
also works with multi-plane and curved surfaces.
The technology offers the capability of welding more than
one part at a time; it also readily lends itself to automation.
Material Compatibility
Almost all thermoplastics can be vibration welded,
regardless of whether they have been injection molded,
extruded, foamed, or thermoformed. This process,
when compared with ultrasonic assembly, is particularly
advantageous for semi-crystalline resins such as acetal,
nylon, thermoplastic polyester, and polypropylene;
also polyvinyl chloride, cellulosics, and elastomers, filled
and reinforced resins, as well as those exhibiting
hygroscopic properties.
• Instrument panels
• Clusters
• Door panels
• Lighting
• Reservoirs
• HVAC ducts
• Intake manifolds
• Glove boxes
• Chest drainage units
• Filters
• I-V units
• Surgical instruments
• Insulated food trays
• Cassettes
Glove Box
• Bumpers
• Air resonators
Medical Fluid Meter
• Pumps
• Shelving
• Liquid dispensers
• Small/large power tools
• Ducts
• Spray arms
• Fill funnels
• Water reservoirs
• Vacuum cleaner housings
• Vacuum cleaner accessories
Machine Sequence
The operator manually loads the parts to be welded. The
automatic sequence is initiated by activating the start
• Sound door closes.
• Lift table moves to weld position and applies pressure.
• Weld and hold times sequence.
• Lift table moves to home position.
• Sound door opens.
• Part manually unloaded.
Steam-Iron Reservoir
Business/Consumer Electronics
• Toner housings
• Display assemblies
• Door stiffeners
• Circuit board encapsulation
• Ink-jet cartridges
• Pallets
• Display stands/shelves
• Point of purchase display blisters
Vibration Welding
Standard Machine Description
• Machine Frame - Welded
peak-to-peak reciprocating displace-
door with acoustic lining is
construction of steel tubing and
ment of 0.020 to 0.070 inch (0.5
incorporated in the front of the
profiles incorporates four height
to 1.8 mm) at 240 Hz. The springs
cabinet. For operator safety, the
adjustable rubber mounts to allow
return the vibrator to the precisely-
door automatically retracts if
both machine leveling and
aligned position when the electro-
the start buttons are released
absorption of mechanical vibrations.
magnets are de-energized, ensuring
before the door is closed.
• Vibrator Housing - A rigid steel
assembly houses the individual
final part alignment.
• PPL Technology (Weld Head Drive)
• Door Drive - The two major
components for the door drive
vibrator components; the main
- The “Power Package Linear”
are an air cylinder and specially
assembly areas are precision
approach delivers consistent power
designed plastic and steel elements
output to the weld head across the
to provide smooth and consistent
machine’s frequency range. This
• Weld Head (Vibrator) - The electromagnetic principle of Branson’s
prevents “out of phase” mechanical
vibrator assembly is patented and
versus electrical resonances and
of the machine is fitted with a
operates in a linear mode. The
ensures maximum plastic joining
full-size, interlocked door to allow
• Rear Access Door - The rear panel
vibrator assembly consists of a
capacity across the tooling weight
full access to tooling and other
set of laminations and cantilever
range of the weld head.
machine components.
springs suspended from the vibrator
• Sound Protection Cabinet - The
• Hydraulic Power Supply -
housing. Electromagnets mounted in
sound protection cabinet is lined
completely self-contained with
the housing act directly upon the
with sound absorbing material.
drip pan, is located inside the
mechanical suspension producing a
An automatic vertical sliding access
rear access door.
product name
Vibration Welding
Key Features
• Controls system using an Allen
Bradley Compact Logix PLC. All
system parameters are set through
of forms: bar charts, histograms,
range charts, etc.
• Diagnostic program which allows
• Amplitude profiling - Four
programmable amplitudes are
available for controlling welding.
an Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 700
the machine to be compared
(optional 1000). The PLC system
against a known set of conditions. This
for tooling functions - Up to 32
monitors the welding parameters
enhances troubleshooting capabilities
I/O’s are optional.
and controls all functions of the
by matching the unit’s current outputs
machine including: frequency
with a standard set of values recorded
(direct reading in Hz), weld time,
during initial setup.
melt distance (collapse), hold time,
amplitude, weld clamp forces,
and hold clamp forces.
• Storage of up to twenty sets of
weld parameters. By calling up
one of these presets, the operator
automatically programs the machine
to the setpoints for that particular
• The system also provides process
• Digital power supply provides
increased starting power and better
control of the weld process.
• Self-tuning frequency program.
• Dual lift cylinders (provides
find and store the resonant frequency
21”/533 mm stroke and table
of the upper tooling mass. This known
opening depth of 12.5”/317 mm)
value can then be saved in a preset or
manually input the next time the same
The frequency range of the unit is
reading of the actual amplitude,
variable between 180 Hz and 240 Hz.
• Precise amplitude input and control
can be set at the keypad in 0.001”
precise meltdown capabilities, as
well as the ability to set the table
loading height.
• SPC capabilities. The PLC program
can provide a data stream to a
• Air system for part eject from tools
• Air system for vacuum in upper tool
• Electrical tooling quick disconnect
positioning repeatability of 0.001”
of the pre-weld stack-up height and
• Exterior overhead light
(0.5 -1.8 mm). The peak-to-peak
The transducer provides a
0.0005”. This ensures tight control
cycle counter
• Air system for slides in bottom tool
welding amplitude
and a meltdown resolution of
• Panel-mounted resettable
in a range between 0.020” and 0.70”
for table positioning and meltdown.
over the length of the transducer
• Light curtain protection guards
• Duplex electrical outlet (120 V)
cycle. This verification is a live
• Linear displacement transducer
• Light curtain
allow the machine to automatically
upper tool is installed for production.
occurring during that cycle.
Some Available Options
Pressing a button on the interface will
verification during each weld
force, weld time, and melt distance
• Configurable user I/O is available
• Simple maintenance-free
electromechanical vibrator with only
block (Turck) – 8-port
• Electrical tooling quick disconnect –
HAN connector
• Pneumatic tooling quick disconnect
manifold – 8-port
one moving part and no bearing
• Ext. PLC programming port
surfaces to lubricate or wear.
• Three-color light tower
• Hydraulic lift/clamp system includes
two proportional valves to control the
speed of the lift table and the clamp
force applied to the parts.
communications port to enable the
• Force profiling - The HyLine control
user to connect to a computer and
has up to four programmable weld
log the weld parameters over a
forces to provide more accurate
period of time. The data can then be
control of weld meltdown velocity.
processed by the user’s program
It also has one programmable
to provide a printout in any number
hold force.
• PLC window in electrical cabinet
• Light in e-box
• E-box fan
• E-box heat exchanger
• Custom color
• Machine crating, if required
• Hydraulic quick change clamping on
lower table
• ECPL lockout tags
VW-4i1 H
Lift table:
Central opening:
VW-6i2 H (-i3)
VW-8i4 H (-i5, -i6)
Approx. 4,500 lbs. (2,040 kg)
Approx. 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)
Approx. 6,500 lbs. (2,720 kg)
76” wide x 77.5” high x 48” deep
(1930 x 1969 x 1220 mm)
88” wide x 77.5” high x 48” deep
(2235 x 1969 x 1220 mm)
100”wide x 77.5” high x 48” deep
(2540 x 1969 x 1220 mm)
33.5” long x 21” deep (851 x 534 mm)
46” long x 21.5” wide (1168 x 546 mm)
58” long x 23” wide (1473 x 584 mm)
23.5” long x 11.5” wide x 1.3” deep
(597 x 292 x 33 mm)
38” long x 11.5” wide x 1.75” deep
(965 x 292 x 44.4 mm)
50” long x 11.5” wide x 1.75” deep
(1270 x 292 x 44.4 mm)
Drive platen:
i1 H
min: 15.4” long x 14.8” wide (390 x 376 mm)
max: 33” long x 18” wide (838 x 457 mm)
min: 34.6” long x 14.8” wide (880 x 376 mm)
max: 46” long x 20” wide (1168 x 508 mm)
i2 H, i3 H
min: 50.2” long x 14.8” wide (1276 x 376 mm)
max: 57” long x 23” wide (1448 x 584 mm)
i4 H, i5 H, i6 H
Front opening:
39” wide x 25” high (991 x 635 mm)
51” wide x 25” high (1295 x 635 mm)
63” wide x 25” high (1600 x 635 mm)
Variable stroke:
20” (508 mm) maximum
20” (508 mm) maximum
20” (508 mm) maximum
83 dBA standard
15 kW
83 dBA standard
15 kW / 30 kW
83 dBA standard
30 kW
480 VAC, 20 amps, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
480 VAC, 20 amps, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
480 VAC, 20 amps, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Noise level:
Drive power:
Power requirements:
Output frequency:
180 - 240 Hz variable
180 - 240 Hz variable
180 - 240 Hz variable
Ambient temp:
32 - 105° F (0 - 40° C)
32 - 105° F (0 - 40° C)
32 - 105° F (0 - 40° C)
Driven platen fixture
weight capacity: i1 H
44-88 lbs.
(20-40 kg)
i2 H: 77-143 lbs. (35 – 65 kg)
i3 H: 88-154 lbs. (40 – 70 kg)
i2 H, i3 H
Max. clamp force:
4,000 lbs. (17.8 kN)
6,000 lbs. (26.7 kN)
i4 H: 121-188 lbs. (55 – 85 kg)
i5 H: 132-200 lbs. (60 – 90 kg)
i6 H: 132-200 lbs. (60 – 90 kg)
6,000 lbs. (26.7 kN)
Amplitude range:
0.020” to 0.070” (0.5 to 1.8 mm)
0.020” to 0.070” (0.5 to 1.8 mm)
0.020” to 0.070” (0.5 to 1.8 mm)
10”/sec. (254 mm/sec.)
10”/sec. (254 mm/sec.)
10”/sec. (254 mm/sec.)
5.0 sec.
(at 20” [508 mm max.] stroke)
5.0 sec.
(at 20” [508 mm max.] stroke)
5.0 sec.
(at 20” [508 mm max.] stroke)
i4 H, i5 H, i6 H
Lift table speed:
Total dry cycle time
(without welding):
Address Ultrasonics
Weoiosid wkeoijsdon
Eagle Road,
CT 06813-1961
• Fax:
(203) 796-9838
e-mail: info@bransonultrasonics.com
475 Quaker Meeting House Rd.,
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
(585) 624-8000 • Fax: (585) 624-1262
6590 Sims Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
(586) 276-0150 • Fax: (586) 276-0160
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shall be subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions of sale as described in
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The HyLine-2i
H, VW-6i2
don csd kncwlejoic
csd kncwlejoic
. H (-i3), and VW-8i4 H
(-i5, -i6) are warranted to be free from defects two years for parts and one year for labor from
of shipment.
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