Emerson MWX 100 Specification Sheet

Versagraphix Controller
Metal Welding
VersaGraphix Controller
20kHz Ultrasonic Generator
The VersaGraphiX Controller
makes setup and operation of
your ultrasonic process a simple
task. The graphical interface
was designed with the operator
in mind. Go/no go results are
displayed to simplify the process.
If you require more, another
touch can bring you to the
SPC screen.
For engineers or maintenance
personnel who require more,
a simple touch of the screen
will bring them to setup
screen; this screen shows the
actual weld results, along
with the weld parameters.
Utilizing Embedded XP as our
operating system allows the
software to be run offline at
your desk. Splices or assembly
drawings can be built or
downloaded by either a USB stick
or through the Ethernet.
Languages are not a problem –
the program currently supports
fourteen languages.
Versagraphix Controller
Metal Welding
Control Features:
• 1000 presets for sequential
welding capability.
• 1000 part preset library.
• Four USB ports for file transfer.
• Ethernet ready.
• RS232 connection to interface with
Raychem shrink tube machine.
• Printer Interface.
• Automatic weld parameter
calculations based on the crosssectional area of the splice (wire
• Weld Quality: Weld amplitude is
automatically maintained with line
voltage variations of ±10% through
Branson’s proprietary closed loop
• Weld Modes: 4 different weld modes
to suit your particular application.
– Energy
– Time
– Height (compaction)
– Energy with Height Compensation
– Amplitude Stepping
Branson Ultrasonics Corporation
41 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT 06813-1961
(203) 796-0400 • Fax: (203) 796-9838
e-mail: info@bransonultrasonics.com
Quality Controls:
• Text and Audible alarm messages.
Operator Interface:
• Two Level Password Protection.
• 14 selectable languages.
• Lock on Alarm: Ensures suspect
part is clamped until a password
is entered.
• Bar code scanner capable: presets
and sequences can be recalled
through the use of the bar code
• Q System Protection Monitor
(SPM). Three levels of power
protection are provided:
1) phasing
2) over voltage
3) over current
• Circuitry system helps avoid
equipment failures and provides
greater weld accuracy and
• Daily weld history file stored
onhard drive.
• Error log.
• Maintenance log.
• Statistical screen
tracks and displays
the last 128 welds.
VersaGraphix Controller © Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 2011
The Emerson ­­logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson
Electric Co.
Revised and printed in the U.S.A. 9/2011
• 15” color touch LCD monitor.
• Preset: All weld parameters
are saved so manual adjustment
of controls is not required.
• Three Teach Mode options. The
teach mode automatically calculates
your weld quality windows for:
– Time
– Power
– Pre Height
– Height