Sample-PreWatcher® – for the Inspection of Preforms

Sample-PreWatcher® – for the Inspection of Preforms
– for the Inspection of Preforms
The Sample-PreWatcher® continuously analyses the quality of preforms by
sampling individual preform batches.
The Sample-PreWatcher® performs a comprehensive measurement and inspection of preforms providing detailed objective quality data on the screen,
in reports or as database entries. The system helps to prevent recurring
production errors and delivers valuable data which allows for in-depth long
and short term quality analysis. Complete test results of a 96 cavity mold
are already provided within approximately 8 minutes allowing for startup
of a newly installed mold in a much shorter amount of time than previously
permitted. As the preforms do not come in contact with a person they don’t
have to be disposed of afterwards.
Inspection criteria geometry/body
Inspection criteria weight
\\ Length, diameter, shape, wall thickness, short-shots
\\ Length of gate
\\ Unmelted material
\\ Bubbles, oil splashes, burn spot, contamination
\\ High-precision weight measurement
Inspection criteria top sealing surface
\\ Defects in the sealing surface
\\ Scratches and notches in the area of
the seal
\\ Diameter, ovality
\\ Flashes
\\ High-precision measurement
Inspection criteria thread
\\ Contamination
\\ Thread measurement
\\ Flashes
The pocket wheel ensures a precise
and stable handling of the preforms
Inspection criteria color
\\ Color and intensity deviations
\\ Color differences L-a-b
\\ UV-measurement (presence of UV
\\ IR-measurement (presence of barrier material)
Inspection criteria cavity number
\\ Cavity related statistics
\\ Sorts preforms according to previously specified cavity numbers
Inspection criteria gate
With help of the rotating vacuum
plate a roll out image of the complete circumference is created
\\ Grooves, holes
\\ Contamination in the gate area
With the suction plate each preform is
rotated in front of the camera
Color inspection with a spectrometer
Technical details and
specifications of the
Object dimensions
Preform length (min./
max.) (a)
60 mm / 135 mm
Thread length (min./
max.) (b)
10 mm / 22 mm
Diameter below neck
support ring (min./
max.) (d)
20 mm / 41 mm
Neck support ring diameter (min./max.) (e)
20 mm / 50 mm
Inner diameter top
sealing (min.) (c)
15 mm
Inspection speed
Max. Object Rate
20 obj. / minute
Electric connection
3/N/PE AC 400/230 V,
50 Hz/60 Hz*
Rated power
2 kW
1200 mm
1200 mm
Height (closed safety doors, incl. signal
2276 mm
Height (open safety doors, incl. signal
380 kg
Bunker size
55 l
Operating conditions
Temperature range
+10 °C to +40 °C
50 % - 95 % RH,
Maximum operating
1800 m • Produktflyer Sample-PreWatcher • Version: 09/2013A
Weight and measurements
Cross section of preform
The Sample-PreWatcher with
INTRAVIS feeding unit
*All systems are available conform to UL or CE
Screenshot of the user interface
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