Universal Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter
1. Before you use this device, please make sure
that you
3. Prepare to use the headphone
2.3 Product Outlook
3.1 Power Supply and Charging
a. The device charging can be progressed under “ON” or “OFF”
b. The battery must be charged with the appropriate charger that
has been enclosed in the package.
c. Connect the adapter into an electrical outlet. Plug the adapter’s
connector into charging port.
d. While charging, the amber indicator will stay on and the green
indicator will remained to instead as soon as it is completed. It
takes you 2 hours to re-charge every time. (It takes 3 hours to
fully charge power at the very first time)
1.1 Fully charge the device at least 3 hours before you use it the first
time. Afterward it takes approximate 2 hours to fully recharge
power. Please refer to section Power Supply and Charging
2. Introduction
2.1 Product Specificationa.
Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter
User Manual
connection automatically.
c. Since connected, the indication will turn to regular blinking twice
every second.
Note: If the pairing fails, the blue keep blinking about 60 seconds
then blue indicator blink rapidly once every 2 second automatically.
A re-pairing procedure is needed. Please refer to step pairing
procedure above.
3.4 Auto Connection
a. Last played device will be placed as first priority as soon as the
transmitter has been re-turned on.
b. The connection will be established automatically since both the
ends (transmitter and receiver) are under standby mode within
the effective working distance.
c. Short click the button to cancel devices research, the indicator
will blink from one time per second to once every 2 second.
d. To activate devices research, please short click the button once.
Note: If last paired device is not activate, it will try 2nd last
automatically and so as the three last one till the connection has
been established. Every time it is been activated, the last played
device will become the first priority.
Bluetooth Specification
Bluetooth 1.2 CLASS 2
Bluetooth Profiles
Frequency Band
2.4GHz~2.4835GHz ISM Band
Working Distance
33 feet
Standby Time
180 hr
Playing Time
6 hr
3.7V Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
0,5 oz
Packing Contents
1. One Bluetooth transmitter
2. One AC power adapter
3. One 3.5mm audio cable
4. One 3.5mm to 2.5mm audio cable
5. One 3.5mm to RCA audio cable
6. One User Manual
4. Indications: Amber(A), Blue(B), Green (G)
(B) Blink rapidly
Connecting to headset
(B) Regular blinking twice every second
Searching for last
connected headset
(B) Blink tardily once per second
(B) Blink rapidly once every 2 second
Low Battery
(A) continuing blinking, the lower the faster
(A) light on
Completed re-charging
(G) light on
3.2 Installation
Please connect line out jack of your intended audio players or
headphone jack with the transmitter by attached connecting audio
Note:Some audio playing devices do not equip 3.5mm line out
jack, please refer to appropriate connecting cable with affix RCA
or 2.5mm audio output to one end of 3.5mm connecting cable in
the package.
3.3 Pairing
Please make sure you have paired the product to a Receiver with
Bluetooth capability such as Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Bluetooth
Speakers or a speaker with a Bluetooth adapter connected to it
before you start to use. Kindly following the pairing procedure
shows hereunder:
a. Turn your Bluetooth stereo headset or Bluetooth speaker on
and enter to the pairing mode.
b. Press and hold the button till indication blinks rapidly. At this
moment, the product is in the pairing mode and will searching
for the activate Bluetooth stereo headset and established the
5. Operation Button
5.1 Symbol Definition
a. Short Click: “+”: Click and release less than 1 second
b. Long Press: “++”:Press and release for 2 seconds
c. Press and Hold: “+++”: Press and hold the key for more than
6 seconds
5.2 Function Matrix
Connecting and Pairing
Standby or searching
Cancel Connecting and Repairing
Connecting and
Cancel Pairing
Searching For Last Connected
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