Epson | EP130BK | User's Manual | Epson EP130BK User's Manual

For Epson® T013201 Black cartridge
Your kit should contain the following:
4oz bottle of ink, 1 30cc ink injector, 1 polly wipe,
4 yellow seals, needle, drill tool, instructions.
If any of these items are missing please call us for a
replacement item or kit.
Place the cartridge to be filled on a paper towel in
case of spillage. Using the yellow seals cover the
exit hole to avoid leakage. Using the hand held drill
bit, drill a hole through one of the fill holes as
shown in Figure #1. Drill until you feel the drill bit
go all the way through. Attach the needle to the
syringe and draw 25cc of black ink into it. Insert the
needle into the hole you predrilled and slowly inject
the ink and at the same time lift up slightly to expose
the ink to different parts of the internal sponge
inside the cartridge. Go to last step.
Care should be used in filling these cartridges since the print head is internal and made to be permanent,
which makes it susceptible to small particles clogging it over time. Both black and color cartridges for this
model have an internal sponge for ink retention. If the cartridge is to be used soon after refilling do not
cover the FILL holes with tape as these are vents and need to be open in order for the cartridge to work. The
exit holes need to be resealed to prevent leaking. Use the yellow round sealing dots to cover the ink exit
holes to avoid leaking when refilling. Remove the seals before installing the cartridge back into your
printer. For long term storage, cover the top openings with tape to prevent the cartridge from drying out.
PRINTS IN STREAKS / MISSING LINES : Perform print head clean procedure as described in the
owners manual.
CARTRIDGE LEAKS: Cartridge is not sealed properly. Reseal cartridge. The cartridge is overfilled.
Place on a paper towel until it stops leaking.
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