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Product Support Bulletin
HP Laserjet Printers Cause The ActionNote 4SLC series and ActionNote
500C Units to Lock-up During Power On When Attached.
Date: 07/26/95
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PSB No: S-0185
Originator: AV
Field reports indicate that when some HP printers are attached to the parallel port, the
computer hangs/malfunctions during power on. Investigation has verified these reports.
This situation can be quickly diagnosed, and corrected by following the procedure
When the HP Laserjet is powered on and the printer cable is attached to the notebook
the computer may hang or malfunction during power on.
Corrective Measure:
When the cable is not attached and the printer/computer are powered on to a ready
state and then the cable is attached, the units functions normally. The notebooks will
also power on properly if the printer/computer are attached and the notebook is
powered on first.
The issue reported was easily duplicated on the AN-500C. However, the AN4SLC
varied depending on which BIOS version was being used. If the older 2.06s BIOS
version was installed, there was no problem. With the 2.07S version of the BIOS,
follow the power on procedure listed above.
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