Series Announcement
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Series Announcement
Pro-Ject Essential III Range Expands Further
New feature-added versions of the Essential III land in the UK.
Didcot, Oxfordshire – 31st August, 2017
Since its introduction in late-2016, the Essential III from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been a
revelation in the affordable turntable market. Combining stunning cosmetics with exceptional
performance, the price-per-pound ratio has been unrivalled, and the initial market response has
been phenomenal. Since the expansion earlier in 2017 to include MDF (Essential III) and Acrylic
(Essential III A) platter options, Pro-Ject Audio Systems are now expanding the range further...
Essential III Phono
The Essential III Phono takes all the advantages of the standard Essential III, but adds a Line level
output for effortlessly simple integration into any hi-fi system.
The integrated phono stage in the Essential III Phono is based on Pro-Ject’s award winning Phono
Box range, offering precise RIAA equalisation and optimal signal gain for crystal clear playback
through your speakers. Though the Line level output allows you to connect Essential III Phono to any
LINE or AUX input on your amplifier, the handy switch on the side of the output terminal also allows
you to turn the phono stage off. So as your system develops and you want to enjoy a superior phono
stage, you do not need to upgrade the whole turntable. The Essential III Phono also utilises a
junction box output, allowing for easy cable upgrades.
Essential III SB
The Essential III SB is the turntable of choice when comfort is your number one priority. For the
audiophile that likes to listen to a wide variety of music across 12” LPs and 7” Singles, the Essential III
SB allows for effortless switching between 33 and 45rpm.
The neatly integrated speed control function, controlled by a simple push button on top of the
platter, works using an improved version of the motor generation system found in the other
Essential III models. This advanced motor control system ensures a clean power supply to the motor,
reducing resonance and unwanted noise; so the Essential III SB can still deliver a lively, balanced and
highly involving sound that will delight every vinyl lover.
Henley Audio
Unit B, Park 34, Didcot, OX11 7WB
T: +44 (0)1235 511 166
All Essential III models retain the simple yet elegant frame of the multi-award winning Essential II.
Now made from high-quality MDF for its acoustically neutral character, and wrapped in high-gloss
paint finish (available in red, white or black on standard versions); the main structure combines both
elegance and functionality. Integrated into the structure is the stainless steel main platter bearing in
a bronze bushing, lined with Teflon at the bottom for smooth rotation and engineered to very fine
tolerances. The plinth is then mounted on three anti-vibration feet, for effective decoupling from the
surface on which the turntable is placed.
Essential III turntables use the same 9V motor as the Essential II, but they’re the first to use a new
integrated grounding link that dramatically reduces electrical interference to unprecedented low
levels. The motor is a premium, synchronous AC design that’s driven by a built-in signal generator,
ensuring optimal speed stability and minimal resonances. The brand new aluminium pulley improves
the performance and the appearance even further still.
Essential III turntables are pre-fitted with an 8.6” aluminium tonearm for its lightweight, rigid
characteristics. The gimbal bearing assembly uses sapphire bearings to allow for smooth tracking
across a record, and the supplied counterweight allows for a variety of premium pick-up cartridges
to be installed. The tonearm is supplied with an Ortofon OM 10 cartridge.
The Essential III range ensures every audio enthusiast who’s looking for a turntable package on a
budget can get what they need.
Essential III SRP £239.00
Affordable audiophile turntable with MDF platter.
Available in the UK now in Black, Red and White High-Gloss finish.
Essential III A SRP £279.00
Affordable audiophile turntable with acrylic platter.
Available in the UK now in Black, Red and White High-Gloss finish.
Essential III Phono SRP £279.00
Affordable audiophile turntable with MDF platter and built-in phono stage.
Available in the UK now in Black, Red and White High-Gloss finish.
Essential III SB SRP £319.00
Affordable audiophile turntable with MDF platter and built-in speed control.
Available in the UK now in Black, Red and White High-Gloss finish.
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Henley Audio
Unit B, Park 34, Didcot, OX11 7WB
T: +44 (0)1235 511 166
Technical Information
Drive Principle:
Main Bearing:
Wow & Flutter:
Speed Drift:
Effective Arm Length:
Effective Arm Mass:
Supplied Cartridge:
Included Accessories:
Power Supply:
Power Consumption:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
33 / 45 RPM (manual speed change)
Belt drive
300mm MDF (all except Essential III A)
Stainless steel, bronze bush with Teflon-bottom
±0.21% (33rpm) / ±0.19% (45rpm)
±0.70% (33rpm) / ±0.60% (45rpm)
8.6” aluminium
Ortofon OM 10
Dust Cover, Felt Mat, Power Supply,
Connect-IT E Cable (Essential III Phono only)
15V / 800mA DC
420 x 112 x 330mm
5.0kg (net)
Henley Audio
Unit B, Park 34, Didcot, OX11 7WB
T: +44 (0)1235 511 166
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About Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Pro-Ject Audio Systems are widely recognised as one of the finest turntable manufacturers in the
world. Their mission is simply to produce the best sounding analogue components at the most
competitive prices possible. The current range spans a huge variety of price points, with a variety of
products targeted to key demographics or to accommodate the modern listener’s unique
Based in Vienna, Austria, Pro-Ject Audio Systems use specialised manufacturing partners to produce
all their products, and the entire turntable range is assembled with great skill, care and attention in
the Czech Republic.
About Henley Audio
Everyone has a different interpretation of what good sound is, and at Henley Audio we’re no
different. We strive to bring customers the best possible selection of hi-fi equipment from a variety
of international manufacturers.
Formed in 1997 as the result of a management buy-out of Ortofon UK, Henley Designs Ltd. (trading
as Henley Audio) is one of the UK’s premier distributors of quality hi-fi equipment. The brands we
distribute are not only highly-regarded in their own right, but they also share a symbiotic
relationship with other brands in our portfolio.
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