Pro Signal Meter
Maximize Your Customer’s
Cellular Coverage!
The Newly Redesigned RF Signal Detector
Pro Signal Meter™ - easily find the strongest
available signal for your installations
• Determine which cellular signals, including 4G,
are available for any location
The Pro Signal Meter from Wilson Electronics is a quad-band signal meter that
• Find the strongest available signal
finds the available cellular signals in any location and displays signal attributes
• Map the local cellular frequency environment
on the detector’s screen. This signal detector can be paired with a variety of
Wilson antennas to map the local cellular frequency environment and find the
• Precisely position directional antennas for
optimum performance
direction of the local cell tower that provides the strongest signal. This allows
• Maximize signal coverage indoors
you to precisely point a directional antenna so a Wilson signal booster system
can maximize indoor cellular coverage.
The Pro Signal Meter’s new ergonomic design allows easier hand-held operation.
The screen displays frequency of a detected signal, the range of pass bandwidth
in megahertz (MHz) and the signal strength in decibels (dB). Easy-to-use button
controls located just under the screen allow the user to move between frequency
bands and channels. This device works with the 800 MHz (Cellular), 1900 MHz
(PCS), 2100 MHz (AWS) and 700 MHz LTE (bands 12 and 13) frequency bands.
The Pro Signal Meter is the perfect tool to help you simplify and optimize a Wilson
signal booster installation or tune a directional antenna.
• Detects and displays available signal frequency,
bandwidth and strength
• Works with 700, 800, 1900 and 2100 (AWS) MHz
spectrum bands
• Configurable with a variety of Wilson antennas
• Detects available signal indoors and outdoors
• Built in rechargeable battery
Finding Strongest Outdoor Signal
Cell Tower
Model Number
Antenna connectors
SMA Female
Antenna impedance
50 ohms
Wide Band Directional
5.7 x 4.2 x 1.5 inch
14.0 x 10.8 x 3.9 cm
1.24 lbs
0.56 kg
Maximum detectable in-band signal
Minimum detectable in-band signal with
1.5MHz BW (dBm)
Minimum detectable in-band signal with
10MHz BW (dBm)
Maximum recommended RF input (dBm)
Power Requirements
RF Signal Detector
Finding Strongest Indoor Signal
RF Signal Detector
110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz,
4.2W or 6V DC, 700mA
Make the most of your cellular signal
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