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TI06-45e Rev. A
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MovieMate 25 / 30s
How to remove unsupported CD/DVD from the tray
This bulletin was created to inform customers of how to remove an unsupported CD or DVD
from their MovieMate 25 / 30s DVD trays when they cannot eject it.
If you attempt to play an unsupported CD or DVD in your MovieMate 25 / 30s and you cannot
remove the CD / DVD from the tray or the unit does not respond to pressing the “Open/Close”
button, please try the following procedure:
1. Verify that the “Tray Lock” feature is not enabled. You can lock the tray to prevent children
from playing with it. If you press the tray “Open/Close” button, and “TRAY LOCK” appears
briefly in the display window above the tray, then the Tray Lock feature is enabled on your
MovieMate. See your User’s Guide for information about disabling the Tray Lock feature.
2. Turn off the power button and unplug the power cable.
3. Plug the power cable back in. Then immediately after pressing the main power button,
press the “Open/Close” button next to the disc tray.
If you are unsuccessful after trying the procedures above, do not try to force the disc tray open
or disassemble the main unit. Using force may damage the DVD unit, the disc tray, or your CD
/ DVD. If you damage your CD / DVD it may not play anymore.
NOTE: If there are signs of physical damage or evidence that you have damaged the
MovieMate or its DVD mechanism the repair costs may not be covered under warranty.
If the CD or DVD still cannot be removed from the tray please contact Epson Technical
Support or an Epson Authorized Customer Care Center nearest you.
To find the Epson Customer Care Center nearest you, visit
You can also call the Epson ConnectionSM PrivateLine® Support at (800) 637-7661 + PIN # (the
PIN# is included with your MovieMate). Without a PIN #, call (562) 276-4394 in the U.S. or
(905) 709-3839 in Canada. For more information regarding contacting Epson, see your
MovieMate User’s Guide
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Epson MovieMate 25 / 30s
The MovieMate subwoofer volume knob needs to be turned up
This bulletin was created to inform customers about operational uses of the Epson MovieMate
subwoofer and provides information about the subwoofer’s volume knob needing to be turned
up almost all the way up to hear it.
The subwoofer output volume is directly controlled by the volume level of the internal
speakers. If the internal speaker volume is low then the subwoofer volume will also be low.
Epson is aware that the volume level on the subwoofer needs to be turned up almost all the
way in order to readily hear the subwoofer. However, the subwoofer is not intended to be a
"3rd speaker" nor is it supposed to behave like a "center audio channel."
The subwoofer volume level is more subtle than the built in speakers of the MovieMate. The
subwoofer is intended to produce low frequency sound output such as "booms" or "thuds"
heard in a movie that are outside the frequency response of the built in speakers.
The crossover knob has a lot to do with what is heard, too. When set to "80," only low
frequency audio will be heard such as "booms" or "thuds." When set to 300, the subwoofer
will allow a larger portion of the audio spectrum to pass through and the audio output starts to
sound more like the built in speakers of the MovieMate. The subwoofer may not sound as loud
as the built in speakers, but it is performing its intended function of reproducing the lower
audio frequencies. The crossover knob should be set based on user preference.
The following text and images are excerpts from the AuraSound setup guide included in the
box with the subwoofer. AuraSound recommends the following settings;
Volume adjustment:
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Turn the Volume knob to increase the volume level and set relative sound level of the
subwoofer to the speakers of the MovieMate projector. See the image below.
Crossover Adjustment
• Turn the Crossover knob clockwise to increase the upper frequency limit of the
subwoofer. When set correctly the total sound range from the speakers of the
MovieMate projector and the subwoofer should be smooth and continuous with no
missing notes or frequency ranges. AuraSound recommends a setting of 2 o’clock as
shown below.
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Originator: JAM
TI 05-51e Rev. A
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Epson MovieMate 25
Do’s and Don’ts of tilt angle for the Epson MovieMate projector
This bulletin is being released with guidelines on using the projector in a tilt position to avoid
possible issues in performance with the built-in DVD player and damage to media.
Question 1: Can the unit be lifted higher by tilting it to position the screen higher on the wall
or projection screen?
Answer 1: Yes, however Epson America, Incorporated (EAI) does not recommend using the
product in a tilted position due to performance issues such as video playback skipping, audio
not tracking properly and breaking up.
Question 2: What is the maximum number of degrees that the unit can be tilted up?
Answer 2: Although EAI cannot guarantee the performance of the projector when used under
such conditions, the projector could be tilted upward up to 5 degrees without problems.
However, the customer shall take full responsibility for such use or any damage incurred.
Question 3: What possible problems might a user have by using it in a tilted position?
Answer 3: Small, 8 cm disc media may pop off the tray when the tray is opened and the
projector is used in a tilted position. The disc may be scratched or damaged, which is not a
fault of the manufacturer. When using the product in a tilted position, discs may not sit well in
the player tray and may rattle while in playback operation.
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