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Innovations 1997
Ideas, Creativity
Advancing Mankind
he AE50 program annually honors those whose engineering efforts
improve the lives and work of people around the world.
Whether small or large, today’s manufacturers offer new technology at an
incredible rate. From tiny valves and computer software disks to enormous
tractors, farm implements and feed, these innovative products cover an infinite
range of engineering developments. They offer users convenience and precision
— while saving time and money.
Each year, AE50 entries are submitted from numerous diverse companies
from around the globe. Only the best are chosen from products used to produce,
process, store, pack or transport agricultural products. Some companies enter
year after year and win repeatedly with new innovations. They are proud to
promote their products to the public as prestigious AE50 winners.
Entries are reviewed by a panel of ASAE-member judges selected to
represent each area of the industry. Following strict AE50 guidelines for product
design, they choose up to 50 of the most innovative products. These products
are typically of interest to designers, developers, managers and many others
involved in engineering for agricultural, food and biological systems.
The 1997 AE50 section in Resource offers readers the chance to learn more
about this year’s AE50 winning products and the companies that produce them.
Telephone numbers are included for readers to call for more information on how
to purchase items, or to learn about the history of their development. (Perhaps
it will stir up an idea for a future entry!)
ASAE and Resource magazine salute these companies, teams and individuals
who worked diligently to conceive, design and create outstanding products.
To all the winners: Congratulations!
Agtech’s Fast Hole Digger Offers
Versatility and Convenience
he Fast Hole Digger (F.H.D.) was developed for continuous drilling of holes at designed distances from each
other. It can dig about 1,000 holes per hour for each
auger mounted on the F.H.D. One, two or four augers — for
two parallel rows — can be mounted on the machine. The
system is hitched to, and powered by, a standard tractor, category 2 and higher, with 45 kW at the P.T.O. Row spacing can
be adjusted, from 1.8 m to 7 m by changing the chain drive
ratio between the rotating wheel and the drill head. Hole
diameter is related to drill diameter. Depth is adjusted up to
45 cm. Agtech Ltd., Technion City, Haifa, Israel; 972-48326618.
Deere Offers Customers Center-Pivot
Rotary Mower Conditioner
ohn Deere’s 945 Center-Pivot Rotary Mower Conditioner is the latest addition to the John Deere family of
rotary mower conditioners. The center-pivot design
appeals to those who prefer cutting back and forth rather
than around a field. The 945 Mower Conditioner cutting
width is 13 ft., 1 in. (4 m). It is offered with roll or impeller
conditioning to help with crop dry down. Impeller conditioning is an exclusive feature on this type of machine. The Deere
rotary cutter bar is offered with shear hub protection. Another
exclusive feature of the 945 is an endwise transport system
offered as an option. This enables the mower conditioner to
be transported with a width of less than 10 ft. (3 m) without
unhitching from the tractor. The 945 has a swivel hitch for
excellent maneuverability. The swivel hitch has options for
hooking to the lower lift arms of the tractor or to the draw
bar. John Deere Ottumwa Works, Ottumwa, IA, USA; 515683-2283.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 3
The Amadas B1025 Hard Hose Irrigator
is Reliable, Robust and Easy to Operate
esigned to meet the irrigation needs of vegetable
growers, turf farms, and swine and poultry producers,
the Amadas B1025 Hard Hose Irrigator provides
exceptional value for the irrigation dollar. Featuring 850 ft. of
2.5-in. I.D. hose, the B1025 covers up to 3.8 acres per pull.
This makes it ideal for irrigating up to 30 acres per week (1-in.
application). Labor is usually less then five minutes per irrigated acre with this irrigator that is simple to set up and operate.
Unitized construction and a self-contained drive unit, with an
internal lubrication system, gives the B1025 the reliability and
robust design the “Reel Rain” name has represented the past
17 years. These irrigators are built to survive in harsh environments and under fierce operating conditions. Amadas
Industries, Suffolk, VA, USA; 757-934-3264.
Operators Can Stay in the Driver’s
Seat to Control the Hesston 4690
he Hesston 4690 is an “in-line” design baler that produces dense square-shouldered bales 15 in. (380 mm)
× 22 in. (560 mm), weighing up to 180 lbs., tied with
three twines. The center feed and single-stage stuffer assure
smooth feeding with minimum leaf loss. This engine-driven
machine with its swing tongue feature allows flexibility in
towing vehicle selection and operator choice of in-line or conventional side pull operation. The control console mounted
on the towing vehicle allows the operator to control all baler
functions without leaving the operator’s seat. Hay & Forage
Industries, Hesston, KS, USA; 316-327-6611.
AE50/ 4
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
SYNCHRO™ Spraying Systems Are Durable
and Fit Most Conventional Equipment
apstan Ag Systems’ SYNCHRO™ Spray Control System
is a unique technology to enhance the precision, range,
utility and economics of agricultural spraying. The Flow
Control Unit uses durable pulsing solenoid valves attached to
standard spray nozzle tips to control flow of fluid spray for
ground and aerial agricultural spray rigs. It eliminates pressure
as a determinant of flow rate in conventional spraying systems. Flow rate ranges are expanded to over eight-to-one and
response times are reduced to a fraction of a second. The
pressure control unit maintains pressure independent of flow
rate. This enables an operator to curtail spray drift on-the-go
through droplet size changes, while maintaining target flow
rates. Flow and spray droplet size can be adjusted using
GPS/GIS inputs through standard rate controllers. Flow and
pressure units are designed to be easily and unobtrusively
retrofit for conventional agricultural spray equipment.
Capstan Ag Systems Inc., Topeka, KS, USA; 913-232-4466.
Jackrabbit’s Wood Chuck Desticker
Sorts Out Waste During Harvest
ackrabbit’s new Wood Chuck Desticker was designed to
remove wood from almonds, walnuts or pecans being
loaded into trucks at field side. The Wood Chuck and the
JJL 20/30 Elevator (also referred to as the Wood Chuck
Elevator) were designed to process 8,000 lbs. of wood and
product in two minutes or less. The elevator bin has a 20-in.,
slow-moving horizontal belt to deliver the load to the Wood
Chuck and the 30-in.-wide incline belt. The almonds fall
through the Wood Chuck to the fast moving incline belt leaving any sticks snagged in the Wood Chuck chain. The sticks
travel with the chain over the top of a slide chute and are
released onto it. The sticks slide down to a cross conveyor
then on to another pivoting exit conveyor for stockpiling or
loading into a trailer. A clean load (75% stick free) of nuts is
delivered to a huller. Sticks removed at the field can be
burned in the field. Jackrabbit Research & Marketing
Division, Ripon, CA, USA; 209-599-6118.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 5
Case IH Mapping Software Determines
Crop Yield and Moisture in the Field
ase IH’s AFS Mapping Software, when combined with
the Case IH Yield Monitor System, offers a mapping
method for grain yield and moisture based on field
location. This software can be used to map and store information on field boundaries, fertility levels, crop inputs, scouting
data and aerial or satellite photographs. The maps can be
used by a producer or consultant to vary inputs to maximize
net income. Unique features include a Map Express for ease
in downloading yield monitor data, a Harvest Statistics
Analyzer for summarizing yield data by other map layers, and
an easy to use digital map registration process for loading aerial or satellite photos. Users with little computer knowledge
can successfully develop maps. The software is also designed
to grow with the user as comfort level and knowledge
increases. The AFS Mapping Software with the Case IH Yield
Monitor was the first complete U.S. factory-installed system
available on the market. Case Corp., Burr Ridge, IL, USA; 630887-2191.
QC3 2-Way Units Offer Users Various
Speed and Other Options
he QC3 2-way unit has an electrically actuated modular
valve and 1-in. manifold system with either one or two
⁄4-in. full port outlets. QC3 2-way units (one outlet port)
can be fitted with one of 10 different gear motor speeds from
two power head series, and 10 wiring options in either 12 or
24 volts DC or AC. The QC3 can be equipped with either a
standard (EH3) or a heavy duty (EH2) actuator with actuation
speeds up to 25 seconds. Eight sizes of 90° and straight hose
barb options are also available on the QC3. KZCO Inc.,
Ashland, NE, USA; 402-944-2767.
AE50/ 6
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
Round Bale Accumulator Moves 4- and
5-Ft.-Wide Bales with Ease
ohn Deere’s 20 Round Bale Accumulator will move and
place round bales more efficiently and reduce time spent
retrieving bales from the field. The Accumulator mounts to
the round baler axle. A chain-driven conveyor moves the bale
onto the carrying platform that holds up to two bales. The
conveyor is driven by a hydraulic motor. The motor is powered by oil diverted from the baler gate cylinder with a
sequence valve. This drive allows use of the baler hydraulics
to power the accumulator. Slats on the conveyor stabilize the
bale during movement. Bale guide rails keep the bales
upright. The rails are adjustable for 4- and 5-ft.-wide bales. A
monitor/controller mounted in the tractor indicates bales on
the accumulator. At the push of a rocker switch, a solenoid
activates a hydraulic cylinder to lower the rear gate and
release the bales. The Round Bale Accumulator saves time,
fuel and money. John Deere Ottumwa Works, Ottumwa, IA,
USA; 800-50DEERE.
BOOMER™ Compact Tractors are Rugged,
Sleek and Reliable
ew Holland’s BOOMER™ Compact Tractors are a
new line of three-cylinder, diesel-powered tractors
built to provide large-tractor toughness and operator
convenience for a variety of jobs in a sleek, ergonomic design.
Model 1530, with its 25 gross engine hp, and Model 1630,
with a 27.3 gross engine hp, provide deluxe features. The
companion higher-horsepower Models 1725, with 29 gross
engine hp, and 1925, with 34 gross engine hp, provide the
same rugged reliability, serviceability and convenience in a
lower-cost feature package. BOOMER options include a 2WD
front axle or a 4WD front axle with standard steer or
SuperSteer™; gear or hydrostatic transmission; power steering; and three choices of tire type. A number of attachments
enhance the tractor, using the BOOMER’s high-capacity live
hydraulics with mid-mounted ports. BOOMER tractors are
designed for simple servicing with access to daily service ports
without opening the hood. New Holland North America,
Inc., New Holland, PA, USA; 717-355-3656.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 7
The Aeromaster SP 155 Compost Turner
is Comfortable and Agile
idwest Bio-Systems’ Aeromaster SP155 Compost
Turner is designed for rapid production of high quality compost through timely and efficient aeration, uniform moisture control and precise inoculation of composting
materials. It provides the operator with a comfortable and
agile machine with minimum environmental impact on the
composting site. The advanced drum design naturally shapes
windrows and blends raw materials while providing maximum aeration. The unique water and inoculant injection system provides one pass moisture control and inoculation without leaching and pollution. The retractable drum assembly
allows entrance and exit from a windrow at any time without
destroying the row continuity. These features enhance composting operation management for high rate production of
high quality compost. Midwest Bio-Systems, Inc., Tampico,
IL, USA; 815-542-6426.
Radial Bean Meter Provides Increased
Accuracy Over Feedcup Meters
or growers who use finger pickups on their
MaxEmerge® 2 and MaxEmerge Plus Planters, John
Deere offers a new radial soybean meter. The Radial
Bean Meter provides increased accuracy over feedcup
meters for growers who prefer planting soybeans with a
mechanical system. Currently, the new soybean meter is not
compatible wıth MaxEmerge Planters. The John Deere feedcup meter will continue to be offered as an option for growers who plant other crops besides soybeans with a mechanical meter. The new meter is designed for reliable performance and durability. Normal-wear components typically
cover significantly more acreage than other mechanical
meters before service is required. John Deere Seeding
Group, Moline, IL, USA; 309-765-2239.
AE50/ 8
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
Large Capacity Case IH Solid
Row Crop Planter
he Case IH 12/23 Solid Row
Crop planter is the most productive new model in the 955
Early Riser line. The Solid Row Crop
allows you to plant 12 rows of corn
30 in. (762 mm) apart or 23 rows of
soybeans 15 in. (381 mm) apart the
same day. The planter accurately
meters seeds using the unique Cyclo
Air system and places seeds in a
precision-controlled environment.
Three 20-bushel seed hoppers are
easy to fill using a new platform. The
frame is a three-section flex design
that easily folds for transport using
controls in the tractor cab. New
technologies include seed tube couplers that reduce seed tube
length, wider carrying wheels for increased flotation, a master/slave hydraulic system for faster raise time and lower
hydraulic pressures, a piston pump for liquid fertilizer delivery
and narrow gauge wheels for improved residue flow. Case
Corp., Burr Ridge, IL, USA; 630-887-2341.
6000 Series Xplorer™ Sprayers
Offer Precise Applications
illmar’s Xplorer™ is used to produce a broad range
of crops including vegetables, small grains and row
crops. It provides precise, timely fertilizer and crop
protection product application. Xplorer uses the latest techniques for operator safety and comfort in its custom designed
cab. The suspension system, with boom suspension, offers
stability for precisely placing materials for maximum value. A
high horsepower-to-weight ratio produces extra power to
operate in harsh conditions. New Steerite™ steering gives
operators complete machine control. An on-board computer
controls spraying to ensure products are applied properly.
These features are combined with simple, reliable hydraulic
systems to create a versatile machine. Willmar
Manufacturing, Willmar, MN, USA; 320-231-9400.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 9
TurboDrop® Saves Time and Money for
Spraying Applications
he TurboDrop® Venturi Nozzle (or the TurboDrop
Venturi used with conventional spray tips) retrofits existing agricultural sprayers to provide unequaled drift
reduction, increased canopy penetration and improved chemical coverage. A ceramic metering orifice precisely controls the
flow rate, while the venturi pulls in air and the unique mixing
chamber blends that air with the spray solution. The result
from the spray tip is larger, drift-resistant, penetrating droplets
accelerated toward the target exploding on impact. The
TurboDrop does what expensive air-assisted sprayers are
designed to do — without the help of fans or compressors —
using a simple, economical, retrofittable sprayer accessory.
TurboDrop makes the sprayer more efficient, effective, versatile and safe. Greenleaf Technologies, Inc., Covington, LA,
USA; 504-892-2778.
Improved Engine Gives New Case IH
8900 Series Tractors Extra Power
ase IH 8900 Series tractors have more horsepower and
new features to increase performance and operator
productivity. Horsepower has increased to 225 on the
8950, which is the largest model. Added horsepower was
achieved without sacrificing durability by making engine
improvements such as a waste gate turbocharger and fivehole injector nozzles. Cooling system enhancements from a
new viscous fan, and 106% more grille screen area, compliment this power. Productivity was improved by using new
electronic hitch features. The operator can select automatic
disengagement/engagement (sensed by hitch position) of
the rear axle differential lock and/or front axle drive mode for
easier headland operations. A slip limit feature automatically
raises the rear hitch when rear wheels exceed a preset slip
limit. The 8900 Series is designed to be compatible with Case
IH’s site-specific farming technology. Case Corp., Racine, WI,
USA; 414-363-0428.
AE50/ 10
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
TR2 Tracker Suited for Wide Variety
of Row and Field Crops
he GK TR2 Tracker is a selfpropelled, hydrostatically driven rubber track sprayer with
“on-the-go” tracking width adjustment from 60 to 80 in. Powered by
an 80 hp diesel engine, it features a
250 gallon spray tank and 50- to
60-ft. spray booms with a pressurized cab and charcoal filtration. With
11.7-in.-wide tracks and 30-in.
ground clearance, the TR2 is suited
for a wide variety of row and field
crops. With only 5.4 psi ground
pressure, growers can spray when it
is too muddy for traditional
wheeled sprayers. The TR2 rides
and handles smoothly using a unique bogey roller suspension
system on the tracks and an adjustable steering wheel control
to suit field conditions. The modular spray system is easily
removed, allowing attachment of an optional three-point
mount for granular fertilizer spreading. GK Machine, Donald,
OR, USA; 503-678-5525.
Consistency Over Row Unit Travel
Featured in Down Force System
he new John Deere Pneumatic Down Force System
uses air pressure to provide consistent and positive
down force to the MaxEmerge Plus Planter row unit.
This system allows the customer to apply the precise amount
of down force needed to meet the field conditions they
encounter and makes adjustment easier. The biggest advantage of the pneumatic system is consistent down force over
the full range of row unit travel. The system uses two air
springs per row unit and a single air compressor to provide 0
to 400 lbs. of force per opener. Pneumatic Down Force provides single point control of down force to all units, 0 to 400
lbs. of down force — infinitely variable, consistent down force
throughout the full range of row unit travel and the ability to
remove down force from splitter row units on 1780 planters
with one valve. John Deere Seeding Group, East Moline, IL,
USA; 309-765-2077.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 11
New Holland Model 585 Three-Tie Baler
Features Widest Pickup in the Industry
ew Holland’s Model 585 Three-Tie Baler will process
and package forage crops and various crop residues
into a marketable bale. The 585 is engine driven and
features a self-contained hydraulic system that controls the
tongue swing, pickup lift and bale density system. This allows
the operator to use various tow vehicles without adding auxiliary hydraulics. The 585 provides performance monitors and
controls mounted in the towing vehicle. The remote control
box includes warning lights for various engine pressures and
temperatures and controls for the tongue shift, pickup lift,
engine rpm, bale density and work lights. The 585 can be
operated in the offset or in-line baling position. The in-line
position allows the 585 to be operated in 40-in. beds to
reduce soil compaction. The 585 features the widest pickup
in the industry, which feeds into an in-line feeder system that
saves more leaves while making solid, uniform bales in all
crop conditions. New Holland North America, Inc., New
Holland, PA, USA; 717-355-3656.
Increased Productivity for the New
Intermediate Square Baler
ohn Deere’s 100 Intermediate
Square Baler produces a dense,
tightly packed 31.5- × 31.5-in.
bale that can weigh up to 1,000 lbs.
The John Deere 100 baler was
designed to bale a variety of crops
from straw to high moisture hay. It
features a unique Powr-Feed system
that uses a cam-type torque limiting
clutch that disengages when overloaded but engages when torque
increases —as the flywheel slows
down — to clear the plug. The standard pre-cutter allows the operator
to make bales of cut crop, which
enhances feeding characteristics.
Gearbox and shaft drives, a wide
low-profile pickup, 24-ball twine storage capacity and a controller/monitor add to increased operator productivity.
Available options include a tandem axle, compressed air knot-
AE50/ 12
ter cleaning system, a last bale ejection system and a knotter
and field lighting package. John Deere Ottumwa Works,
Ottumwa, IA, USA; 800-50DEERE.
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
HPL Series Cornheads’ Low Profile Lets
Them Operate in Wind-Damaged Fields
ixall’s HPL series cornheads offer simple hydraulic drives, large drive sprockets for increased gathering belt
life and improved product flow for sweet corn and seed
corn harvesting. The row units and auger are driven directly by
hydraulic motors. The HPL cornhead incorporates two sonar
sensors. They provide automatic lateral tilt and vertical height
control. The head allows automatic return to a preset height
and cab-controlled adjustment of the head height. Lateral
sonar control keeps the head parallel to the ground in any
condition or on any terrain. The HPL series cornheads have a
low profile enabling them to operate in wind-damaged cornfields. Plastic shields and snouts reduce weight, eliminate rust,
reduce product drag and facilitate wind-damaged corn harvesting. The HPL series cornheads use cab-adjustable stripper
plates and aggressive Pixall Knife Rolls with 10 pairs of meshing knives for tough stalk conditions. Pixall Limited
Partnership, Clear Lake, WI, USA; 715-263-2112.
12/23 Row Planter Ensures Accurate
Row Spacing on Contours
he Great Plains pull type 23 row planter is
a unique solution to field function and road
transport problems associated with the large
split row planter market. The unit was designed for
no-till and no-till coulter mounting. The quick-disconnect rear frame allows fast, easy changing from
planting 30- to 15-in. rows and ensures high flotation when planting with either row width. The
front bar coulter mounting on the 12-row unit, and
the separate frame for the 11-row unit, ensures
high capacity crop trash clearance. The fully independent contour following hitch on the 11-row
ensures accurate row spacing on contours. A
heavy duty row unit moves planter reliability to a
new level in difficult no-till conditions and offers
patented Seed-lokseed firming wheels. Both units
have ground gauging at the seed tube to allow
accurate seed depth placement. Optional liquid
fertilizer integral with the 12-row allows accurate
fertilizer placement. Great Plains Mfg., Assaria, KS,
USA; 913-667-7763.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 13
Sector™ Site-Specific Computer
Controls Liquid Spraying
he Sector™ was developed by three individual companies that shared expertise to create a computer system
combining site-specific agricultural needs into one system. The Sector controls liquid spraying of fertilizer and crop
protection products for application precisely to the crop. A
global positioning system allows agronomists to program the
Sector to change rates in various parts of the field. This maximizes crop production without over applying products where
they are not needed. Sector records the application rate for
operators using global positioning. Injection pumps are controlled so products can be delivered to the field without mixing concentrated chemicals with the main bulk tank. This
eliminates the need for in-field tank rinsing. Willmar
Manufacturing, Willmar, MN, USA; 320-231-9400.
Model 996 Corn Head is Faster and
More Efficient than Older Models
ew Holland’s Model 996 Corn Head is
designed to give operators more corn in
less time when used on the New Holland
TRTM 88 and TRTM 98 Twin Rotor® combines,
New Holland TXTM 66 and TXTM 68 combines or
the New Holland FX Series self-propelled forage
harvesters. The new-generation design and polyethylene construction enable the operator to get
under more downed corn, travel faster and lose
fewer ears of corn than with a conventional corn
head. The polyethylene also eliminates rust and
any need for repainting. Lightweight shielding is
designed for easy servicing, transport and storage
with quick latches and props. A unique two-piece cantilevered
stalk roll design is implemented in a heat-treated, straight-fluted component that requires only one bolt to install or remove.
This makes it easy to change between standard and knife-
AE50/ 14
edge stalk rolls. The 996 is available in 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- and 12-row
models in various row spacings. New Holland North America,
Inc., New Holland, PA, USA; 717-355-3656.
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
High-Quality Environment for Livestock
Possible with Ventium™ System
he Ventium™ System uses a comprehensive monitoring
approach to maintain building temperatures, air speeds,
humidity levels, ventilation and air quality conditions in
swine confinement facilities. Ventium takes a low-cost, lowenergy use ventilation method (natural ventilation) and
refines it to produce a high-quality environment for livestock
and workers. It saves energy and addresses growing concerns
about air quality in livestock production. The Ventium system
uses multiple temperature and air speed sensors to read each
animal-occupied zone, which allows the vents to open properly and accurately for changing weather patterns. The
Ventium system monitors the building, reviewing the temperature every minute. The Ventium determines overall effects of
the thermal environment on the animal. Other Ventium features include control of fans, heaters, curtains, misters, ridge
vents, chimneys and water and feed systems. Standard features are recording of equipment, animal information and historical data. Raydot, Inc., Cokato, MN, USA; 800-328-3813.
Adjustable Active Hydraulic Weight
Transfer Featured on NTA3510
reat Plains’ NTA3510 No-Till
Implement, combined with
the ADC2220 Air Cart, provides a highly capable, productive
seeding system. The NTA3510
implement features a 35-ft. operating width in 71⁄2- or 10-in. row spacing while transporting under 17 ft.
wide and 14 ft. high. The drill features adjustable active hydraulic
weight transfer to keep the wings
and center running evenly. The air
seeding cart offers two 110-bushel
bins, a standard 6-in. loading or
unloading auger and bin access
from either side. The ground-driven
metering uses an electric clutch
combined with a height switch on the implement to engage
when the implement is lowered and disengage when it is
raised. Heavy duty parallel arm double disc units cut through
The AE50 for 1997
residue while tilling a mini seedbed for the opener. Great
Plains Mfg., Assaria, KS, USA; 913-667-7763.
AE50/ 15
AirMatic Control System Monitors
Air and Liquid Pressures
he TeeJet® AirMatic Control System allows the sprayer
operator to effectively control droplet size over a wide
range of spray pressures and application rates. Five
droplet size categories are available with the AirMatic System.
One of the primary components used in the AirMatic System
are AirJet Bi-fluid nozzles. These nozzles internally mix air and
liquid to produce an atomized spray pattern used in crop
spraying. By monitoring both the air and liquid pressures in
the system, the AirMatic can maintain a constant droplet size
over a variety of speeds and application rates by simply
adjusting the air pressure. The AirMatic system allows the
sprayer operator to choose and maintain the droplet size that
best fits application needs regardless of changes in sprayer
speed or pressure. This allows the use of the same AirJet nozzle to apply both small droplets for maximum coverage and
larger droplets in drift-sensitive areas. Spraying Systems Co.,
Wheaton, IL, USA; 630-665-5201.
Model 1780 Planters Give Operators
a Complete 20-In. Cropping System
he Model 1780 Planters are two 40-ft.
working-width, narrow row precision planters
from John Deere Seeding Group. The Model
1780 24 Row 20 inch Planter was introduced with
a 12-row, 20-in. corn head and a 24-row, 20-in.
cultivator to make Deere the first provider of a
complete 20-in. cropping system. The Model 1780
16 Row/31 Row, plants row crops in 30- or 15-in.
row spacing. Both are equipped with MaxEmerge
Plus row units and new SeedStar frame control for
fold-and-go transport from the tractor cab. The
SeedStar monitoring system offers direct control of
the new optional variable on-the-go seeding rate
adjustment. A single point adjustment pneumatic
down force makes adjusting down force for changing soil conditions quick and easy. These threesection, flexing machines can be equipped with
vacuum, plateless or the new Radial Bean
Metering systems. John Deere Seeding Group,
Moline, IL, USA; 309-765-2077.
AE50/ 16
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
1431 Discbine® Disc Mower-Conditioner
Maximizes Length of Windrow
ew Holland’s Model 1431
Discbine ® Disc MowerConditioner is a highly
maneuverable machine. The center
pivot tongue swings 38.5° to the left
and right from a center position to
give maneuverability and performance from either side of the tractor. A field can be cut back and forth
along its length vs. in a diminishing
circular pattern, maximizing the
length of the windrow and minimizing the number of turns when harvesting. Also, the operator can shift
the tongue, while he or she continues to cut, on-the-go for steering
around field obstacles. The dual V-belt cutter bar drive minimizes shock loads to the driveline, and power is split
between both ends of the unique modular disc cutter bar to
increase reliability and durability. This machine uses 10 mod-
ular discs with a 3.9-m (13-ft.) cutting width and has 2.6-m
(102-in.) intermeshing rolls. New Holland North America,
Inc., New Holland, PA, USA; 717-355-3656.
Case IH Quadtrac Improves
Farm Productivity
ase’s Quadtrac is a unique new product with many
advantages over current 4WD tractors and other steel
and rubber tracked agricultural vehicles. The Quadtrac is
an articulated tractor featuring four independently mounted
track assemblies that replace the tires on conventional 4WD
models. The track assemblies independently oscillate to follow ground contours. This feature, along with conventional
articulated 4WD chassis oscillation, minimizes soil compaction, maximizes traction and improves the ride. The vehicle is 10 ft. wide, which is narrower than typical wide dual
and triple tire equipment on 4WD tractors. Quadtrac allows
less ground pressure, operating at about 5 psi. Less ground
pressure improves farm productivity by increasing yields.
Quadtrac rubber tracks improve traction in all conditions
allowing earlier access to fields and operation in marginal soil
conditions. Case Corp., Fargo, ND, USA; 701-293-4400.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 17
Series KP Dewatering Screw Presses
Score High in Performance Tests
incent Series KP Dewatering Screw Presses separate
manure into manageable flows of screened liquid and
bulk solids. The stainless steel screw press features
rugged simplicity with low acquisition and maintenance costs.
Hard surfacing is applied to high wear areas. Gear boxes were
selected for continuous long-term operation. Remarkable performance was achieved in tests at the U.S. Dairy Forage
Research Center and University of Wisconsin. The Model KP10 processes 50 gpm of dairy manure with a separation of 43
gpm liquid. Inbound solids were split evenly with 50% in the
press liquid and 50% in the press cake. Press cake moisture
content measured 72%. Using the Series KP screw press
changes “waste management” to “nutrient utilization.”
Recycling manure as a soil additive improves sanitation,
reduces odor pollution and controls groundwater contamination. At the same time, a valuable resource is returned to the
soil as a nutrient. Vincent Corp., Tampa, FL, USA; 813-2482650.
Environmental Concerns Addressed by
Gehl Scavenger Spreaders
ehl Scavenger spreaders transport
and spread agricultural, municipal
and industrial waste of liquid and
solid consistencies. The round core segmented conveying auger breaks up and
blends waste materials as it delivers the
necessary charge to the discharge
expeller. Auger segment paddle leading
edge curvature and shape, combined with
the round core and helical pattern, resist
material build-up and wrapping of stringy,
long-stem materials. Double acting
hydraulic cylinders move the conveyor
auger up and down to break any bridged
material in the V-shaped tank. Reversible
square-toothed paddles on the discharge
expeller rip, shred and propel material with an overshot trajectory, delivering it in a uniform spread pattern. The
improved application rate control allows for land applications
consistent with nutrient requirements and environmental
concerns. Adjustable retainers on tank slides and gate help
AE50/ 18
maintain a liquid seal. Self-contained warning lights connected to the standard seven-pin receptacle provide safety identification for highway transport. Gehl Co., West Bend, WI, USA;
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
Gallenberg FieldMaster Harvester
Separates Rocks, Dirt and Trash
allenberg’s FieldMaster
Harvester was designed
to increase the efficiency
of potato harvesting, increase
crop quality and reduce operator fatigue. The machine can dig
three, four or six rows. The
unique dual airhead increases
capacity and balances weight
distribution. A well thought out
process separates rocks, dirt
and trash to allow for product
flow efficiency. A simple, clean
hydraulic design provides well
balanced flows and pressures.
Logical component placement
streamlines the size and weight,
eliminating awkwardness and making it easy for the driver to
operate. The unit has the potential to replace two tractors and
two windrowers. Gallenberg Equipment Inc., Antigo, WI,
USA; 800-533-2662.
7000 Series Ranger™ Self-Propelled
Sprayer Provides Maximum Value
he Willmar Ranger™ is used to produce a broad range
of crops, including vegetables, small grains and row
crops, by providing precise, timely fertilizer and crop protection product application. The Ranger uses the latest technologies to achieve operator safety and comfort in its custom
designed cab. The machine’s Field Sensor™ suspension system, combined with boom suspension, provides stability for
precisely placing materials for maximum value. A high horsepower-to-weight ratio produces the extra power needed to
operate in tough conditions. New Steerite™ steering gives
operators complete machine control. The on-board computer
controls spraying to ensure products are applied properly to
crops. Combining these features with simple, yet highly reliable, hydraulic systems yields a versatile machine. Willmar
Manufacturing, Willmar, MN, USA; 320-231-9400.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 19
Accurate, Easy to Use Case IH Variable
Rate Controller Adjusts in the Cab
ew Advanced Farming System Variable Rate
Controller, when installed on the Case IH Early Riser
planter, allows the operator to make on-the-go
changes to seed population rates. This hydraulically driven
system is accurate, easy to operate and features a console
that mounts in the tractor cab. To operate, simply program
the console to your target population, then change seeding
rates as you go. Electronic signals from the Variable Rate
Controller adjust a flow-control valve, which speeds or slows
the hydraulic motor located on the seed module. The Variable
Rate Controller allows for stationary operation of the seed
drum, simplifying checks of the seed drum brush, and cutoff
wheel adjustments. Case Corp., Burr Ridge, IL, USA; 630-8872241.
Finn T60 Series II HydroSeeder®
Uses Water to Project Seeds
he T60 Series II HydroSeeder® features increased
pump performance, convenient controls, reduced maintenance and improved operator safety. Originally developed for the landscape and erosion control markets, the
HydroSeeder had a specific market niche with its ability to
project seed and fertilizer, using water as a carrier, onto soil to
establish vegetation. The Series II advancements expanded
the HydroSeeder for a variety of applications ranging from
sports turf installation, landfill cover, dust control and portable
irrigation. The unit will enhance the use of conventional applications due to increased efficiency and ease of operation.
Alternative uses for the versatile machines will ensure fast
paced growth and acceptance in a variety of environmental
markets. Finn Corp., Fairfield, OH, USA; 800-543-7166.
AE50/ 20
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
Comfort, Convenience, Power and Serviceability
Highlight 9000 Series Tractors
he 70 Series 4WD tractors offered by John Deere have
been replaced by a new 9000 product line as part of a
continuous improvement process to meet customer
needs and provide products with maximum value. The new
model lineup is 260, 310, 360, and 425 engine hp. All models are powered by John Deere engines with the largest three
using new 10.5-liter and 12.5-liter engines. The 9000 Series
tractors are a styled tractor family building on many of the
8000 Series Row Crop tractor concepts and designs. The new
product line offers improved operator comfort, enhanced
operator convenience and simplified serviceability. John
Deere Product Engineering Center, Waterloo, IA, USA; 319292-8000.
8000 Planter/Drill Fertilizes While
Precision Planting Crops
lexi-Coil’s 8000 Planter/Drill
is an accurate, multi-use tool
for row crop planting and fertilizing applications. With the 8000,
a producer can fertilize and precision plant corn in one pass, then
easily switch to a different crop
using the same machine. The
8000 features a tool bar mounted
on an air cart with a three-point
hitch. The tool bar carries disc
openers on multi-position opener
mounts and precision planter
units. As a planter, the air cart provides fertilizer to the disc openers while the precision planter
units plant corn. For drill applications, the multi-position
opener mounts rotate the openers’ position without tools.
The planter boxes and singulators lift off the row openers and
the air cart supplies seed, fertilizer or other product to all
The AE50 for 1997
openers on the tool bar. In both cases, a transfer system
allows the air cart weight to be hydraulically distributed evenly
across the tool bar for penetration control in a variety of soil
types. Flexi-Coil, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; 306934-3500.
AE50/ 21
Auto Lok Yoke Offers Hands-Free
Locking System Operation
uto Lok yoke is intended for use on large or heavy
drivelines where better weight support is necessary for
ease of connection to the tractor PTO shaft or connecting shaft. The design allows hands-free operation of the locking mechanism, permitting the operator to position hands for
better support of driveline weight. A spring-loaded metal slide
collar is used, along with a unique pawl design with high
thrust capacity. When the collar is pulled back, it temporarily
locks into a released position, which allows the hands to be
repositioned. When the tractor PTO shaft or connecting shaft
is inserted into the yoke bore, the collar automatically releases to lock the yoke onto the shaft. The yokes are available in
1.375-6, 1.375-21 and 1.750-20 spline bores. Weasler
Engineering, Inc., West Bend, WI, USA; 414-338-2161.
7000 Ten Series Tractors are Improved
to Meet the Global Customer’s Needs
he 7000 Ten Series row crop tractors offered by John
Deere replace the 7000 Series product line. The new
models are 95, 105, 115, 130 and 150 PTO hp. They
offer a number of improvements to better meet worldwide
customer needs. The 7000 Ten Series has increased horsepower, left hand reverser on Power Quad, load sensing for
improved shifting on power shift, improved lighting and
improved air conditioning performance. These tractors feature
the new John Deere Power Tech 6.8-L and 8.1-L engines
developed to meet government emission regulations for
1997 and beyond. Both engines provide improved durability
and performance. The 6.8 L has up to 38% torque rise and
the 8.1 L has up to 50% torque rise. John Deere Product
Engineering Center, Waterloo, IA, USA; 319-292-8218.
AE50/ 22
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
HighLander™ Can Be Adjusted by One
Person Using Minimal Tools
illmar’s HighLander™ is a high clearance adjustable
track fertilizer spreader designed to enable fertilizer
dealers to get more use from one spreader. The 30in. crop clearance allows producers to “spoon feed” fertilizer
requirements throughout the growing season. Applying fertilizer in smaller amounts during the growing season, rather
then applying total fertilizer requirement at pre-emergence,
has advantages. The lower application rate is absorbed by the
crop before it can leach or run off. If weather conditions are
unfavorable, additional fertilizer inputs are not necessary. The
wheel track is adjustable from 72 to 120 in. to allow for row
spacing. The simple design allows adjustment by one person
with minimum tools in a short time period. No drivelines,
chains or assemblies need adjustment after the wheel track is
set. Willmar Manufacturing, Willmar, MN, USA; 320-2319400.
Durable Stinger “Plus” DC Fence
Energizers Preserve Battery Life
he Stinger “Plus” AC and DC fence energizers are
designed to be among the most durable and efficient on
the market. All Stinger products are CSA and UL
approved and outdoor rated to withstand harsh conditions.
Stinger technology features reliable and innovative analog
design housed in a tight water resistant case. Stinger energizers are among the most efficient on the market. They draw on
200 MA input and produce 95,000-watt pulses, easily energizing 12 miles of fence. Stinger “Plus” DC energizers include
a photo diode that enables the energizer to reduce the
amount of output during the night to preserve battery life. All
energizers come with an innovative mounting system that
allows easy application to any post or tree. Stinger Products,
a division of BEEtronics, Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 23
Teacraft Op-Tea-Mizer Replaces Time
Consuming Factory Trials
he enzymic fermentation process of black tea manufacture is influenced by time, temperature and input material. The Teacraft Op-Tea-Mizer allows the tea maker
to accurately define the correct duration of fermentation by
sub-sampling from the process line and preparing QC tasting
samples under precise and reproducible conditions. The OpTea-Mizer is a programmable four-chambered miniature fluid
bed tea drier that simulates full-scale factory drier conditions.
Four individually timed fermentation samples are simultaneously dried under preset conditions without operator intervention. In less than 30 minutes, this QC tool provides four
accurately prepared tasting samples spanning the fermentation range. Organoleptic evaluation determines the best fermentation timing, and factory line timing is adjusted to the
new period to ensure optimum tea quality. The process
replaces disruptive and inaccurate full-scale factory trials that
take up to six hours. Teacraft Ltd., Kempston Bedford,
United Kingdom; 44 1234 852121.
Truck Mounted Bark Blowers Move Up
to 20 Cubic Yards of Bulk Per Hour
inn Corp., manufacturers of landscape and erosion control equipment, has expanded into the landscape maintenance market with its new truck mounted Bark
Blower. Finn’s 808 and 816 Bark Blowers are self powered,
portable, pneumatic spreaders designed to convey wood
mulches, compost and other bulk materials containing a high
concentration of long fibers. Powered by an 80 hp John
Deere 4039D diesel engine, these units can generate 750 cfm
airflow at a maximum 12 psi to move up to 20 cubic yards of
bulk material per hour through a 4-in. distribution hose at
lengths of up to 300 ft. Made to directly mount onto a truck
chassis, these units hold 8.2 and 15.7 cubic yards.
Applications range from residential and commercial landscape bark mulch projects to compost spreading and highway
roadside mulch cover jobs. Impressive production rates lead
to tremendous labor and material savings over conventional
rake and wheelbarrow operations. Finn Corp., Fairfield, OH,
USA; 800-543-7166.
AE50/ 24
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
Flexi-Coil 6000 No-Till Air Drill
Offers Ultra-Low Disturbance
lexi-Coil’s 6000 NoTill Air Drill is an ultralow disturbance seeding tool. The 6000 No-Till Air
Drill has a two-bar frame with
a hitch that is rigid in transport but free-floating in field
position. Barton Angle Disc
openers are mounted on the
7- × 7-in. frame in either a
10- or 7.5-in. spacing configuration. The patented Barton
opener features an 18-in. disc
blade mounted at a compound angle to cut crop
residues easier and penetrate
soil with less down pressure. A cleaning wheel keeps soil from
moving up and away from the blade, forming a slot for seed
placement. A V-shaped press wheel follows the blade, pressing at the opposite angle to completely close the slot, leaving
little soil disturbance. The 6000 No-Till Air Drill has reduced
tillage applications in dryland farming worldwide. Flexi-Coil,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; 306-934-3500.
“Six Series” Round Balers Work Under
Wet or Other Difficult Conditions
he new John Deere “Six Series” Round Balers form
bales ranging from 750 to 2,400 lbs. and include new
features for increased capacity, easier operation and
improved quality. The “mega tooth” pickup is a first in round
baler pickups. With extra-stiff teeth and heavy-duty components, it offers customers faster bale starting and improved
feeding, especially in wet or difficult baling conditions. The
BaleTrak Plus monitor/controller combines more than 20
functions with a simple-to-operate, user friendly interface. It
provides the convenience of a preprogrammed baling cycle
with the flexibility to individually adjust each setting as crop
conditions change. New belt fasteners include the extra service life rectangular wire fastener and a new riveted plate-type
fastener to handle heavier bales and increase pull-out
strength. “Six Series” balers use John Deere diamond tread
forming belts to enclose more than 90% of the bale, to shape
tight bales and retain hay quality. John Deere Ottumwa
Works, Ottumwa, IA, USA; 800-50DEERE.
The AE50 for 1997
AE50/ 25
Customers Drive Design of New
Self-Propelled Windrower
group of customers with extensive knowledge of
windrower operation helped determine specifications
with engineering and marketing before the John Deere
4890 Self-Propelled Windrower designing began. These customers also tested the new windrower under their conditions
to verify that it met their requirements and had higher productivity and ease of operation than their current machines.
The 4890 Self-Propelled Windrower and 890 Auger Platform
are new from the ground up. A key new feature is the ability
to power reverse the platform to unplug the platform from
the cab with the flip of a switch. The windrower is designed
for commercial hay operations that require higher productivity
than is currently available. The machine was designed with
the operator in mind in terms of ease of operation, serviceability and productivity. Heavy duty state-of-the-art components were used throughout the machine. John Deere
Ottumwa Works, Ottumwa, IA, USA; 515-683-2442.
TORQMASTER Designed for Long Life
with Minimal Service
he TORQMASTER family of modular friction clutches by
Weasler Engineering combine the unique features of a
modular design with 60° of free motion. The family consists of three clutch paks with torque ratings from 3,000 to
24,000 in • lbs. It has 12 universal joint sizes, allowing the size
and capacity of the clutch to be tailored to the application.
The unique design allows uniform wear of friction discs, while
isolating and dissipating heat to ensure long life. Modular
components provide easy service with a minimum of service
parts. Free motion allows the tractor yoke splines to be
aligned with the tractor PTO shaft splines for easy hook-up.
The TORQMASTER clutch is intended for use on the implement end of the primary driveline or at a secondary location
in the implement drive system. Weasler Engineering, Inc.,
West Bend, WI, USA; 414-338-2161.
AE50/ 26
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
AE50 Winners Index
Agtech Ltd.
Fast Hole Digger
page AE3
Gehl Company
Gehl Scavenger Spreaders
page AE18
Amadas Industries
Model B1025 Hard Hose
page AE4
GK Machine
GK TR2 Tracker
page AE11
Capstan Ag Systems Inc.
SYNCHRO™ Spray Control
page AE5
Case Corporation
Case IH AFS Mapping
page AE6
Case Corporation
Case IH 12/23 Solid Row
Crop Planter
page AE9
Case Corporation
Case IH 8900 Series
page AE10
Case Corporation
Case IH Quadtrac
page AE17
Case Corporation
Case IH Variable Rate
page AE20
Finn Corporation
Finn Model T60 Series II
page AE20
Finn Corporation
Finn Models 808 & 816
Bark Blowers
page AE24
Flexi-Coil 6000 No-Till Air
page AE25
Flexi-Coil 8000
page AE21
Gallenberg Equipment
Gallenberg FieldMaster
page AE19
The AE50 for 1997
Great Plains Mfg.
NTA3510 No-Till
page AE15
Great Plains Mfg.
Pull Type 23 Row Planter
page AE13
Greenleaf Technologies
TurboDrop® Venturi
page AE10
Hay & Forage Industries
Hesston Model 4690
page AE4
Jackrabbit Research &
Marketing Division
Jackrabbit Wood Chuck
page AE5
John Deere Ottumwa
John Deere 20 Round
Bale Accumulator
page AE7
John Deere Ottumwa
John Deere 100
Intermediate Square
page AE12
John Deere Ottumwa
John Deere 945 CenterPivot Rotary Mower
page AE3
John Deere Ottumwa
John Deere 4890 SelfPropelled Windrower
page AE26
John Deere Ottumwa
John Deere “Six Series”
Round Balers
page AE25
John Deere Product
Engineering Center
7000 Ten Series Row Crop
page AE22
Pixall Limited
Pixall HPL Series
page AE13
John Deere Product
Engineering Center
9000 Series 4WD Tractors
page AE21
Raydot, Inc.
Ventium™ System
page AE15
John Deere Seeding
Model 1780 Planters
page AE16
John Deere Seeding
Pneumatic Down Force
page AE11
John Deere Seeding
Radial Bean Meter
page AE8
QC3 2-Way Unit
page AE6
Midwest Bio-Systems
Aeromaster SP155
Compost Turner
page AE8
New Holland North
America Inc.
New Holland BOOMER™
Compact Tractors
page AE7
New Holland North
America Inc.
New Holland Model 585
Three-Tie Baler
page AE12
New Holland North
America Inc.
New Holland Model 996
Corn Head
page AE14
New Holland North
America Inc.
New Holland Model 1431
Discbine® Disc MowerConditioner
page AE17
Spraying Systems Co.
TeeJet® AirMatic Control
page AE16
Stinger Prod., a division
of BEEtronics, Inc.
Stinger “Plus” AC and DC
Fence Energizers
page AE23
Teacraft Ltd.
Teacraft Op-Tea-Mizer
page AE24
Vincent Corp.
Vincent Series KP
Dewatering Screw
page AE18
Weasler Engineering
Auto Lok Yoke
page AE22
Weasler Engineering
page AE26
Willmar Manufacturing
HighLander™ Fertilizer
page AE23
Willmar Manufacturing
Ranger™ Sprayer
page AE19
Willmar Manufacturing
Sector™ Computer System
page AE14
Willmar Manufacturing
Xplorer™ Sprayer
page AE9
AE50/ 27
Outstanding Innovations for 1997
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