Epson | 6100i | User Replaceable Parts List | Epson 6100i User Replaceable Parts List

User Replaceable Items effective 9/22/2008
PowerLite 6100i / 6110i
AC Power Cable (3 prong) (6100i/6110i)
208 0118
Computer Cable (VGA Cable) (6100i/6110i)
211 0978
Lamp (V13H010L37) (PowerLite 6100i)
Lamp (V13H010L45) (PowerLite 6110i)
144 1945
212 0146
Remote Controller (PowerLite 6100i)
143 5033
Remote Controller (PowrLite 6110i)
147 0167
Projector Software CD (EMP Monitor V4.10) (6100i)
Projector Software CD for Monitoring CD (ver. 1.1 for
Windows – contains EMP Monitor v4.21) (6110i)
310 1443
310 2766
Rear Cable Cover (6100i / 6110i)
143 3920
High Efficient Air Filter (Standard) (6100i/6110i)
143 3853
Smoke Filter (optional) (6100i/6110i)
Order user replaceable parts from an Epson authorized parts distributor.
---- or ---Locate an Epson Authorized Service Center to order user replaceable parts by using the
“Help me find…” tool in the right column of the Epson Support home page.
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