Street Hockey Rules

Street Hockey Rules
Street Hockey Rules
1. THE OBJECT OF THE GAME: Have fun. Don’t try and revive a failed career in the NHL. This
is a fun tournament with other people who love hockey.
2. TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE- The tournament may have a round robin and/or other
random aspects to it such as skills tests and shoot outs; these will be at the discretion of the
Commissioner of Hockey. The tournament will also have an elimination format. If you lose in
an elimination round, you are out of the tournament. If your team wins you advance to the
next round, and play until you are either eliminated or win the tournament entirely. You can
beg and plead to join another team and all pleas will be heard by the Commissioner of
Hockey who makes the final decision.
3. THE PLAYING SURFACE: The tournament will be played in the back patio area of the
There will be two areas which the games will played on: 1 large rink and 1 small rink. Each
team will play at least once on each rink, unless eliminated from tournament beforehand.
To play street hockey in the large rink you must have 10 players in the game at any given
time (5 per team). The positions are 2 Forwards, 2 Defensemen and 1 Goalie.
To play the small rink you must have 8 players total in the game at any given time (4 per
team). The positions are 1 Forwards, 1 Defensemen, 1 Rover (can play defence and forward)
and 1 Goalie.
4. TEAMS & INDIVIDUALS: You may have up to 8 players on your team. Players must be
over 18 years of age. Each team must have two players of the opposite sex on their team,
one of which must be playing at all times during any game.
Teams playing must have the same players they begin the tournament with when advancing
to the next rounds. Players from other teams who have been eliminated cannot join other
teams still playing as this could create an unfair advantage. However, eliminated players
may join other teams at the absolute discretion of the Commissioner of Hockey. If a team is
caught with players who are not part of the official roster and team, that team may be
eliminated and forfeits the game to the opposing team.
Teams should register by emailing their roster to [email protected] by no later
than 20 June 2017.
Individuals who are not part of a team should also register at [email protected]
by no later than 20 June 2017. They will be assigned a team
All players must sign a waiver before participating in any games. The waiver must be
signed and submitted on the day of the tournament. The waiver is attached at the end of
this document.
Walks-ons during the day will be assigned to teams as seen fit by the Commissioner of
5. EQUIPMENT: Street hockey is played with street hockey sticks and a ball which will be
provided at the venue. Sticks, net, balls and goalie equipment will be provided at no charge.
Street Hockey Rules
Your best bet is to wear comfortable clothing. You should wear athletic shoes that are good
for the gym or the playground.
Some players may be required to wear protective equipment supplied upon request by the
Commissioner of Hockey.
6. REFEREE: The referee is responsible for making sure the rules are followed by both teams.
The "ref" starts the game and each period with a face-off. He calls all penalties, confirms all
goals, and is the last word in any team disputes.
7. PENALTIES. There will be no checking of other players. Checking a player will result in a
penalty and or an ejection from the game or tournament. Other illegal acts such slashing,
tripping, cross checking, high sticking, checking from behind will draw a penalty which can
result in a 1 minute minor, 5 minute major or a game ejection. Fighting will draw an
automatic ejection from the tournament of any player involved, and a 5 minute major for
the team and great shame for you.
There are no slap-shots.
Be mindful that you are playing with spectators watching and there is limited or no barriers
between them and the playing areas.
8. TIME: Time of play will be 3, 5-minute periods, 15 minutes total for each game unless
otherwise altered by the Commissioner of Hockey. The clock should continue to run even if
play stops (this is called running time). There will be no breaks between periods. Each team
will switch sides between periods.
If the game results in a draw there will be a one-5 minute sudden death overtime period
with one player removed from each team. The period is played until a goal is scored or the 5
minutes is completed.
If the game is still tied after 5 minutes of overtime, a shootout will take place. Three
offensive players from each team will be chosen to participate and must be the only players
to play the entire shootout, and cannot be swapped or substituted. One player from the
offensive team will begin from the designated spot in the rink indicated by the referee
where they will attempt to score on the defensive team’s goalie. The offensive player is
allowed to run to the goalie stick handling the ball, and will only have one shot on the
goalie. If the goalie saves the shot, the player cannot attempt to score from a rebound. The
shootout will occur until there is a winner. The team with the most goals for that shootout
round will be declared the winner and advance to the next round.
There will be 5 minute intermissions between games for teams to prepare their strategies
and for goalies to put on their equipment.
The games will be started punctually because of the restricted time frame. If a team does
not show up on time and is not ready to play they will forfeit the game and the other team
will be declared the winner. Each team will be notified when and where they must attend
their next game.
9. TIME OUTS: Each team gets 1 time out. A time out lasts 1 minute. That's it. Just enough
time to catch your breath and plan your next play to score. Time outs can only be called
when the referee's whistle has stopped action.
Street Hockey Rules
10. LINE CHANGES: Players can change lines voluntarily on-the-fly. Both teams must change
lines in the same manner for the entire game. If you have too many players while in play,
you will be penalised.
11. STARTING PLAY: Time to FACE-OFF! Basically, there are two types of Face-Offs:
1. Standard Face-Off: Opposing centres face each other with their sticks one foot apart on
the ground. Be ready because the ref is going to drop the ball and then it's HOCKEY TIME!
2. In-Bounding Face-Off: When the puck goes out-of-bounds, the last team to touch it loses
possession. Players on the defending team must stand at least 5 feet from the spot where
the ball went out-of-bounds, then the inbounding team puts the ball back into play. The
inbounding player must make a pass before a shot on goal is taken.
12. STOPPING PLAY: Play stops after a goal, when the ball goes out of bounds, or when a
penalty or infraction is called. When the referee blows the whistle that means play stops.
The following violations will stop play:
1. Knocking the ball into your opponent's goal with anything other than your sticks (feet,
hands, nose - or anything else).
2. Falling on the ball to stop play (unless you're the goalie).
13. ALTERATIONS TO THESE RULES: The Commissioner of Hockey may alter these rules at
any time without notice.
14. HAVE FUN! Yes, we’re repeating it.
See following page for waiver.
Street Hockey Rules
Every player must read, execute and deliver this Waiver to tournament organisers prior to the
commencement of the tournament. In consideration of the right and opportunity to participate in
the Canada Day 2017 street hockey tournament (the “Tournament”) conducted at the Greenwood
Hotel (the “Venue”) on 1 July 2017 in North Sydney, New South Wales, I the undersigned hereby
acknowledge and agree as follows:
I am at least 18 years of age at the time of signing this Waiver;
I will not be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol at any point when I play in the
I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Tournament’s rules and am aware that
there is to be absolutely no fighting or intentional contact with others;
I completely release, waive, discharge and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Venue and its
owners, employees, directors, officers, agents, sponsors, partners and licensees and each other
party affiliated with the Venue or the Tournament in any way, including, without limitation, any
suppliers of street hockey equipment to the Tournament, any event and/or Tournament
organisers, the Venue’s landlord and any local council (collectively, the "Tournament Team")
against and from any and all claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever, for
damages or injuries, actual or consequential, past, present or future, arising out of or in any way
related to the Tournament, including but not limited to any claims of injury from participating in
or observing the Tournament, the loss of personal property by theft or otherwise during the
Tournament, any publicity relating to the Tournament, or any prizes awarded;
I agree that prior to participation in the Tournament, I will inspect the facilities and equipment
to be used and if I believe anything is unsafe, I will immediately a member of the Tournament
Team of such condition(s) and I will refuse to participate in the Tournament until the
rectification of such matter(s);
I acknowledge that I have chosen to participate in the Tournament and related activities out of
my own free will and assume all risk associated with participating in the Tournament;
I fully understand and acknowledge that the aforementioned activities carry with them a high
level of risk of injury, including permanent disability and death, and additional hazards related
thereto which might result from my own actions, inactions or negligence of others, the rules of
play, or the condition of the premises or any equipment used. Further, that there may be other
risks not known to me or not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I certify that I am aware of,
and accept, these increased risks and that I am mentally and physically prepared for the risks
associated with the Tournament;
This general release shall further apply to all unknown, unanticipated, unsuspected, and undisclosed
claims, demands, liabilities, actions or causes of action, in law, equity or otherwise. This Waiver shall
bind the heirs, personal representatives, and successors of the undersigned, and inure to the benefit
of the Tournament Team.
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