Essick Air | 427 300 | User's Manual | Essick Air 427 300 User's Manual

4D7 800 White, Variable-Speed Digital
with Air Care® Filter
497 800 White, Variable-Speed
with Air Care® Filter
497 300 Light Oak, Variable-Speed
with Air Care® Filter
4D6 800 White, Variable-Speed Digital
496 800 White, Variable-Speed
447 401 Mahogany Burl, Four-Speed
with Air Care® Filter
447 301 Mahogany, Four-Speed
with Air Care® Filter
427 300 Oak Burl, Two-Speed
with Air Care® Filter
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Important Safeguards
1) This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To
reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a polarized
120-volt AC,15-amp outlet, only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in
the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature. If an extension cord must
be used, it should also accept the wide blade plug and meet this electrical
2) Do not place the cord under rugs, in traffic areas, or near heat sources.
3) Do not use the humidifier if the cord is damaged.
4) Always unplug the power cord before cleaning, servicing, or
when the unit is not in use.
5) Do not place the humidifier near loose drapes, combustible materials, or
heat-producing objects.
6) This humidifier is UL approved with Bemis by Essick Air brand evaporative
wicks in place. To maintain your UL rating, see your service center for all
repairs. Use only Bemis by Essick Air brand replacement wicks and chemicals. To order parts, wicks, and chemicals call 1-800-547-3888.
7) Regular cleaning is recommended. Refer to the CARE & MAINTENANCE
section in this manual.
8) It is very important that cleaning solutions and other liquids, such as
bleach, which may be used to clean the cabinet are not sprayed or
applied to the power pak/chassis assembly. These cleaning solutions can cause a serious electrical malfunction of the humidifier.
Your Bemis by Essick Air evaporative humidifier adds invisible moisture to your
home by moving dry inlet air through a saturated wick. As air moves through
the wick, the water evaporates into the air, leaving behind any white dust,
minerals or dissolved and suspended solids. Because the water is evaporated,
there is no messy mist or spray, and no white dust, just clean and invisible
moist air.
As the wick traps accumulated minerals from the water, its ability to absorb
and evaporate water decreases. We recommend changing the wick at least
once a year, preferably disposing of the used wick at the end of the humidifying season and starting with a new one at the beginning of the next humidifying season. In hard water areas, more frequent replacement may be necessary
to maintain your humidifier's efficiency.
NOTICE: We recommend using Bemis by Essick Air Bacteria Treatment,
whenever you refill the water bottles to eliminate bacteria growth. Follow
the directions to determine the proper amount to be added to the 2.75 gallon
water bottles.
The evaporative wick does not require the use of chelating agent type water treatments that are intended for use in Rotobelt or Water Wheel type humidifiers.
Your humidifier is equipped with two water bottles. When both bottles have
emptied, the humidifier fan will automatically shut off and the "Refill Water
Bottles" message will light. The unit will start again automatically when the
water bottles are refilled. The right bottle will empty first. If it does not do so,
the humidifier may not be level.
Dry air is drawn into the
humidifier through the back
and moisturized as it passes
through the evaporative wick.
It is then fanned out into the
1. Water bottles
2. Chassis/Power pak (motor
and fan assembly)
3. Evaporative wick
4. Water channel/tray
5. Dry room air intake
6. Moist air output
Locate your humidifier on an inside wall, near an electrical outlet. The humidifier should be at least 4" away from the wall for best results. Do not position the
unit directly in front of a hot air duct or radiator.
Assembly and Operation
1) Unpack humidifier from carton.
2) Remove all packaging materials. Check to see that you have all of the following items before discarding packaging:
Fill hose
Cord Set
Evaporative wick
Two end covers
Two water bottles with caps
Caster kit
Air Care filter if unit is an Air Care model
NOTICE: The wick and Air Care filter are packaged to prevent breakage
in shipping. They must be removed from the unit and correctly installed
according to these instructions prior to operation to prevent damage to
the unit.
3) Remove the water bottles, chassis and evaporative wick from the base of
the humidifier. Turn the base of the empty humidifier upside down. Insert
the caster stem into the large caster holes in the four corners of the humidifier bottom. The casters should fit snugly and be inserted as far as possible.
Do not force. When all four casters are in place, turn the unit right side up.
4) The wick has a mounting rib on
the top edge which hooks over a rib
at the inside back of the cabinet. This
allows the wick to hang in the water
channel (see illustration). Hang evaporative wick into cabinet as shown.
4D7 800, 497 800, 497 300,
447 401, 447 301 & 427 300)
5) The Air Care filter has four tangs that
engage into four keyhole slots that
mount the Air Care filter onto the outside of the back of the cabinet.
6) Place the chassis/power pak unit into the cabinet ensuring that
chassis/power pak seats correctly onto the front and back edges of the
7) Fill the bottles with cool, fresh, preferably unsoftened water. If you
have only softened water available in your home, you may use it, but you
will notice a buildup of minerals on the wick much sooner. The bottles hold
2.75 gallons each. When filling the bottles, be careful not to pressurize
them by over filling. Bottle damage can result from this. To reduce carrying
weight, the bottle may be partially filled and unit will still operate properly.
A fill hose is provided with your humidifier which will fit most faucets.
8) We recommend using Bemis by Essick Air
Bacteria treatment whenever you refill the
water bottles to eliminate bacterial growth.
Add bacteriostat according to the instructions on the bottle and then tighten the valve caps on your water bottles.
9) Place water bottles into the humidifier with the valve cap
end down and to the back of the humidifier so that the
valve cap enters the water channel, aligning with the
“post” in the cabinet.
10) Place the end covers over the water bottles.
11) Plug cordset into interlock receptacle on back of unit.
12) Plug cordset into wall receptacle. Humidifier is now ready
for use.
CONTROLS (Models 497 800, 497 300, 496 800,
447 401, 447 301, 427 300)
13) Open control panel door by lifting with your finger under
the finger tab. Depending on which model you have, you
will have a choice of two, three, four or variable fan
speeds allowing you to use a low setting for the most
quiet operation or a high setting for maximum output.
14) All models have an automatic humidistat. The humidistat
will turn the humidifier on when the relative humidity in
your home is below the humidistat setting and will turn
the humidifier off when the relative humidity reaches the
humidistat setting. For initial operation set the humidistat
in the "comfort zone" and adjust up or down from there
to achieve the desired humidity level. Turning the variablespeed humidistat all the way counterclockwise will
turn the unit off regardless of the relative humidity. This
must be turned on again before the unit will work.
15) The “Refill Bottles” indicator will light, and the motor
will turn off when the bottles are empty. The right bottle
will empty first, then the left bottle. If the “Refill Light”
comes on, and the right bottle has not emptied, raise
the right side of the unit until it is level.
CONTROLS (Model 4D7 800, 4D6 800 Digital Humidistat)
16) Models 4D6 800 and 4D7 800 are equipped with a multi-speed fan control switch. Use the lower settings for quiet operation, and the higher settings for maximum output. These models have a digital humidistat with LCD
display. The room’s Relative Humidity (% RH) is displayed at the top and
the desired humidity level is displayed at the bottom. The desired humidity
level can be manually adjusted between 30 and 90%, using the “Set
Humidity” button. 45% RH is the suggested initial setting.
17) The automatic humidistat will turn the humidifier ON when the relative
humidity in your home is below the humidistat setting and will turn the
humidifier OFF when the relative humidity in the room exceeds the
humidistat setting by 6% R.H. This will reduce rapid cycling. When the
humidifier is running, you will feel cool, invisible, humid air exiting from
the outlet grill.
18) When first plugged in, the display will show the current % Room Humidity
and will default to 45% Set Humidity. If there is no water in the cabinet, the
red “Refill” indicators will be lit and the fan motor will not run. Fill both
water bottles, following the “Filling Water Bottles” instructions. When the
bottles have been filled, the LCD display will initiate with a segment display
test, the Room and Set humidity % will be displayed, and the fan speed
will be shown as OFF.
19) The fan speed can be set to the desired airflow level by pressing the “Set
Speed”, (left), button. The Green power indicator will be lit. To increase fan
speed, repeatedly press the “Set Speed” button. A bar segment indicator at
the left side of the display will indicate increasing fan speed. After the
HIGH fan speed has been reached, the next press of the button will return
back to the LOWEST fan speed. To turn the humidifier OFF, press AND
HOLD the “Set Speed” button down for two seconds.
20) If the room humidity is lower than the Set Humidity, the fan motor will
start and run until the room humidity exceeds the Set Humidity by +6%
R.H. If higher than the Set Humidity, the fan motor will not start. The
desired humidity level can be changed with the “Set Humidity”, (right),
button. Press the button once, and the display will flash. Repeatedly pressing the button will increase the Set Humidity in steps of 5% RH. When the
desired humidity level is reached, (between 30 – 90 % RH), release the
button. If the button is released and then held down while flashing, the
display will auto-advance through the range. Release the button to exit
the auto-advance mode.
21) When one bottle empties, one red refill indicator light will light, and the
fan will continue to run. When the water bottles are both empty, the two
red refill indicator lights will be lit and the fan motor will stop.
22) After the “Set Humidity” button has been inactive for three seconds, the
control will exit the Set Mode with the last programmed number remaining
on the display.
NOTICE: Under certain conditions, cold objects in the room, such as windows
and outside walls, may cause moisture to condense. Severe condensation on
window sills and walls may result in water damage. When these conditions
exist, a lower humidistat setting is recommended.
Air Care Filter
MODELS 4D7 800, 497 800, 497 300, 447 401, 447 301
AND 427 300
Air Care® models feature a two-stage air
filter which attaches to the back of the
humidifier. The Air Care® filters the air as
it humidifies.
The first stage of the air filter is
a high-efficiency, electrostatically-charged
filter media which traps dust, pollen and
airborne pollutants. The second stage of
the Air Care® filter is an activated carbon media which absorbs odors from
cooking, pets or tobacco smoke.
We recommend replacing the Air Care®
filter at least once a year, more often if necessary. When the white filter media
is coated with a layer of dust and dirt, it is time to replace the Air Care® filter.
The certified water output of your humidifier will be reduced when using the Air
Care® filter
Air Care® filters are optional and are not required for normal operation of the
Care and Maintenance
IMPORTANT: We recommend cleaning your humidifier every two weeks.
Follow instructions.
Humidifiers provide comfort by adding moisture to dry, heated indoor air. To
get the most benefit from the humidifier and avoid product misuse, follow all
instructions carefully, specifically the operation, care and maintenance guidelines. Please note this is an electrical appliance and requires careful attention
when in use.
In addition, if you do not follow the recommended care and maintenance
guidelines, microorganisms may be able to grow in the water within the humidifier's reservoir.
! CAUTION: Disconnect power before cleaning or servicing unit.
! WARNING: It is very important that cleaning solutions, such as bleach,
bacteria treatment, or descaler which could be used to clean the cabinet are not
sprayed or applied to the chassis/power pak assembly. Additionally, do not
immerse the power pak in water or any other solution. These solutions can
cause a serious electrical malfunction of the humidifier.
1) Turn unit off by turning humidistat completely counterclockwise.
For digital unit, hold speed button down for two seconds.
2) Unplug electrical cord from wall
3) Unplug interlock plug from chassis/power pak receptacle.
4) Lift off end covers and remove
both water bottles.
NOTICE: Water bottles must be
removed before chassis/power
pak to prevent possible switch
lever damage.
5) Lift chassis/power pak unit from
6) Carefully lift wick from cabinet,
allowing any water to drain
from it into water channel. Place
in sink or tray to finish draining.
7) Remove any remaining water in
channel with a sponge. Fill
water channel with one 8 oz.
cup of undiluted white vinegar.
Let solution stay 20 minutes.
Remove with a sponge. Clean
all interior surfaces with soft
brush. Dampen soft cloth with
undiluted white vinegar and
wipe out water channel to
remove scale.
8) Rinse water channel thoroughly
with fresh water to remove scale
and cleaning solution before
9) Fill water channel with mixture of
one teaspoon chlorine bleach in
one gallon water. Let solution
stay 20 minutes, swishing every
few minutes. Make sure the
cleaning solution does not come
in contact with the chassis/
power pak. Do not attempt to
pour liquid directly through the
grill into the humidifier cabinet.
10) Empty water channel after 20
minutes. Rinse with water until
bleach smell is gone. Dry with
clean cloth or paper towel.
11) Clean all surfaces of the
chassis/power pak with a soft
dry cloth. Ì
12) Remove water bottle cap and
empty remaining water into a
drain. Pour a mixture of one pint
of water and two tablespoons of
household bleach into each bottle. Replace caps and shake bottles thoroughly. Remove caps,
drain bottle into sink, rinse well
with fresh water.
13) Replace evaporative wick into
water channel, allowing it to
hang from the rib on the inside
back wall of the cabinet.
14) Replace chassis/power pak unit
into cabinet, ensuring that the
chassis seats correctly on the
back edge of the cabinet.
15) Replace water bottles into cabinet.
16) Replace end covers onto cabinet.
17) Plug cord set into interlock
receptacle at back of unit. Plug
cord set into wall outlet.
18) Reset humidistat to desired setting and adjust fan speed.
19) We recommend replacing the
wick at least once a season,
more often in hard water areas.
When the wick appears excessively clogged with mineral
deposits, discard it and restore
your humidifier's efficiency with
a new wick. Bemis by Essick Air
number 1041 fits all console
Call 1-800-547-3888 to order.
Only Bemis by Essick Air evaporative wicks guarantee the certified output of your humidifier.
Use of a wick other than a
Bemis by Essick Air will void
your warranty as well as the
certification of output and may
reduce the efficiency and output
of your humidifier.
Summer Storage
1) Clean unit as outlined in Care &
Maintenance section.
2) Discard used wick. Install a new
Bemis by Essick Air wick at the
beginning of the next season.
Only Bemis by Essick Air wicks
guarantee the rated output of
your humidifier.
3) Allow humidifier to dry thoroughly before storage. Do not store
with water inside unit.
1) Unit does not operate at any
speed setting:
• Polarized cord must be fully
inserted in wall outlet.
• Check refill switch operation.
There are two switches on each
side of the Power Pack. Unplug
the humidifier, remove the
water bottles and manually trip
each switch spring lever. You
should hear the switch “click”.
If not, service may be required.
• Refill with water if necessary.
• The motor contains a temperature-sensing fuse. If the motor
becomes overheated, the fuse
may trip. Unplug the unit and
contact the nearest authorized
service station. DO NOT
ATTEMPT electrical repairs
2) Not enough humidity:
• This is an evaporative type
humidifier. The humidity output
is invisible.
• Check the condition of the
evaporative wick. Replace if
clogged or hardened with minerals.
• Humidistat is not set high
enough—increase humidity
3) Too much humidity:
• When condensation becomes
heavy on cold surfaces in the
room, turn the humidistat setting lower or increase the room
4) Water Leak:
• Any hole in the water bottle will
allow air to enter the bottle and
all the water in the bottle to run
out. Do not puncture the bottle
in an attempt to drain it faster.
5) Odor:
• Bacteria may be present. Clean
and disinfect cabinet following
instructions. Use Bemis by
Essick Air Bacteria Treatment to
help eliminate unpleasant
odors. It may be necessary to
replace the wick if the odor
6) Right water bottle has water
remaining when unit shuts off:
• The unit is designed to empty
the right water bottle first, then
the left bottle. If the refill light
comes on, and the right bottle
has not emptied, raise the right
side of the unit with spacers
until the unit is level.
7) Rapid cycling humidistat:
• Certain room conditions may
result in the humidifier running
for short periods of time, turning off, and then restarting in
short cycles. Increase the “Set
Humidity” to the next higher %
• Move the humidifier to a different location in the room.
• Maintain 4 inches clearance to
the wall.
8) Fan motor does not start:
• Bottles must be filled.
• Fan speed must be set, (not
OFF), green power light must
be ON.
• Set Humidity % must be higher
than Room Humidity %.
9) The electronic module is not consumer serviceable – contact an
authorized service center for
Model 1041. Replaceable evaporative wick continuously draws up moisture as it filters out mineral deposits and reduces scale build-up in the unit.
Only Bemis by Essick Air wicks are UL and
AHAM certified to provide the rated performance
from your Bemis by Essick Air Humidifier.
Model 1051. Replaceable two-stage Air Care
filter- 3M FILTRETE™ removes airborne particles and activated carbon removes odor. This
is not standard on all units. It can however be
added as an accessory to any Bemis by Essick
Air Console Humidifier.
No.1970-32 oz. Bacteria Treatment.
Controls bacteria growth in humidifiers. Helps eliminate unpleasant odors.This solution should not be
used to clean the humidifier chassis/power pak.
Improper use of this solution can cause a serious
electrical malfunction of the humidifier.
The Bemis by Essick Air humidifier warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of retail purchase. This warranty applies only to the
original purchaser of the product.
Within the first 12 months from date of purchase, Essick Air will repair or replace, at its
discretion, any defective part of the humidifier covered by this warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which
vary from state to state or province to province.
This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the humidifier,
accidents or alterations to the product, commercial use or damage during shipment. Misuse
includes malfunctions caused by negligence in cleaning or parts fouled with mineral deposits
due to hard-water conditions. Alterations to the product include the substitution of nonBemis by Essick Air brand components including, but not limited to, wicks.
If service becomes necessary, take or send the product to any Bemis by Essick Air
service center.
Essick Air Products, Inc.
5800 Murray Street
Little Rock, AR 72209
To keep your humidifier in top working condition, use only Bemis by Essick Air replacement parts. Only Bemis by
Essick Air replacement wicks guarantee your humidifier will maintain its original AHAM certified output.
No. 1041
Superwick for 400 & 600 Series
Console & Credenza Humidifiers.
No. 1045
Superwick for H12 Series
Console Humidifiers
No. H4000
Summer Protective
Dust Cover for 400 Series
Console Humidifiers
No. 1051
Air Cleaner Filter for 400 & 600 Series
Console & Credenza Tabletop Humidifiers
No. 1990
Digital Hygrometer/Comfort Sensor
• Digitally monitors temperature &
No. 1043
Superwick for 800 Series
Space Saver Console Humidifiers
• Filter only, frame not included
No. 1970
Bacteria Treatment, 32 oz.
• Helps Eliminate Bacteria & Algae Build-up
• Strongly Recommended for Bemis Humidifiers
& All Other Evaporative Humidifiers
Item # Description
Superwick for 400 and 600 Series Console Humidifiers
Superwick for 800 Series Space Saver Console Humidifiers
Superwick for H12 Series Console Humidifiers
Air Cleaner Filter for 400 and 600 Series Console Humidifier
Bacteria Treatment, 32 oz.
H4000 Summer Protective Cover for 400 Series Console Humidifiers
Digital Hygrometer/Comfort Sensor
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