Eton | E10 | User's Manual | Eton E10 User's Manual

AM/FM/Shortwave Radio
The sleek, sophisticated lines of the E10 make this a radio you’ll be proud to display. It was also designed for your listening pleasure. With 550 programmable presets, you can set the built-in alarm clock to wake you up to just about anything you want to hear. Plug it in or run it off of Ni-MH batteries that
recharge internally. Either way, you’ll get great reception, no matter where you are.
• FM Frequency Range: 87 – 108 MHz (For North America); 76 – 108 MHz (For Japan)
• Shortwave Frequency Range: 1711 – 29999KHz
• 9/10KHz step selector for Medium Wave (AM) reception
• 1/5KHz step for the display of Shortwave
• SW IF SET feature, shifts the intermediate frequency to minimize interference during
Shortwave reception
• Shortwave antenna trimmer
• ATS (Auto Tuning System) for the automatic memory storage of FM/MW stations
• Manual Tuning
• Auto Scan Tuning
• Direct Keypad Frequency Entry
• Digital Tuning Knob With Lock Feature
• 550 Programmable Memories
• Memory Page Customization
• Auto-Scan and manually scan stations stored into memory
• Direct Memory Access
• Fast/Slow tuning rate selection for manual tuning
• Digital Clock
• Sleep Timer
• Two Turn-on Timers with Station Memory
• 12/24 Hr Format selection
• Snooze Function: 10 minutes, repeated three times
• FM Stereo/Mono selection
• High/Low Tone Control
• LCD Backlight With User Control
• Key Lock
• Built-in Ni-MH battery charger
• System Set Codes
• Power Source: 4 AA Batteries Or Included AC Adapter/Charger
• Dimensions: 7-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 1-1/2” (WxHxD) and 188 x 117 x 38 mm (WxHxD)
• Weight: 1 lb. 1oz. and 482 g
+ Accessories: Owner’s Manual
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