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Guide Rail
The EZ SMART Guide Rail is the backbone of the EZ SMART Woodworking System. Many tasks can be
completed with one of more pieces of EZ SMART Tool Track, the Anti-Chip Edges, and a pair of clamps. By
linking together sections of EZ SMART Tool Track, material of any length can be managed with ease.
The Guide Rail can be used to make long, precise rip-cuts, cross-cuts, angled cuts, and beveled cuts. The wood
is held captive under the track by the Smart Clamps and there is no danger of kickback. The Smart Saw Base is
designed to ride on the central ridge of the Guide Rail, keeping your cut under perfect control, without having
to worry about the saw wandering during the cut.
Guide Rail
Smart Clamps (2)
Anti-Chip Edges (2),
Complete Smart Saw Base Kit
Guide Rail Connectors (2)
Additional Center Rail Connector
(1) for 118” Systems
Central Ridge
Anti-Chip Edge
The Guide Rail can also be used with the Super Smart Routing Kit (SSRK) (sold separately) for various
routing tasks. Additionally, by removing the Anti-Chip Edges, the Tool Track can be used as a standard
edge guide.
Upgrading the Smart Clamps to the Smart Clamping System (upgrade kit sold separately), you can turn
the Guide Rail into a self-supporting cutting station for use in the shop or on the job site.
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Individual sections of Guide Rail may joined together by short sections of self-aligning connectors. The
connectors have set screws that allow the Guide Rail sections to remain tightly joined. The self-aligning nature
of the connectors ensures a straight connection.
Connecting the Guide Rail
1. Slide connectors into one section of Guide Rail and tighten set-screws, not over tightening as this may
result in dimpling of the top of the Guide Rail.
2. Slide connectors into next section of Guide Rail, again tighten remaining set-screws.
NOTE: A small gap (1/32” to 1/16”) may be left between the sections of Guide Rail due to subtle variations in
the cut ends of the Guide Rail.
Two self-aligning connectors are needed for joining
sections of Tool Track with a total length 108” or less
Access hole for set-screw
in center connector
An additional center connector* is needed if the total
length of Guide Rail exceeds 108”
* The center connector is included with
Track Saw Systems greater than 108” and
are available for purchase separately.
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The following diagrams show how the Smart Clamps are used to hold the workpiece to the Guide Rail.
The Anti-Chip Edge is used to line up the cut with marks made on the workpiece. Be sure to account
for the kerf produced by the saw blade in laying out your measurements.
Line up Anti-Chip Edge with
dimension mark made on
Smart Clamps holding the workpiece
in place to the Guide Rail
The Guide Rail System allows
for multiple thin strips to be
obtained from a single
workpiece resulting in little
waste or leftover material
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