Magico S3, the second Marantz Modernising Flagships T+A Power

Magico S3, the second Marantz Modernising Flagships T+A Power
Magico S3, the second
fter the MkII versions S1 and S5, Magico is now bringing out a second-generation
version of its S3, equipped with all the newly- developed elements seen in the other
MKII models, including the particularly distortion-free 23cm woofer. The tweeter has a
diamond-coated beryllium dome and the 15cm midrange driver has a cone made of
carbon fiber with a layer of „XG nanographene“. The cabinet is machined from a single
aluminium block, giving a wall thickness of
almost 1cm wall thickness, and Magico uses
Mundorf components for the crossover network. With four-ohm impedance, the speaker
weighs 77kg, stands 1.22 m tall, and is available in two versions: „M-Cast“ is $28,000 a
pair, while the high gloss lacquered „M-Coat“
variant is $32,000/pr.
Marantz Modernising Flagships
irst seen at High End 2016, and in the shops about now, the new flagship Marantz
components are the SA-10 SACD/CD player/DAC (€ 7000), the successor of the
SA-7, and the 8000 PM-10 integrated amplifier (€ 8000), which replaces the SC-7/
MA-9 pre/power amplifier combo. New to the player are the digital inputs, which can
also be used by PC via USB to access the high-quality converter of the player. All digital
signals are internally upconverted to 11.2MHz ‘quad-DSD’ format and then sent to the
analogue outputs via an extremely
high-quality low-pass filter - a DAC in
the conventional sense is no longer
necessary. Two filter settings enable
individual sound adjustment. SA-10
uses a new disc drive of in-house
design, which is exclusively reserved
for this top model, while the PM-10
is a pure analogue amplifier with bridged and balanced design and separate power
supplies for preamplifiers, power amplifiers and microprocessors. Class D amplifiers
provide 2x400 watts at 4 ohms. Besides the phono MM/MC and Cinch line inputs,
PM-10 offers two pairs of XLR inputs, as well as a power amplifier direct input. The
copper-plated cabinets are built by Marantz themselves.
T+A Power Amplifier in Retro Look
+A is expanding its HV series with the PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier, based on
the PA 3000HV but with some new features including the two VU meters, which display the output power in watts at 4 ohms. A new concept for the voltage supply was also
developed allowing the external power supply PS 3000 HV to be connected, thus increasing the stability and
performance of the
entire voltage supply:
so connected, the
internal power supply
of the PA 3100 HV
takes care of the
input stages and the
high-voltage amplifiers, while the
external PS 3000 HV
supplies the output
stages. The preamplifier section has also been improved. T+A quotes the PA 3100 HV
output power as 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms, rising to 500 watts into 4 ohms, and
the amp is available in silver or titanium at € 15.900.
aim’s first network system, the original
NaimUniti, was launched in 2009,
since when the Uniti models have accumulated features including multi-room playback
and access to Spotify Connect and Tidal.
Naim has now re-developed the Uniti technology from scratch and given it a completely new streaming platform, with features
including Google Cast for Audio, AirPlay,
Bluetooth with aptX HD, and over-the-air
updates. Three new streamer amplifiers will
be launched: Uniti Atom (€ 2200), Uniti Star
(€ 4000) and Uniti Nova (€ 5000). They all
come with analogue inputs, a USB-A port
for external hard drives, Wi-Fi and a digitally-controlled analogue volume control, while
Uniti Star is even equipped with a CD drive
and rip function, files being stored via USB.
The two more expensive models also
include a DAB/FM tuner. Uniti Core
(€ 2350) is the fourth model in the range: a
music server with a CD drive, rip function
and a hard drive slot, it can manage up to
100,000 tracks and provide twelve streams
with a maximum resolution of 32 bits/384
kHz over a network. Thanks to an S/PDIF
output, the Core can also be used as a
NAD Modernises Classics
Record Player
without Turntable:
Atmo Sfera
he Italian manufacturer Audio Deva
has developed a record player without
a turntable. The vinyl disc is simply placed
on a flattened aluminium dome with the
label up and is fixed with a record holder.
The underlying concept is that heavy
record-players stimulate into vibrations due
to unlevel plates, which in turn are transferred to the record and tone arm, and also
require a powerful motor that generates
further undesirable vibrations. Atmo Sfera
is available in two versions: „lifestyle“ with
an aluminium tonearm and a securely
mounted and carefully balanced pickup
Ortofon OM 5 cartridge, and the „High
End“ version has a carbon-fiber tonearm a
precision steel bearing and adjustable
balance weight. Without a cartridge, it
costs € 3590, with various Ortofon MC
systems priced between € 3790 and
€ 5190. As of now, Atmo Sfera is sold in
Germany and Austria by Authentic Sound,
which is also the official distributor for the
loudspeakers and tube amplifiers of the
Italian manufacturer Audiofilia.
anadian manufacturer NAD’s „classic line“ is entering a new era, with digital inputs,
Bluetooth, streaming, switching power supplies and Class D power amplifiers. Three
new amplifiers are now available: the C 338 (2x50 watts, € 700), C 368 (2x80 watts,
€ 1000) and C 388 (2x150 watts, € 1750). All three are fitted with phono input,
optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs, and a bidirectional Bluetooth module (with aptX)
capable of receiving music from smart phones, as well as sending music to Bluetooth
headphones. In addition, the super slim C 338 acts as a UPnP network player with
integrated WLAN, playing music from a home network, accessing Internet radio and
Spotify, and making Google Cast connections. It can be controlled from the Smartphone
via a control app. The two larger models don’t have networking as standard, but can
be equipped with an optional
MDC module to integrate them with
Bluesound’s „BluOS“ multi-room
streaming system. To match the
new amplifiers, there’s also a C
568 CD player: replacing the C
565BEE, it uses a Wolfson D/A
converter and is powered by a
classic ring core transformer.
Piega Renews Coax Series
wiss company Piega’s Coax speakers have been on the market since the turn of the
millennium – and now the latest versions have been launched. The series consists of
a compact loudspeaker, the Coax 311 (€ 3000/piece), and two floorstanding models,
the Coax 511 (€ 5500) and Coax 711 (€ 9000), each standing a good meter tall. All
models have a housing made of extruded aluminium, and concentrically-arranged middle
and treble ribbon drivers – hence the „Coax“ name. Even stronger neodymium magnets
increase efficiency and even the layout of the flat coils on the rear of the ribbon membranes
has been modernised. Piega has also overhauled the woofers, with passive radiators
further supporting bass reproduction in the floorstanding speakers.
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