Renkforce D-SUB-plug Owner's manual
User Manual
Converter from RS-232 to TTL
I. Summary
In order to make the device a standard serial interface and an external device or to ensure
communication between intelligent instruments, must be standard serial interface conversion.
WM-210 interface converter can be a standard RS232C serial interface data: send and receive
RXD TXD signals into TTL / COMS compatible voltage levels. TTL level is 0-5V, no
external power supply, the internal use of the unique "RS232 charge pump" circuit drive, do
not need to initialize the RS232 serial port can be obtained by power; interior with zero
latency, the unique I / O circuit automatically control data flow direction, and without any
handshaking signals (RTS, DTR), thus ensuring the RS232 full-duplex mode without
changing a program written in TTL mode can run well, ensure that it meets the existing
operating software and interface hardware.
II. Technical parameters
Interface: conforming to EIA/TIA RS-232 and TTL/COMS specification
Connector: DB9 connectors for both ends.
Transmission mode: asynchrony, full duplex, full transparent.
Transmission rate: 300bps-115.2kbps.
Measurements: 63mm*34mm*18mm
Working environments: -40 degrees to 85 degrees,relative humidity 5% to 95%.
Transmission media: twisted -pair or STP
Transmission distance: 5m
III. Connector and signal
RS-232C Pin distribution
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