Fingerprint Door Lock REXECU-7100

Fingerprint Door Lock REXECU-7100
Fingerprint Door Lock REXECU-7100
Back-up password system
- You may register up to 10 passwords, each ranging from 1 to 16 digits.
The use of multiple wireless RF remote controls
- Up to 10 remote controls can be used for larger areas.
To eliminate or add users
- You can eliminate or add users. It is even possible to return the system to its initial state and register a new password when you want
to change all the users or in the event of moving
Losing the remote control not to effect security
- When one or more of the remote controls are lost, resetting the remaining remote controls will deactivate the lost one.
Automatic locking function
- The sensor will automatically lock the door within 5 seconds upon the closing of the door.
Alarm system for forced door entry
- The alarm will go off when a door is forced open by an unauthorized person.
Security lock function
- The security lock prevents break -ins through doors with small openings
Battery change notification alarm system
- When it becomes time to change the battery, the alarm will go off six times and a blue light on the lower part of the keypad will blink
three times. This warning system will go off until the battery dies, therefore it is recommended to change the battery within a week.
Security lock mode (Complete security function)
- When all the users are inside, you can deactivate the unit by turning the knob to the lock position. After this procedure, the door
cannot be opened in any way from the outside
Manual mode selection function
- (When the door is open for a long period of time) You may select the manual mode when the door is frequently used due to various
Emergency power supply for energy failure
- When you have failed to replace the battery on time, you can open the door with your fingerprint or password while connec ting a
rectangular type 9V battery to the emergency power terminal located on the upper part if the keypad.
Dimension(Outside) : 40(D) x 80(W) x 290(H) Zn Die casting
Dimension(Inside) : 35(D) x 80(W) x 290(H) ABS plastic
Door handle
: Al Die casting
Remote control
: RF wireless (Option)
: KS
Number of users : 100
Power : DC 6V
Power supply (Body) : 1.5V 8pcs AA alkaline
(Remote Control): 1.5V 4pcs AAA size alkaline
Battery life
: 18 months if the system is used an average of 15 times daily.
Door thickness
: Regular 35mm~55mm, Optional 45mm~55mm
Automatic locking sensor : 1 Magnetic sensor each
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