Optoma Introduces the New MovieTime, DV11

Optoma Introduces the New MovieTime, DV11
The New MovieTime™, DV11 Digital DVD Projector and Sound System
Optoma Europe Ltd (London June 1st 2007) – The magic of the DV11 digital video projector is that
it’s equipped for your über big screen home cinema expectations and a lot more. Gaming, music,
watching television and viewing photos – these are just a handful of activities to be enjoyed from
Optoma’s latest MovieTime™.
Here’s a device tuned to your leisure choices that’s amazingly easy to use. To set up your movie
theatre at home only requires you insert a DVD into its on-board player. The largest affordable TVs
have screen sizes of around 42 inches, but this cinematic marvel will generate a 100-inch picture on
the wall from just three metres (10 feet) away. Maximum picture size is a staggering 335-inch (8.5
metres). Simply put; short distance equals big picture – all with the pleasure of crisp sound too.
Nothing comes close to the excitement of awesome life-size characters and immersing action of
video games viewed on a perfectly balanced, crystal clear, high contrast picture of this quality.
Likewise, digital TV or satellite set-top boxes, computers, camcorders, VCRs or high definition
sources enjoy huge screen viewing of equal excellence. A photo CD slideshow feature displays
your favourite photo image CDs. DV11 also plays MP3 or WMA files from CD or DVD – sound
provided by two internal 5-watt speakers. In addition, you can create the ultimate surround sound
experience when you attach your hi-fi system or external speakers.
Concert and live sport broadcasts from digital satellite and TV set-top boxes take on the ambience
of multiplex cinemas because the unique SCART RGB adaptor (supplied) makes it easy to get very
high quality pictures to a large screen.
Plant the DV11 anywhere, with absolute freedom, unencumbered by ceiling mounts and cables. It
sits easily with audio/visual entertainment devices around your home and packs away easily.
The DV11 MovieTime™ by Optoma is available now with a
suggested MSRP of €699 plus. TAX
DV11 Press Release English Euro version
DVD, CD, MP3 player
Widescreen viewing
Ultra-large screen from 36 to 335 inches
Immaculate picture quality
Portable and lightweight
2 x 5-watt speakers for great sound
Remote control
Carry case
Optional Accessories
Dolcen Kreiling 50 watt Subwoofer
Panoview Graywolf 1.8 Gain Screen
Display Technology
Contrast Ratio
Throw Ratio
Aspect Ratios
Image Size
Projection Distance
DarkChip2™ DLP® technology by Texas
1600 lumens
1.26 – 1.41
4:3, 16:9 compatible
36 to 335 inches (0.91 – 8.5m)
1.5 – 12m
About Optoma
Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning projectors for Business,
Education, Professional Audio/Video and Home Entertainment, with comprehensive ranges to
exceed the expectations of every user.
Optoma's innovative products are carefully crafted to deliver crystal clear images of unrivalled
quality by incorporating the latest DLP® technology from Texas Instruments, together with
advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality,
Optoma has a special approach to customer service. Full product and technical support are
available through our extensive network of resellers and distributors. Where Optoma is different is
that projector users can call us directly to discuss any concerns.
The Optoma Group has continental headquarters in Europe, the USA and Asia; whilst Optoma
Europe Ltd, based in London, covers Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), delivering local
services from regional offices in Germany, France and Norway.
Further information can be seen at www.optoma.eu
Product photos can be found at http://www.optoma.co.uk/presspimages.aspx
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Bob Johnson [email protected]
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+44 (0)1923 691800
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DV11 Press Release English Euro version
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