Freecom Technologies Media Player II User's Manual

Freecom Technologies Media Player II User's Manual
Rev. 904
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Dear user!
Thank you for buying the Freecom MediaPlayer II, a brand-new digital multimedia
player that supports dual data access mode via 3.5" HDD inside (not supplied with
"Drive In Kit"-model) and 10/100Mbps Network. With this Freecom MediaPlayer II you
can easily enjoy Digital Movies, Digital Music, Digital Photos from a 3.5" HDD (when assembled in the device) and from all PC's in your network, directly on your TV or HiFi set.
For optimal use and performance we advise you to read this manual carefully before
using this product.
Freecom Technologies GmbH • Germany
Contents of the box
Please check the contents of the box. At least the following items should be included:
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Power adapter
Remote control (including batteries)
Audio/Video cable
USB cable
Network cable
CD with manual, safety manual
Quick Install Guide
Warning !
All rights reserved. The products named in this manual are only used for identification
purposes and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.
This device was designed for home or office use.
Warning! This device is equipment complying with EN55022 class A. This equipment can
cause radio disturbances in a residential area. If this is the case, the user has to take appropriate measures and assume all responsibility and costs for. It may not be used near
or with any life-sustaining systems.
Freecom cannot be made liable for any damages, loss of data or damage following thereof
-whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business
interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use
of or inability to use this Freecom product, even if Freecom has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
We reserve the right to upgrade our products in keeping with technological advances.
Table of Contents
User manual
General 4
Important 4 4
Minimum System 5 6
Warnings and Safety 8
Chapter 1:
Product 9
Front 9
Back 10
Remote 11
Chapter 2:
Basic 13
First steps 13
Network Setup under Windows XP and Windows 15
Chapter 3:
Using the 20
Browse and play the media files . 20
File 22
Setup Menu 23
Chapter 4:
Install 38
Initial 38
Neighbor Web 39
BitTorrent Download 39
Add new torrent 40
Visit neighbor 42
Account Management . 42
© 2009 Freecom Technologies
Freecom MediaPlayer II
General Information
Important note:
The Freecom device has not been developed or conceived for use with disregard
to copyrights or other rights to intellectual property. The Freecom device can only
be used with material which is the legal property of the user or where the user
has a legal licence for this purpose so that such use must be permitted because
of these property rights or licenses.
This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft. Use
or distribution of such technology outside of this product is prohibited without
a license from Microsoft.
USB host
Support multiple USB storage
USB port
USB 2.0 high speed port
Network connection
RJ45 10/100 M connect
Video output
Composite video / component video / HDMI
Audio output
Stereo / digital HDMI / coaxial
Format: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG, AC3
Bit rate: MP3 32 kbps - 320 kbps
WMA 32 kbps - 192 kbps
Video codecs: MPEG 1/2/4, DivX, XviD
File types: RM, RMVB, VOB, DAT, AVI, MPG, MPEG, TS
Picture play mode
Slide show
Power adapter
AC input: 100V~240 V, 50/60 Hz
DC output: 12 V, 2 A
203 × 164.4 × 51 mm
About 800 g (Without hard drive)
General Information
Minimum System Requirements
Intel Pentium III / AMD Duron 900 MHz or higher
• 256 MB RAM (Vista: 512 MB RAM) or higher
• Available USB 2.0, 1.1 Port (USB 2.0 recommended)*
• Available 10/100 Ethernet LAN Port, RJ45 (100 Mbps recommended) or WLAN
• LAN Cable
For playback on TV, a TV set with PAL or NTSC system is required.
Supported HDD: Compatible with standard 3.5" SATA Hard Drive
• Internet connection for online warranty registration, software updates and downloads
Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
• PowerPC G3/G4/G5, Power Book G3/G4 or Intel Mac
• 256 MB RAM or higher
• Available USB 2.0, 1.1 Port (USB 2.0 recommended)*
• Available 10/100 Ethernet LAN Port, RJ45 (100 Mbps recommended) or WLAN
• LAN Cable
For playback on TV, a TV set with PAL or NTSC system is required.
Supported HDD: Compatible with standard 3.5" SATA Hard Drive
• Internet connection for online warranty registration, software updates and downloads
• Operating system: Mac OS X v10.3 or higher
ATTENTION! This device has no built-in WLAN. For WLAN support, you
have to use a WLAN USB dongle which is optionally available on www.
* USB 2.0 is downwards compatible to USB 1.1. To achieve optimal performance from the Freecom MediaPlayer
II your PC should be equipped with an USB 2.0 port.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Please read the following in this manual carefully for proper use.
Freecom can not be held responsible for the use of illegal software, audio sources,
video sources etc. The user and/or owner of the Freecom MediaPlayer II is legally
responsible for the content on the device.
Check supported codec
• The Freecom MediaPlayer II may not play back all media files. Please check the codec
type and ensure this is supported by the MediaPlayer II. Please note that possible errors
in the media file or use of unrecognized characters may result in improper playback.
Cautions for USB Device
• Connect the power adapter as well when you connect Freecom MediaPlayer II to a
Do not connect the Freecom MediaPlayer II with a USB cable of more than 3 metres
long. Doing so may result in low transfer speeds and/or bad connection.
• We recommend you to use the supplied USB cable by our company.
• If you connect this device to USB 1.1 Host Adapter, the speed is USB 1.1 (Max. 12 Mbps),
so we recommend you to connect to USB 2.0 for full speed of max. 480 Mbps.
Cautions for USB Host
• Not all USB devices may be supported by the USB Host port. Please check the compatibility before use or purchase.
Cautions when inserting a HDD
• Only 3.5" SATA type HDD can be used.
• We recommend you to use more than 6 GB HDD. In case you use a harddrive with
less than 6 GB, it may cause data loss.
Cautions when using Network connection
When the Freecom MediaPlayer II is connected to a PC using the Windows file sharing option, be sure to use the Windows Network sharing function.
• The sharing function may not be functioning properly as a result of errors in Windows
or the user's computer environment. Freecom can not be held responsible for this.
• Depending on user's network performance and computer environment, data transfer
through network may have intermittent data cut-offs.
• Depending on user's wireless network performance and computer environment,
data transfer through wireless network may have intermittent data cut-offs.
General Information
Cautions for possibility of causing Radio Waves to cross
• Freecom MediaPlayer II may cause Radio Waves to cross, so it is recommended to be
alert when you keep devices near the Freecom MediaPlayer II. Especially concerning
your health.
Data Backup
• We strongly recommend you to make a data backup to another safe medium. Freecom
can not be held responsible for data damage or data loss on the built-in hard drive.
Cautions for drop, shock
• Do not drop the device. It may cause critical damage to the hard drive.
Do not insert materials
• Do not insert any material in the Freecom MediaPlayer II. This may cause a defect or
malfunction of the device.
Do not disassemble or modify
Do not disassemble or modify the Freecom MediaPlayer II.
Do not stack
• Do not place materials, devices or anything else on the Freecom MediaPlayer II.
Cautions for exposure to water,moisture, etc
• Don't expose Freecom MediaPlayer II to oil, water, dust, moisture or rain and wind.
Turn off the Freecom MediaPlayer II immediately if exposed to any moist substance
or water.
• Do not expose the Freecom MediaPlayer II to heat, keep away from heated areas.
Place the Freecom MediaPlayer II in well ventilated places.
Cautions for magnetic materials
• Keep all magnetic devices away from the Freecom MediaPlayer II. Magnets or magnetic
devices like speakers may erase or cause damage to data stored on the hard disk.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Warnings and Safety Instructions
Please read and follow the below mentioned instructions. They should be observed in
order to prevent injury to the user, damage to the device and damage to property, as
well as to ensure safe use of the product. Not following these instructions may cause
the unit to malfunction.
To ensure that your Freecom MediaPlayer II functions properly, please take note of the
following precautions. If these are not followed, you may void your warranty and damage the Freecom MediaPlayer II.
Safely remove the Freecom MediaPlayer II via your operating system - the "unplug
or eject hardware" option in the Windows taskbar - before disconnecting the USB
cable or power cable and before switching off the device. Failing to do so may result
in data loss.
Do not disconnect the Freecom MediaPlayer II from the PC during file transfer. This
may result in data loss and an error to the Freecom MediaPlayer II. If this occurs, please
run the ScanDisk utility.
Do not drop the Freecom MediaPlayer II or expose it to other kinds of sudden mechanical shocks as this may result in data loss and damage to the hard drive.
Do not use the Freecom MediaPlayer II when the ambient temperature is below 10°C
or above 35°C.
If the Freecom MediaPlayer II is moved from a cool environment to a warmer environment, please allow the drive to acclimatize to the ambient temperature before
operating the device. Failing to do so may lead to condensation within the drive
enclosure, which in turn may cause the drive to malfunction.
Do not place liquids or drinks on the Freecom MediaPlayer II. When liquids are spilled
and get in contact with the electronics within the drive enclosure, it will damage the
drive and will cause the drive to malfunction.
Do not use the Freecom MediaPlayer II in a dusty environment. Dust inside the enclosure may damage the internal electronics and result in drive malfunction.
Do not use the Freecom MediaPlayer II near magnetic fields.
The Freecom MediaPlayer II may generate heat when used for a longer period of
Furthermore, warranty does not apply to:
• Damages or problems resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, alteration or incorrect
electrical current or voltage.
• Any product tampered with or with a damaged warranty seal
• Any product without a warranty or serial number label.
• Batteries and any consumable items delivered with or in the equipment.
Product Overview
Chapter 1: Product Overview
1.1 Front View
Button definition
Button definition
Power button
Press shortly to switch on/off the
Please note: shutting down the device
takes ca. 15 seconds!
LED definition
LED definition
Read/Write LED
LED lights when copy, twinkles when
data is transferred.
Power LED
Blue light when device is switched on,
red light when device is in standby.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
1. Back View
Component video output
Power Input
Composite video output
Composite audio output
Port definition
Port definition
Power Input
Power port
Power input (12V, 2A DC)
video output
YPbPr connection
Progressive scan component video
audio output
Audio connection
Composite audio output
video output
Video connection
Composite video output
Audio output port
Digital audio signal output
High definition port
Digital audio and video signal output
via HDMI port
Network port
Network connection via LAN Port
USB port
USB port for connection with PC
USB port
USB port for connection of external storage
devices or WLAN USB stick
Product Overview
1. Remote control
Fast rewind
Fast forward
Turn device on and off (standby mode)
Turn on or off audio output
Press to switch between NTSC, PAL, 480p, 576p, 720p 50Hz, 720p
60Hz, 1080i 50Hz and 1080i 60Hz
Press to input digits
Press to jump to a title, chapter or a specified time
Press to select option bar to rename or delete the file
Press to fast rewind from current position and press again to
select the speed
Press to fast forward from current position and press again to
select the speed
Return to the previous menu
Enter the Setup Menu
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Navigation key for up, down, left and right
Press to confirm selection
Press to return to previous file
Press to go to next file
Press to decrease the volume
Press to increase the volume
Press to play file
Press to stop playback
Press to pause playback, press again for step playing
Press to set repeat option: chapter, title or off
Enter the copy mode
Press to select a file or folder and then press "confirm" to add or
delete file or folder in the playlist
Press this key to add or delete files in the playlist
Press to display time, title, information of chapter when playing
video and photo
Switch subtitle on/off if a subtitle file is available
Press for slow motion: (3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16x)
Press PLAY to resume to regular play mode.
Switch audio track
Press to zoom when playing back photos or Video:
Photo zoom levels:2x, 4x, 8x, 16x
Video zoom levels:2x, 3x, 4x, 8x
Press this key to show all files
Press this key to show all audio files
Press this key to show all picture files
Press this key to show all video files
Basic operation
Chapter 2: Basic operation
2.1 First steps
1. Power connection
Take out power adapter from the package and connect it to the device.
2. Connection of TV audio output
The product is designed with multi-output, including composite (AV), component (YPbPr).
and HDMI. You can select different interfaces according to various needs. The product can
detect video output automatically, making the operation user-friendly and convenient.
Please refer to the following instructions how to connect to avoid any problem.
Composite output connection (AV)
Plug the yellow connector into the AV output of product and AV input of TV, and plug
the red and white connector into the audio input of TV or HIFI. Turn on the TV and select
AV mode. Turn on the product and TV displays the interface of initiation.
Component output connection (YPbPr)
Plug the YPbPr cable into the output of product and input of TV. Because the cable is
only for video signal, another AV cable is necessary. Plug the red and white connector of
AV cable into the audio output of product and audio input of TV or HIFI. Turn on TV and
select YPbPr mode. Turn on the product and TV displays the interface of initiation.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Coaxial output connection
Coaxial output: Connect the product coaxial connector with the coaxial connector of
your video or audio device by using a coaxial cable. Enter the product's audio setup and
select the Digital Output option "SPDIF LPCM" or "SPDIF RAW". It is possible to enjoy 5.1
high quality sound through a multi channel decoder/amplifier with coaxial input.
HDMI output mode
HDMI is an output with best audio and video quality which outputs digital video and
audio composited at the same time. Connect HDMI cable to output of product and
display device with HDMI input. Select HDMI mode in TV until it displays the interface
of initiation.
3. Connection and setup of network
The product can play files stored on the PC directly through network. Please connect the
RJ45 cable according to the following illustration. The network is connected well when
the LEDs of network status and R/W are blinking (on RJ45 connector).
Connect one end of the RJ45 cable to the product like the PC does and connect the
video output. Press "setup" key or select "setup" menu in the initiation interface. Select
"Network" option in the setup window and press "ENTER" to confirm. It is available for
both automatic and manual IP setup. Press "setup" key again to exist after setup. Before
access the PC through network by the product, the media files must be shared in the
Following is the setup of media file sharing in PC.
Basic operation
2.2 Network Setup under Windows XP and Windows Vista
2.2.1 Windows XP
Two conditions are necessary for a successful setup network connection:
1. Folder sharing and safety setup.
2. Set the same gateway and subnet address.
Procedure of file sharing under Windows XP:
1. Select the folder to be shared, right-click mouse and select the option" Sharing and
2. Select "Sharing" in the Properties option and select "Share this folder on the network"
and click on "Apply" to confirm.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
3. Open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users
and Groups" and click "Users" option. Right click "Guest" and select "Properties".
4. Select 'Users can not change password' and 'Password never expires'. Keep the other
checkboxes unchecked.
5. Open Control Panel -> Network Connections and select "Local Area connection"
Right-click to select "Properties".
Basic operation
6. Select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ and click on "Properties".
7. Set up the relevant IP address, subnet mask and gateway. This can also be done
automatically (DHCP).
8. Click on OK to complete the Network Sharing procedure.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
2.2.2 Windows Vista
1. Please make sure that you have administrator rights on your Vista system.
2. Select Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety.
3. Select "User Accounts" -> "Manage another account". Click on the "Guest" account
and select "Turn on" if it is turned off.
4. Select the folder to share and right-click on it. Then select the "Share" option.
5. Add the "Guest" account to the list.
6. Select "Share" and then the folder will be shared.
Playback function
With this HDD player, you can browse movie, photo and music files stored in HDD, USB
and network. Please enter the file browser to select the media and press "ENTER" button
to play the file. It is possible to preview the selected media and press "ENTER" button
to play.
Connect to the PC
This HDD Player is also a multimedia file storage device and can be used by connecting
to the PC.
1. Connect to the power supply.
While using the HDD player with PC, power supply is required.
2. Connect to PC with USB cable.
Connect the HDD player to PC with USB cable to copy and transfer data.
Basic operation
Follow the instructions as shown in the above picture and connect the device to PC.
Power on the PC and enter the system. The PC detects the device automatically and then
the device can be used as an external USB storage device. After data transfer is finished,
please remove the USB storage device safely (click the USB device icon to stop the USB
device and then pull out the USB cable).
1. Please don’t power off when the device is busy (reading/writing data).
2. If there is no USB detected after connecting the USB cable to the PC pull
off the USB cable, wait about 10 seconds and then connect it again.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Chapter 3: Using the product
3.1 Browse and play media files
Power on the HDD Player. The system shows the main menu after a few seconds. Four
options will be available:.
With these functions, you can browse movie, photo and music files stored in HDD, network and USB by pressing the " " and " " navigation buttons to choose the source
device. Press the "ENTER" button to confirm your selection.
To make file browsing and playing easier, there is a function to filter and display all files
into different folders named "All", "Music", "Photo" and "Movies". You can switch to any
folder by pressing the " " and " " navigation button on the remote control.
Using the product
File Edit menu
Select a file or folder by pressing the navigation button. Press OPTION button on the
remote control to rename or delete files and press the "ENTER" button to confirm.
Select to return to the first menu
Please refer to the following procedure to rename a file:
1. Select Rename.
2. The edit window appears after pressing ENTER key.
3. Use the navigation arrows to select letters and numbers. CAPS to
toggle between uppercase and lowercase letters. Press <- to delete,
-> to insert a space, ENTER to confirm.
4. Once you finished the new name input, select ENTER to confirm.
If you want to cancel the naming during the process, press ENTER
to return.
Please refer to the following procedure to delete a title:
1. Press
to select the Delete tab.
2. Press ENTER to confirm and delete the file.
3. Confirmation message will appear. Press
and select ENTER.
4. Press ENTER to confirm the delete. Select return to cancel delete.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
3.1.1 Network
My shortcut
Select a PC in the menu or add one available IP address to access media files in network
through My_Shortcuts.
3.2 File Copy
The File Copy function allows copying files between HDD, USB or Network. Press the
COPY button on the remote control to copy files from one media to another.
3.2.1 Copy operation
Step 1: Select Source Device
Press and to select the device from where files are to be copied. Then press
select Destination Device or press to return.
Step 2: Select Destination Device
Press and to select the destination device after go to the Destination sector on the
screen. Then press for the next step or press to return.
Step 3: Select copy files or folders
In the Source sector, press
to select and press PLAY to select files or folders
which you want to copy. "√" appears on the right side of the selected file or folder. Press
to next step, and press to return.
ATTENTION! The maximum number of files that can be selected to copy
at a time is 8.
Using the product
Step 4: Select the destination folder
Press or to select a target folder in the destination sector. Press
or press to return.
for the next step
Step 5: Copy Status
In the menu, select ENTER to copy or select NO to cancel. After file copy is finished, the
system will display "File Copy is completed!" or "File Copy failed!". Select "Ok" to return
to the Main menu or select "No" to return to the Copy menu.
3.3 Setup Menu
Press the "Setup" button on the remote control to enter the Setup menu. It is possible
to configure Photo, Audio, Video, Network and System settings.
Select any option by pressing and on the remote control and press ENTER to confirm or press RETURN to exit. Press SETUP button again on remote control to exit from
the setup menu.
Changing Photos Settings
Slide Show
Set time interval of slide show.
Transition Effect
Select transition effect between photos in the slide show.
Background Music
The music must be in the same folder the same folder as the
pictures, choose background music position by navigation.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Changing Audio Settings
Night Mode
"On" "Off" and "Comfort mode" are available
In comfort mode, the volume is restricted automatically so that
it would not affect other people from rest or working.
Digital output
The following options are available:
Changing Video Settings
Screen Ratio
Pan Scan 4:3 Displays a wide picture on the entire screen
and cuts off the redundant portions when a standard 4:3
TV is connected.
Letter Box 4:3 Displays a wide picture with two black borders
on top and bottom of 4:3 screen when a standard 4:3 TV is
16:9 Compresses the image to convert the whole image
when a 16:9 TV is connected.
Select to set brightness level.
Select to set contrast level.
TV System
Select to adjust TV system.
Changing HDMI settings
Connect the HDMI cable before usage, adjust TV mode to HDMI, then video appears on
TV screen. Please refer to "Changing Audio Settings" and "Changing Video Settings" if
you want to change HDMI settings.
Using the product
Changing Network Settings
Note: A WLAN USB Stick is optionally available on
Wired LAN Setup
Wireless LAN Setup:
Check the following items before using this function:
Wireless LAN Setup
- Connection between product and network
- Network protocol is available
- Files are shared
Auto: Automatically set IP address
Manual: Select IP address, subnet address and default gateway.
These can be entered through navigation and numeric key.
Press "ENTER" to confirm.
Wired LAN Setup
DHCP IP (AUTO) : Set the DNS server IP address automatically.
When using Fixed IP, it is required to enter the following:
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway.
If assistance for the above settings is required, please contact your network administrator.
to confirm.
to navigate. Use numeric keys to enter the data and press "ENTER"
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Wireless Setup
Enter the SETUP by pressing the SETUP button on the remote control. Select NET ->
Wireless Setup and press OK to enter.
When using this feature for the first time, select MODIFY and follow the setup step-by-step.
Select INFRASTRUCTURE or PEER TO PEER, according to your needs.
Using the product
Wireless LAN Connection
Freecom MediaPlayer II supports two types of wireless structure modes: Infrastructure
mode & Ad-Hoc mode (Peer-to-peer).
Ad-Hoc Mode 3
Infrastructure Mode (AP)
Ad-Hoc Mode (Peer-to-peer)
1:1 wireless LAN connection type between wireless adapter and Freecom MediaPlayer
II without wireless access point.
Infrastructure Mode (AP)
Wireless LAN connection type with Wireless Access Point.
Wireless AP (Infrastructure Mode) or Wireless Adapter (Ad-Hoc Mode)
is needed for wireless connection. IEEE 802.11g wireless standard is
recommended for better wireless environment. Freecom MediaPlayer II
is compatible with IEEE 802.11g & b standard.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Infrastructure Mode
You can insert a USB wireless network card to the USB HOST interface on startup of the
device or you can insert a USB wireless network card at this time. The screen will show
"Auto" allows to automatically search for Wireless SSID.
Using the product
Select the encryption mode of your Access Point:
Open System
Shared Key (WEP)
and press ENTER on the remote control. Enter your password, if required.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
You can choose DHCP IP (AUTO) to obtain a dynamic IP or choose FIX IP (MANUAL) to
set a fixed IP.
The parameters are shown in the SETTING LIST as follows :
Press ENTER on the remote control. After the connection was established successfully,
you will see a summary where IP address, subnet mask and default gateway are shown.
Press ENTER again to return to the Network Setup. You will now see the IP address of your
device and an indicator showing the signal strength of your connection.
Using the product
Select "NETWORK" in the main menu. You will see not only "My_Shortcuts" and "My_
Neighbors", but also all shared folders in your network. This indicates the success of your
wireless connection setup.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Peer-to-peer mode (Ad-hoc mode)
Use "Peer-to-peer" to create a wireless network between your Mediaplayer and another
computer without using a WLAN router. Such networks are sometimes also referred to
as ad-hoc networks.
To establish a peer-to-peer network a USB WLAN stick for the Mediaplayer and a WLANcapable computer/notebook are required.
See the help of your operating system or the manual of your WLAN USB Stick on how to
setup an ad-hoc network on your computer.
Please select "Manual " for setting parameters.
Using the product
Set the name of product in wireless network as wireless SSID. Set the host IP address
and make sure that the IP address does not conflict with the USB wireless network card
IP addresses of your computer.
Save settings and test. After successful test, network information will be shown.
Press ENTER to return to the Network Setup.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
In the main interface of the " NETWORK ", select "MY_SHORTCUTS".
Using the product
Press the "Option" button on the remote control. In the pop-up window select "add" to
add a new shortcut. The user will be GUEST, as IP address the IP address of the computer
in your peer-to-peer network has to be entered.
Save settings and select the shortcut to enter. You will now have access to the IP address
of the host to share the contents of the host.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Changing System Settings
Menu Language
Choose the OSD (On Screen Display) language.
Text Encoding
Change character encoding.
Login Control
Activate login control (password) for the device web interface.
System Info
Start, stop, upgrade or uninstall system services.
Using the product
System Update
Upgrade your system here.
HDD Format
Use this option to format the built-in HDD.
ATTENTION! The internal hard disk will be formatted in NTFS
format. Mac users have read-only access when connecting the
device via USB to their Mac. To copy data from Mac to the Mediaplayer, network connection must be used.
Restore Default
Restore factory settings of your Mediaplayer.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
Chapter 4: Installing BT_SAMBA
BT Player is a system software, it consists of the operating system (Linux+AP) and the
application software (BT_SAMBA).
4.1 Initial installation
When inserting a hard disk to the system for the first time, the system will start with the
hard disk format interface.
You can also press "SETUP" on the remote control to open the Setup menu and select
"HDD Format" to format HDD.
Step 1: Press "
" and "
" on the remote control to make a selection.
When highlighting the YES button, press "ENTER" to enter the next step. Otherwise,
select "Cancel" to return.
Step 2: Hard disk format
" and "
" on the remote control to select "Back" or "Format". When the
Press "
"Format" button is highlighted, press "ENTER" to start. Otherwise, select "Back" button
to go back.
Step 3: Install BT/Samba Extension
After HDD format is complete, the system will install BT/Samba automatically. Please select
OK for the next step. The system will auto install according the following steps:
1. Install BT/Samba Extension
2. Install Bit-Torrent Support
3. Install Samba Server Support
4. Install Web Support
When the installation is complete, the system will display a success message at the end
of every step.
Install BT_SAMBA
Step 4: Congratulation page
When formatting is finished, the system will display a congratulation page. Select OK
button and Press "ENTER" to exit. The system will boot up automatically.
4.2 Neighbor Web interface
When the Mediaplayer has a network connection, you can use the player’s IP address to
access the "Neighbor Web" interface of the Mediaplayer.
Open the Internet Explorer and enter the Mediaplayer IP address. The Neighbor Web will
display the Bittorrent and Player Status.
At Home page, the "Neighbor web" will display BT Player’s status and storage device.
4.3 BitTorrent Download
At the home page, select "BitTorrent Download" to open the download interface.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
4.4 Add new torrent
to add a new torrent download.
On the "Add new torrent" page, click the "Browse" button to choose a torrent file path
from local PC. When you select a torrent file, press "Open" button to add.
Next , click "Yes" to confirm your selected file and to go back to the BitTorrent download
page, otherwise click "No" to do nothing and to go back to the BitTorrent download
page. When selecting "Yes", you will automatically be redirected to the torrent download page.
Install BT_SAMBA
1. Download Page
When clicking on a torrent file name, at the bottom of the page the torrent file information will be displayed. When the box on the left side of the file name is checked, it
means that the file is selected. You ca now select "Start" ,"Stop" ,"Delete" ,"Refresh" and
sort order "up" and "down".
2. BitTorrent Setting
Press "Setting" to open the BitTorrent setting page.
Set maximum download rate, maximum upload rate and seeding setting in the setting
When setting is completed, click to save, click to return or click to restore default settings.
Freecom MediaPlayer II
4.5 "Visit neighbor" function
On the device home page, select "Visit neighbor" to browse the HDD files.
ATTENTION: This feature is only available when using the Internet Explorer! It will not work with other browsers, e.g. Firefox or Opera.
4.6 Account Management
On the device home page, select "Account Management" to access the Account Management page. When "Account Management" cannot be started, please confirm in the
Mediaplayer Setup that Login control is set to ON.
The user name is Admin and the default password is 123. Please set the password according to your requirements.
Login password can be modified here. Please enter the password twice and click "Enter"
to confirm. When the modification was successful, press "Confirm" and return. Please
note the user name cannot be changed.
(valid in Europe/Turkey only)
We thank you for purchasing this Freecom product and hope you will enjoy using it.
In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience on your part, we suggest reading the quick
install guide, instruction manual and any additional electronic and or printed manuals. When
problems occur we have a database with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on our Freecom
website (, please check this site before you contact the helpdesk.
Your Guarantee
All Freecom products come with unlimited technical phone and web support. By this
Guarantee, Freecom warrants their products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period listed below from the date of its original purchase. If during this period
of guarantee the product proves defective due to improper materials or workmanship,
Freecom will, without charge for labour or parts, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the
product or its defective parts upon the terms and conditions set out below.
This guarantee will be granted only when the original invoice or sales receipt (indicating
the date of purchase, product and serial number) is presented together with the defective
product and a Freecom RMA number received from the Freecom Website or given by a
Freecom Service Center. Freecom reserves the right to refuse the free-of-charge guarantee
services when the date of purchase of the product cannot be proven. This guarantee will
not apply if the RMA number is missing, the serial number on the product has been altered,
removed or made illegible.
This guarantee covers only the hardware components packaged with the product. This
guarantee covers none of the following: (a) any consumable supplied with the product, such
as media or batteries; (b) damage to or loss of any software programs, data or removable
storage media; (c) any damage resulting from adaptations, changes or adjustments, which
may have been made to the product, without the prior written consent of Freecom; (d) attempted repair by any party other than authorized by Freecom and (e) accidents, lightning,
water, fire or any other such cause beyond the reasonable control of Freecom.
With respect to all services provided, Freecom is not responsible for any damage to or loss
of any programs, data or other information stored on any media or any part of any product
serviced. Freecom is not liable for the consequence of business loss in case of system failure.
Be sure to exclude all parts not covered by this guarantee prior to returning the product to
Freecom. Freecom is not liable for any loss or damage to these items. If during the repair
of the product the contents of the hard drive are altered, deleted or in any way modified,
Freecom is not liable whatsoever.
Repair parts and replacement products will be provided on an exchange basis and will be
either new, equivalent to new or reconditioned. All replaced parts and products become
the property of Freecom The period of guarantee for any product or part repaired or replaced in warranty shall be the balance of the original guarantee. Repairs or replacements
on product or parts out of warranty carry 6 (six) months guarantee.
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