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Antenna Adapter
NMO to N Type Jack
 Basestation conversion adapter for Ground Plane Independent
Antennas (GPI).
 Frequency independent operation for all NMO type antennas††.
 Rugged All Brass construction with Bright Nickel Plating.
 Integrated NMO Sealing Surface eliminates ingress potential
between antenna and mounting surface or bulkhead.
 Integrated bulkhead O-ring seal to protect Electrical Enclosures.
 Mounts up to 11/32 in. surface thickness.
 High Power Handling.
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Band
Power Rating
0-3000 MHz
200 Watts
Mechanical Specifications
Overall Length
Mounting Diameter
Mounting Hole Dimension
Mounting Surface Thickness
Dielectric Insulation
Environmental Seal
Connector Material, Finish
NMO Threads
N Type Threads
Operational Temperature
Storage Temperature
1.54 in. (39mm)
1.65 in. (42mm)
5/8 in. Clearance, Double D
11/32 in. (8.73mm), max
O-Ring & Silicone Pad
Brass, Nickel Plate
1-1/8-18 UNEF-2A
5/8-24 UNEF-2A
3.2 oz. (90.7g)
-40°C to 85°C
-40°C to 85°C
NMO Antenna seal not included.
Installation requires standard NMO seal typically included with antenna of choice.
Antenna Sold Separately. Specifications subject to change without notification.
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