Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service
Webroot SecureAnywhere
Web Security Service
The modern online landscape offers great advantages to modern
organizations, but also brings significant risks. To ensure the success
of your business, you need to effect the right mix of security checks and
balances on internet use. Ideally, the aim is to provide the necessary
protection without impeding the everyday web usage needs of employees.
These days, employees transact and conduct business both on and off
your network, and mobility becomes more and more commonplace by
the day. Although network controls are relatively straightforward on-site,
a remote workforce complicates corporate security. Managing remote
and mobile users, in addition to a wide variety of internet-connected
devices and operating systems adds-up to a lot of complexity, which
many businesses are unable to take on. But there is a solution that’s both
viable and cost-effective.
Overview — Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service
Customer Environment
contextual database
Web Traffic
Admin console
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Web Security Service
Remote laptop users
Threat Protection
Policy Engine
User Reporting/Logging
Policy Enforcement
URL Filtering
Laptop User Protection
Vulnerability Scanning
SSL/HTTPS Scanning
Data Security
Content Filtering/DLP
App Control
The Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service enables businesses
to achieve the balance between employer and employee needs. It prevents
internet abuse, minimizes web-borne malware risks and enforces the
content and access policies that optimize productive web usage. By
offering cloud level protection, the Webroot approach intercepts malware
before it reaches your network or endpoint devices. With the Webroot
SecureAnywhere Web Security Service, both on- and off-network users
receive the same high level of security, no matter how or where they
connect. Webroot makes it easy to create and enforce internet usage
policies without on-premise management hardware and software, thereby
delivering considerable operational savings in both infrastructure spending
and IT man hours.
With the Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service,
administrators can filter content based on URL, file type, and file size,
grouping URLs using more than 83 categories and subcategories. The
service also includes the ability to block and strip advertisements from
web pages, and reformat these pages on-the-fly before delivering them
to users, which speeds site delivery and saves internet bandwidth. For
Web Security Service users, this all adds up to easily enforceable and
accurate internet usage policies that reduce and mitigate data losses
and protect users from inappropriate content, while simultaneously
delivering improved user productivity.
With Webroot, you can set internet access policies at group or individual
user levels, and apply access rules by time and location. Administrators
may also set website access to Allowed, Blocked, or Coached in order
to help inform users and better manage their internet usage. For further
user access control, Webroot also provides the ability to create custom
URL Allow and Deny lists.
Antivirus, Antispyware & Real-Time Anti-Phishing
The Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service scans all users
HTTP, FTP over HTTP and HTTPS browser traffic in the cloud, blocking
malware before it reaches your network or users. It protects against
both known, unknown and zero-day malware using dedicated antivirus
and antispyware.
Webroot’s industry-leading real-time anti-phishing technology ensures
with 99%+ accuracy that users are only permitted to connect to
legitimate websites. As phishing and spear-phishing attacks continue to
be the most successful method by which attackers infiltrate networks,
ensuring safe web usage is crucial. Real-time anti-phishing protection
leverages comprehensive threat intelligence to specifically catch and stop
all types of advanced phishing attacks.
Webroot’s industry leading URL Content Filtering
Webroot’s third generation URL categorization and filtering engine is widely
recognized as being at the top of the URL content filtering class. Webroot
protection is backed by the Webroot® Intelligence Network (WIN), which
was purpose-built as a revolutionary approach to next-generation threat
protection. WIN integrates billions of pieces of information from millions of
sensors to create the world’s largest malware detection net.
Using a highly sophisticated combination of global threat sensors, machine
learning algorithms and human classification, Webroot maintains and
expands its knowledge of website classifications and integrates this
information into its security services to provide proactive protection
against both known and never-before-seen attacks. The breadth and
accuracy of Webroot URL filtering enable administrators to confidently
enforce acceptable web access policies without the hassle of constant site
re-categorization requests and help desk calls.
Anonymous Proxy Prevention and Tamperproof
Internet Access Control
Then there is our unique anonymizing proxy detection and prevention
capability that ensures internet usage policies are enforced, even when
users attempt to circumvent control by using VPNs or well-known
anonymizing proxy sites. The Desktop Web Proxy (DWP) device client
can also be deployed so it is transparent to users, tamperproof, and
cannot be switched off.
Roaming User Protection
With its tamperproof client and anonymous proxy prevention, the
Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service ensures that you can
enforce company internet use policies regardless of where an employee
is working—from home, at the airport or an internet café. Any remote
off-network users are fully provisioned to receive automatic and
uninterrupted policy controlled protection whenever they are outside
the corporate network. Because the Web Security Service operates
in the cloud, those users authenticate directly with the web service
without need of a VPN connection. This feature drastically increases
management flexibility without sacrificing control. The result is roaming
user protection that helps improve remote user productivity and
enhances network security.
Proactive Safe Search
Webroot provides secure scan ahead technology that examines all search
engine queries and returns color-coded search results based on each
user’s individual internet access policy rules. This intelligent feature
helps users’ to better understand organization’s internet usage policies
and proactively mitigates threats from harmful content on unsafe sites.
It also protects users from exposure to undesirable content as well as
inappropriate thumbnail images.
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Comprehensive Logging and Reporting
Near real-time logs display the sites and downloads users have
attempted to access, as well as whether these were acceptable under
their web access policy. Webroot logs are available for 365 days, so
access to historical log information for generating management reports
is always at hand.
Scan-Ahead Safe Search Results
Simplified Administration
Administrators can manage internet usage and security via an intuitive
online management console, which is available through any web browser.
The console allows admins to securely access Webroot’s powerful web
policy engine to easily create and modify policies at User, Group, and
Account levels. Our near real-time customizable dashboard displays web
access and security information summaries, including access by site
category and the current most popular user search terms.
Interactive drill-down reporting
Seamless Authentication
Webroot® Desktop Web Proxy (DWP) agent is lightweight and easy to
deploy and manage. Once installed, it enforces seamless authentication
and ensures all web traffic is automatically routed through the Webroot
SecureAnywhere Web Security Service. The DWP agent also handles more
complex authentication at public Wi-Fi hotspots and other tricky access
points, so remote users can always get online.
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Detailed reports may be run ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis, allowing
timely and accurate monitoring over internet usage. Reporting graphs
include web traffic trends, top blocked URLs, blocked malware, bandwidth
usage, and more. Admins can easily set up scheduled reporting, as well as
automatic distribution via email to desired recipients. Numerous different
charts may be combined for maximum executive and management
visibility into overall and individual internet usage.
Support for Citrix & Terminal Services Servers
The Webroot SecureAnywhere® Web Security Service provides support for
both the Citrix and Terminal Services platforms, along with more common
Windows systems. This extended platform support provides a convenient
enhancement over other solutions and widens Webroot’s usability. All
Citrix and Terminal Services users are individually authenticated so unique
policies can be applied to separate users on a single Citrix or Terminal
Services server, while user activity is logged individually.
Rapid Deployment
Deploying the Web Security Service is very straightforward, and there is
no costly hardware or software to operate or maintain. Administrators
can deploy the DWP agent using MSI via GPO. DWP Auto User Creation
is a service feature that is enabled by default. It automatically creates
accounts for new users as they authenticate to the service for the first
time from associated IP addresses and places them into a policy group
for easy administration. All necessary credentials are stored in the local
registry, so multiple users can share a machine and still maintain the
correct policy restrictions, while logins are seamless and transparent.
Once installed, DWP will reconfigure all local browsers to use the correct
proxy address, ensuring security and compliance. Please note that DWP
is currently only available for the Windows operating systems.
Fast Browsing with Minimal Latency
Webroot’s distributed data centers minimize web access latency. Our
Web Security Service uses a global, multitenant, fully redundant data
center infrastructure served through Global Server Load Balancing
(GSLB) that automatically ensures users’ web traffic is routed through
the data center nearest them. Using this approach, Webroot ensures
high web performance through rapid browser request response times. In
addition, our propriety and unique web content download acceleration
technology, combined with high-performance proxies further improves
the user web performance experience and ensures policy compliance.
DATASHEET Key Benefits
Key Features
No management hardware or software to support
Low ongoing administration overheads
No switching fees, or other up front costs
Pay-as-you-go, per user/per year, subscription model
Proactive Web Security
Stops web malware before it reaches network or users
Multiple heuristic filters protect against ‘unknown’ attacks
Smart URL filtering & content blocking
Smart and unique real-time anti-phishing protection
Smart auto-detection of anonymizing proxy circumvention
Easy to Manage
Intuitive web-based management console
Internet access by Account; Group or User level
AD and LDAP integration for smarter use management
Detailed ad hoc and scheduled reporting
Support for Citrix and Terminal Services
Auto-updating Desktop Web Proxy (DWP) agent
Reliable Service
Fault-tolerant data centers eliminate single point-of-failure risks
Seamless authentication and protection for remote users
Security a global IT security leader
Comprehensive 24x7x365 support included
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
About Webroot
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