Cardea C2 The C2 is an elegantly styled floorstander

Cardea C2 The C2 is an elegantly styled floorstander
Cardea C2
The C2 is an elegantly styled floorstander designed using a similar recipe to
the C1 stand-mount. The larger ported cabinet is constructed from 18mm
high density MDF specifically chosen for its acoustic properties and
beautifully finished with real wood veneer. The reflex port is situated on the
bottom of the cabinet to enable more flexibility in placement within the
listening room. The fixed plinth provides a fixed boundary gap for the port to
work optimally as well as providing additional stability. Internally the cabinet
is optimally damped and braced and the tweeter is mounted in its own
chamber to isolate it from the compression effects of the main unit. Both of
the drivers are neatly rebated into the cabinet and the grille is mounted via
magnets to maintain a clean appearance.
The main driver is an 18cm unit manufactured with a cast chassis for high
stability and a coated paper cone; the unit has been specifically designed to
optimally utilise the larger cabinet volume. The tweeter unit is a 25mm fabric
dome unit more usually found in significantly more expensive designs and
has a superb quality of treble. Excellent integration between the drive units
allows a low order crossover to be used for minimal electrical interaction
with the signal.
The C2 uses its extra size to add improved bass extension and greater
Loudspeaker of the Year,
Main driver:
Kudos 18cm unit with coated paper cone and
26mm voice coil
Kudos 25mm soft dome
8 ohms
925mm x 200mm x 270mm (hwd)
Hi-Fi Choice Awards '09
"Sometimes you know
straight away that you're
dealing with something just
a little bit special, and that is
very much the case here.
The C2 just sounds so
'right' straight from the off,
demonstrating a neutral
balance, wide dynamic
range, fine coherance, good
stereo imaging, and a
reassuringly 'ballsy' bottom
Frequency response: 30Hz – 25 kHz “AIRR” (Average In Room Response)
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