Fundex Games Family Game Classics 2620 User's Manual

Fundex Games Family Game Classics 2620 User's Manual
EQUIPMENT: 12 red & 12 black pieces, game board
OBJECT: Capture all your opponent’s tokens.
SET-UP: Place the game board so that there is a black square to the left of each
player. Using the black and red tokens, each player places four tokens on the first
three rows nearest him or black squares i.e.. 12 tokens per player. Black always
starts, and play is only on the black squares.
GAME PLAY: A token moves diagonally one square at a time, forward-not
backward. If a token reaches the far side of the board it becomes a king (stack two
playing pieces to indicate a king) and can now move diagonally in any direction. A
token may also “leap-frog” over another token if there is a vacant square beyond
and if the other token belongs to the opponent. The jumped token is removed
from the board (captured). If a player fails to capture an opponent’s token the
opponent’s token may on his next turn remove the offending token. This does not
counts as his move.
WINNER: Play continues until one player wins by capturing all of his opponent’s
tokens, or a draw is declared.
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