Fundex Games Squeezed Out User manual

Fundex Games Squeezed Out User manual
PLAYERS: 2 or more
OBJECT: Accumulate points by removing colored disks from the
game surface without allowing the tension bar to move.
SET-UP: Slide the tensing bar back and randomly place all colored
disks into the game base. Release tension bar so it pushes against
Large Disk = Score three (3) points
Medium Disk = Score two (2) points
Small Disk = Score one (1) points
PLAY: Determine which player begins play. Suggestion: youngest
starts and play continues clockwise. In turn, each player selects
one disk they think they can remove without moving the tension
bar. Players try to remove only ONE playing piece per turn.
Players may either remove one playing piece or pass on their turn.
Players may pass as many times as they wish during a game;
however, if all the players pass twice in succession, the first player
on the third round MUST remove a playing piece.
If a player successfully removes a playing piece without moving
the tension bar, the player keeps the playing piece and scores the
appropriate number of points.
NOTE: There are marks along the top edge of the game surface.
If a player removes a playing piece and the tension bar moves
one full mark or more, that player must put the playing piece in
a discard pile, off the game board, along with any other piece or
pieces, that popped up and out of play on that turn. The player is
also penalized three (3) points and must subtract three (3) points
from his score. Play continues until the number of pieces on the
game surface equals the number of players. (i.e., three players
mean the game ends when only three pieces remain.)
WINNER: The player with the most points wins the game
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