Fundex Games War User's Manual

Fundex Games War User's Manual
Ages: 4+
Players: 2
Equipment: 52 cards
Shuffle the deck. Deal each player 26
cards, face down. Players should not look
at their cards, and should put them in a pile
face down. Cards rank from lowest (two)
to highest (Ace)–suites are not relevant in
this game. Both players turn up the top
card on their pile and lay them in the play
area. Whoever turned up the higher value
card “captures” both cards and adds them
face down to the bottom of their pile. Then
both players turn up the next card in the
same manner. If the turned up cards are
identical in value then the players declare
war. The identical value cards stay in the
play area. Each player lays down a card
for each word as he says, “I declare a
war!” The first three cards should be
placed FACE DOWN behind the card
that began the war, while the forth card
is played face up. The player whose forth
card is highest in value captures all 10
cards. If the new face-up cards are also
equal in value, the war continues and is
repeated. The game continues until one
player has captured all 52 cards and is
declared the winner of the war!
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