Void BASYS B12, BASYS B15 V2 Owner's manual

Void BASYS B12, BASYS B15 V2 Owner's manual
Getting Started
1. Carefully unpack all the speaker cabinets, accessories and the B3 or B4 amplifier.
Check that you have all of the following :
B15 Sub cabinets
B12 Mid Hi cabinets
B3 or B4 power amplifier
Speaker poles
Wheels for B15 cabinets (4 with brakes)
Metal corners for the B15 cabinet
B15 top hat blanking plates
8 meter speaker cables
2 meter speaker cables
Screw pack
2. Mount the B12 cabinets on top of the B15 cabinets by using the supplied poles.
3. Connect the left and right outputs from your mixer to the CH1 and CH2 inputs on the rear of the B3 amplifier.
4. Connect one of the thick 8 meter speaker cables to the SUB & HI, CH1 output on the B3 amplifier. Connect the
other end of this cable to one of the speakons on a B15 cabinet. Both speakons on a B15 are wired together, so
you can connect to either speakon. Connect the other 8 meter cable to the SUB & HI, CH2 output on the B3 and
its other end to the remaining B15 cabinet in the same way.
5. Use a 2 meter speaker cable and connect one end to the unused speakon on the B15 and the other end to the
B12 cabinet. Use the lower speakon that has not been blanked off. The upper blanked off speakon is for linking to
another B12 or for connection in a permanent installation via pins +1 and -1. If you do link to other B12 cabinets
make sure you only connect via the top input speakons on both B12 cabinets.
6. Switch on your mixer, connect the power lead to the B3 and switch it on by turning the power on control clockwise.
Set both CH1 and CH2 levels controls to the same position just below maximum and set the SUB level control
around half way. Slowly turn up the output on your mixer and set it to a moderate listening level. Use the SUB
level control to either increase or decrease the level of bass to mid hi. Once the desired setting has been found,
control the systems output level from your mixer.
7. If your Basys system is going to be used in a fixed installation, the top hat on the B15 cabinet can be replaced by
the top hat blanking plate found in the accessory pack. For road or mobile use, consider fitting the wheels and metal
corners to the B15 cabinets. Screws and bolts for the corners and wheels can be found in the screw pack. An
optional road bag kit can be purchased and includes covers for two B12's and two B15 cabinets.
Do Not connect the 8 meter cable from the SUB & HI outputs on a B3 amplifier directly to a B12 cabinet.
Always connect to a B12 via a B15 when using the SUB & HI outputs on a B3 amp.
Warranty Registration
Please take time to fill out the warranty registration form at the back of the manual and return it to Void Acoustics
BASYS B12 - B15 V2
BASYS B12 - B15 V2
Close tolerance and durable components provide increased reliability and greater output.
Accurately machined 15 laminate birch plywood cabinets for superior strength.
Top Hat fittings on all enclosures enables quick and easy mounting.
Built in Electronic protection device for the HF driver.
12 x M8 flying points for fast and accurate installation.
Wide and flat frequency response for unparalleled sound quality.
Well placed grab handles enable easier transportation.
Tough kick proof grills with foam filters protect the components from the heaviest of abuse.
Three year warranty and guarantee.
System Connections
The supplied cables enable a whole system to be connected from the Sub&Hi outputs on a B3 amplifier.
Make sure you use the correct cable from the amplifier to B15 and from the B15 to B12.
Use the 8 meter cable to connect from the Sub&Hi out on the B3 amplifier to a speakon on the B15.
Use the 2 meter cable to connect from the spare speakon on the B15 to the lower speakon on the B12.
When linking a B12 cabinet to another B12 cabinet, use the top speakon as the link out and use the other
B12's top speakon as the input. A cable wired +1, -1 to +1, -1 or +2, -2 to +2, -2 can be used to connect the
two B12's when linking via the top input speakons.
The B15 is wired +1 and -1 for its input. The top B12 input can get its input from both +1 and -1, or +2 and 2. The bottom B12 input is wired +2 and -2 for its input.
The speakons on the B15 are wired in parallel, so either speakon can be used as the input, the other speakon
can be used as a link output. The same applies to the B12, but only pins +2 and -2 are linked from the
bottom to top speakons. In an installation where B12's will not be connected via a B15 cabinet, use pins
+1 and -1 on the top speakon input on the B12 and the Hi outputs on the B3.
The B12 enclosures logo is spring loaded and rotatable. This allows the logo to be displayed upright
when the cabinet is used in either vertical or horizontal positions.
1. Install B12 and B15 enclosures in a dry environment, do not expose the cabinets to rain or moisture.
2. When connecting the B12 to the B3 amplifier do not connect the B12 to the Sub&Hi out directly.
Connect via a B15 or to the CH1 and CH2 Hi outputs using the B12's top input speakon.
3. If connecting a B12 to a B15 a 4 way speakon to speakon cable must be used from the B3 to the B15. If a
4 way cable is not used the B12 will not be connected.
4. Only use a speakon to speakon cable wired +2 and -2 to +2 and -2 when connecting the B12 to a B15
sub. If a cable wired 1+ and 1- is used the B12 will receive the same signal as the sub.
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Reference Manual
Frequency Response :
B12 V2
B15 V2
65 Hz - 18 KHz -3dB
40 Hz - 200 Hz -3dB
99.5 dB 1w/1m
98 dB 1w/1m
8 ohms
8 ohms
300 watts rms
600 watts rms
124 dB cont
126 dB peak
124 dB cont
127 dB peak
90 h x 60 v
2.2 KHz passive
140 Hz active
1 x 12" neo : 1 x 1" neo
1 x 15" neo
HF - Electronic device
18 mm 15 laminate birch
18mm 15 laminate birch
12 x M8 insert + top hat
Top hat fitting
Textured polyurethane
Textured polyurethane
Perforated steel - foam filter
Perforated steel - foam filter
2 x 4 pole speakon
2 x 4 pole speakon
370 mm wide
580 mm high
362 mm deep
496 mm wide
580 mm high
550 mm deep
20.0 Kg net
24.4 Kg shipping
34.0 Kg net
39.7 Kg shipping
Sensitivity :
Impedance :
Power Handling :
Maximum Output :
Dispersion :
Crossover Point :
Driver Configuration :
Protection :
Construction :
Rigging, Mounting :
Finish :
Grill :
Connectors :
Dimensions :
Weight :
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Reference Manual
This unit has very sophisticated circuitry and should only be serviced by a fully trained
No user serviceable parts inside
Refer servicing to a qualified technician
Worldwide Service
Service may be obtained from your local authorised service centre. To obtain service,
simply present your sales receipt as proof of purchase along with the defective unit to
an authorised service centre. They will handle the necessary paperwork and repair.
Remember to transport your unit in the original factory packaging.
1. When sending a Basys Series product to an authorised service centre for service,
please write a detailed description of the fault and list any other equipment used in
conjunction with the faulty product. Send the fault description with the faulty product,
do not send it separately.
2. Ensure safe transportation of your unit to the authorised service centre. Ship it in the
original factory packaging if possible.
3. Do not ship the unit in any kind of rack. Ignoring this warning may result in extensive
damage to the unit and the equipment rack. Accessories are not needed. Do not
send the instruction manual, cables or any other hardware.
4. Before returning your faulty product for repair, please remember to get a return
authorisation number from the dealer whom you purchased your product from.
Failure to do so could delay the repair of your product.
Warranty Registration
Please take time to fill out the warranty registration form at the back of this manual and
return it to Void Acoustics.
If you want to dispose of this product, do not mix with general
household waste. There are separate collection systems for used
electronic products in accordance with legislation under the WEEE
Directive (Directive 2002/96/EC) and is effective only within the
European Union.
This product is Rohs compliant
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Reference Manual
For a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery to the original purchaser (as shown
on the original invoice or sales receipt), Void Acoustics (hereinafter "Void") warrants to the
ORIGINAL OWNER of each new Basys Series product (provided it was purchased at an
Authorised Void Dealer) that it is free of defects in materials and workmanship and that each
product will meet or exceed all factory published specifications for each respective model.
Void agrees to repair or replace (at its discretion) all defective parts at no charge for labour or
materials; subject to following provisions:
Void shall take no responsibility for repair or replacement as specified under this warranty, if
the damaged product has been subject to misuse, accident, neglect or failure to comply with
normal maintenance procedures; or if the serial number has been defaced, altered or
removed. Nor will Void accept responsibility for, or resulting from, improper alterations or
unauthorised parts or repairs. This warranty does not cover any damage to speakers or any
other consequential damage resulting from breach of any written or implied warranty.
Void will remedy any defect, regardless of the reason for failure (except as excluded) by
repair, or replacement. Void will remedy the defect and ship the product within a reasonable
time after receipt of the defective product at an Void Authorised Service Centre.
In the event that a Void product requires service, the Owner must contact Void or an
Authorised Void Service Centre to receive an R.A.N. (Return Authorisation Number) and
instructions on how to return the product to the Void Authorised Service Centre, or to the
factory. Void (or its Authorised Service Centre) will initiate corrective repairs upon receipt of
the returned product. Please save the original carton and all the packing materials in case
shipping is required. All products being returned to the factory or service centre for repairs
must be shipped prepaid.
If the repairs made by Void or the Void Authorised Service Centre are not satisfactory, the
Owner is instructed to give written notice to Void. If the defect or malfunction remains after a
reasonable amount of attempts by Void to remedy the defect or malfunction, the Owner shall
then have the option to elect either a refund or replacement of said Void product free of
charge. The refund shall be an amount equal to but not greater than the actual purchase
price, not including any taxes, interest, insurance, closing costs and other finance charges
(minus reasonable depreciation on the product). If a refund is necessary, the Owner must
make the defective or malfunctioning product available to Void free and clear of all liens or
other restrictions.
Void reserves the right to modify or change equipment (in whole or part) at any time prior to
delivery thereof, in order to include therein electrical or mechanical improvements deemed
appropriate by Void, but without incurring any liability to modify or change any equipment
previously delivered, or to supply new equipment in accordance with any earlier
No person has the authority to enlarge, amend, or modify this Warranty. This Warranty is not
extended by the length of time which the Owner is deprived of the use of product. Repairs
and replacement parts provided pursuant to the Warranty shall carry only the non-expired
portion of the Warranty.
Technical and design specifications are subject to change without notice
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Reference Manual
Unit 10B, Dawkins Road Ind Est, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4JD
Tel: +44 (0)870 1651 332 Fax: +44 (0)870 1651 352
Void Acoustics
This warranty in no way affects your statutory rights.
Carriage costs to Void Acoustics will be returned to the
customer if warranty work proves necessary. Packing,
insurance and freight on the return journey will be paid by
Void Acoustics or its authorised dealers.
Do not send goods to Void Acoustics without first obtaining
a return authorisation number.
4. That the product has not suffered damage in transit.
3. That the product has not been modified, disassembled
or tampered with by any person other than Void Acoustics
technical staff.
Tel :
Void Acoustics, Unit 10B, Dawkins Road Ind Est, Poole,
Dorset, BH15 4JD, UK.
Return the product (preferably in its original box) to :
Contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product
and get a return authorisation number.
What to do if your Void product needs repair
Post code :
Suppliers name and address
Serial number
1. This warranty is only valid in the country of purchase.
2. That the product has not been abused or operated in
conjunction with unsuitable or faulty apparatus.
Date of purchase
Warranty Copy
This Void Acoustics product is guaranteed against defects
due to faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 3
years from the date of original purchase, subject to the
following restrictions.
Void Acoustics
Void Acoustics
Unit 10B
Dawkins Road Ind Est
BH15 4JD
Post code :
Post code :
Tel :
Your name and address
Tel :
Suppliers name and address
Serial number
Date of purchase
Thank you for purchasing this Void product. Please
complete this warranty registration card and cut off this
part and send it to the address overleaf.
Warranty Registration
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