Cooking, cleaning or just enjoying a cup`a, Westbrass

Cooking, cleaning or just enjoying a cup`a, Westbrass
Cooking, cleaning or just enjoying a cup’a, Westbrass
Hot Water Dispensers deliver ............. instantly.
Easy to install using the included
Quick-connect and compression
hose adapter fittings. Open venting
faucets protect the tank from
over pressurizing.
Adjust from 140° to 190° hot
water with just a twist of the
wrist. Great for cooking and
brewing or instant beverages,
Completes the ultimate wet
Safety and
1300 watt heating element provides faster recovery times compared to other brands, while maintaining efficiency. A generous 5/8
gallon reservoir delivers 100 cups
per hour of steaming hot water.
Automated Heater
Self re-setting thermal fuse helps
protect the heating element from
dry tank abuse.
High temperature water rests
comfortably, awaiting demand in
the stainless steel reservoir. Our
self-contained expansion chamber reduces dripping caused by
water heating up, preventing tank
damage or explosions prevalent
in less well engineered products.
Uses less electricity than a 40 watt
light bulb, costing less than a cup
of coffee to operate. Super-efficient
insulation and a direct immersion
element combine to conserve every last watt of energy. Plugs in to a
standard wall outlet.
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