Product Information |Prophylaxis

Product Information |Prophylaxis
Product Information | Prophylaxis
Oral care system
professional prophylaxis
The miradent range offers a com­
prehensive program for dental
Especially in the product category
“Special Dental Care” we conti­
nuously develop innovative pro­
ducts to meet the increasing
demand of dental professionals
and patients for comprehensive
oral prevention.
dental aesthetics
The dental aesthetics range addres­
ses the market for cosmetic dental
care. Mirawhite gelée and Miraclin
Implant, targets the customers’
desire for improved dental appea­
rance. All product developments
are strictly controlled to ensure only
approved methods and selected
ingredients are chosen.
medical care
The oral medical care range spe­
cialises in products for periodontal
health, particularly for post­­
operative care following dental
surgery. Most of the products
(e.g. Miradont-Gel) have been
used successfully in dental practi­
ces, and as prophylactic agents
for many years.
Effective whitening
Oral care system
Dear dental practice and pharmacy partners!
In recent years there has been a significant increase
in severe gingival diseases in adults and seniors. The
­latest German Health Study shows that over 70 % of
adults nowadays suffer from periodontal diseases.
Additionally, in Germany more than 10 million teeth
are extracted every year due to tooth decay or perio­
dontitis. Many of these instances are avoidable
through preventative self-administered prophylaxis
and sound dental advice.
This product information gives an overview of the
­miradent range. Please feel free to request additional
copies to distribute to your customers.
More information:
We look forward to a good cooperation.
Your miradent Team
Today’s experts agree that dental prophylaxis is
based on four ‘pillars’:
• 'Tooth-friendly' diet
• Systematic dental care
• Fluoridation
• Regular dental check-ups
miradent by Hager & Werken is a range of high-qua­
lity professional prophylaxis products. Since the esta­
blishment of the miradent brand in 1982 we have
been committed to research and innovation in the
dental field. Our approach has led to the develop­
ment and introduction of many innovative products,
including those featured in this brochure.
Professional products require professional advice.
For miradent, this means our products are being sold
exclusively through dental practices and pharmacies,
where highly-qualified staff can offer valuable advice.
New products
Prosonic micro 2
Sonic toothbrush with 30,000 micro vibes/min
Page 10
Miraclin Implant
Toothpaste for people with dental implants
Safe Implant
Page 28
Lozenges against mouth dryness
Page 29
Xylitol Chewing Gum for Kids
Dental care chewing gum for kids
Page 34
Classic dental care
mirasensitiv hap+
Mirafluor C
mirafluor chx, paroguard
Prosonic micro 2
Carebrush white, Carebrush supersoft
Happy Morning
Happy Morning Xylitol
14 Interdental cleaning
15 Mirafloss chx-Tape, Tape, unwaxed
17 I-Prox chx
18 Pic-Brush Set, Pic-Brush Intro Kit
19 Pic-Brush Refill brushes
20 I-Prox P, I-Prox P Refill brushes
21 I-Prox Care Set
22 Plaque detection
24 miradent Mundspiegel (mouth mirror)
25 Plaque Agent
26 Cosmetic dental care
27 Mirawhite gelée
28 Miraclin Implant
30 halitosis spray
31 Tong-Clin De Luxe, Tong-Clin Gel,
Tong-Clin Fresh
Xylitol range
Xylitol Powder
Xylitol Chewing Gum,
Chewing Gum for Kids
Xylitol Drops
Prosthetic restorations
Protho Brush De Luxe
Protho Box,
Protho Box Single replacement brush
Mirafloss Implant chx
42 Kids' Corner
44 Kid’s Brush
45 Funny Animals
46 miradent Sanduhr (hourglass), Dento Box
47 miradent SOS Dentobox
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Classic dental care
Professional prophylactic dental care requires more
than just a toothbrush. Specific formulated mouth­
washes and toothpastes are also essential compo­
nents of a complete dental care to provide the best
possible prevention of tooth decay.
Classic dental care – hypersensitive teeth
Open dentine tubules cause
painful irritations
 30 % artificial enamel (hap)
 Calming tooth nerve (potassium citrate)
 With xylitol and 1,450 ppm fluoride
 Low enamel abrasion, RDA 30
Sealed dentine tubules
Potassium ions
mirasensitive hap+ ®
Intensive care for hypersensitive teeth
The majority of all adults suffer from teeth sensitivity.
Causes for such hypersensitivities are exposed tooth
necks, natural enamel degradation, erosion and
stress in the thin dentin layer near the enamel/­
cement border.
The recently developed hap+ dual complex fights the
above mentioned degradations. The substance com­
plex consists of 30 % artificial enamel (hydroxyapatite)
and includes 5 % potassium ions to calm the tooth
nerve itself. The artificial enamel seals the open dental
tubuli, stopping the stimuli conductor to the tooth
nerve. At the same time the potassium ions surround
the toothnerve with a protective layer. This dual com­
plex provides long-term protection against hypersen­
mirasensitive hap+, 50 ml
sitivity. mirasensitive hap+ contains fluoride (1,450
ppm) and xylitol which is known for its anti-plaque,
tooth decay pre­ventive and remineralising effects.
Preliminary studies confirm the effectiveness of mi­
rasensitive hap+. After just one week of application,
the build-up of artificial enamel becomes clearly vis­
ible. The low RDA value (30) supports a gentle dental
care, minimising the abrasion of tooth enamel.
630 169
Classic dental care – toothpaste
 Cleans teeth and gingiva
 Prevents tooth decay
 Strengthens enamel
 Low enamel abrasion RDA 17
Mirafluor C, 100 ml
630 083
Mentha Arvensis - field mint
Mirafluor C RDA 17
DIN EN ISO 11609
Amine fluoride enrich­
ment can prevent plaque
Mirafluor C
Amine fluoride compounds have significant plaquereducing characteristics. The use of mirafluor amine
fluoride toothpaste (1,250 ppm) increases fluoride
concentration in saliva and inhibits tooth decay deve­
lopment. Using Mirafluor C toothpaste, amine fluori­
des spread in the oral cavity rapidly, cover the tooth
surfaces evenly with a homogenous molecular layer
and distribute the fluoride where it is needed. The
film-like consistency creates a layer on the teeth
which stops the fluoride from being washed out
quickly by saliva.
Toothpaste with
amine fluoride
High-quality amine fluoride toothpaste for optimal
tooth decay prevention.
Mirafluor® C
Classic dental care – mouth rinsing solution
Dosing cap
For an optimal
dosage of the
mouth rinsing
 Free of alcohol
 Reduces fur on tongue
 With xylitol
Professional mouth rinse solution with
250 ppm fluoride
mirafluor® chx
Anti-bacterial mouth rinse solution with 0.06 %
chlorhexidine digluconate and 250 ppm fluoride
mirafluor chx is a ready-to-use mouth rinse solution
with 0.06 % chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX) for
cleaning, care and protection of the oral cavity.
The solution also contains a light fluoridation (250
ppm) and caries-preventive xylitol. In addition, the
solution consists of hamamelis, a medicinal plant
used by the North American Indians against inflam­
mation but also for diarrhoea, dysentery and mucous
discharges. mirafluor chx does not contain alcohol
and enjoys widespread acceptance. mirafluor chx is
ideal for the prevention of bad breath, plaque, cervi­
cal tooth decay and gingival inflammations.
mirafluor chx, 100 ml
630 085
mirafluor chx, 500 ml
630 086
paroguard, 200 ml
630 087
Each key ingredient provides a
unique benefit:
• Chlorhexidine inhibits the de­
velopment of bacteria while
decomposing and preventing
• Hamamelis prevents inflam­
Hamamelis virginiana
• Xylitol is non-cariogenic, pre­
vents tooth decay and acts pH neutrally
• Fluoride remineralises, increasing resistance
against tooth decay and enhan­cing the effect of
The combination of ingre­
dients also leads to a sig­
nificant reduction of
sulphurous methyl com­
pounds on the dorsum
(tongue coating!) and,
therefore, prevents heavy
Classic dental care – Sonic toothbrush
 30,000 micro-vibrations per minute
 8 x faster than traditional elec. toothbrushes
 With integrated tongue scraper
With integrated tongue
30,000 micro vibrations per
tongue scraper
brush head
Prosonic micro 2
Sonic toothbrush for on the way
The Prosonic micro 2 is a low-priced, battery-pow­
ered sonic toothbrush, suitable for travel, and
­granting a thorough oral hygiene. The toothbrush
cleans effectively with 30,000 vibrations per minute.
Bacteria, plaque and tartar get optimally removed
due to the micro-vibrations. The back of the brush
head serves as a tongue scraper that reliably removes
bacterial coating – a major cause of bad breath.
The Prosonic micro 2 is operated with a battery that
can be easily replaced, granting a use of more than
Prosonic micro 2
630 182
Brush head, set of two (medium)
630 183
30 days. Thus, the Prosonic micro
2 is ideal for daily use, on travel
and for people with restricted
mobility. The refill brushes can
be identified by color-coded
Classic dental care – toothbrushes
 Rubber lamellas for thorough cleaning
 Bended brush head
 Anatomic anti-slip grip
 Gentle and thorough cleaning
 Silky-soft micro bristle
 Anatomic anti-slip grip
anti-slip grip
Carebrush® white
Carebrush® supersoft
Toothbrush with “whitening” effect
Toothbrush with silky-soft micro bristels
The Carebrush white combines the advantages of a
conventional toothbrush with the technology of pro­
fessional tooth cleaning. The conventional crisscross bristles clean your teeth and interdental spaces.
The bended brush head provides
better access to the hard-to-reach
molars. The cleaning effect of the
rubber lamellas is similar to the effect
obtained by using polishing cups in
professional tooth cleaning. The
tooth surface is cleaned gently and
carefully, the tooth discoloration is
thoroughly removed. As a result, the
natural whiteness of the tooth is
­restored. The anatomic handle with
rubber nubs provides a safe antislip grip.
Exposed tooth necks and irritated gums require a
particularly intensive oral care. The Carebrush super­
soft has extra soft bristles, providing gentle and tho­
rough cleaning of the hypersensitive exposed tooth
necks, without compromising on
the usual dental care. The anatomic
handle with rubber nubs provides a
safe anti-slip grip.
Carebrush white, green
630 190
Carebrush white, pink
630 191
Carebrush supersoft, blue
630 195
Classic dental care – for in between
 Bristles impregnated with toothpaste
 Fresh mint flavor
 Ideal for on-the-go
Impregnated bristles
Ready-to-use with tooth­
paste already contained in
the bristles
2.5 cm
No Water
with to
without toot
Happy Morning®
Prepasted and self-foaming toothbrush
Further product advantages:
Many years ago, Happy Morning was the first singleuse brush on the German market. Since then it has
continuously been modified and improved. The
Happy Morning toothbrush with its short brushhead,
allows for an easy access to the lateral tooth area.
Dentists have always known and been convinced of
Happy Morning; the toothbrush has impregnated
bristles with toothpaste. It is ready-to-use and suited
for on-the-go, in the dental practice before
treatments or for traveling.
Happy Morning, trans. blue with toothpaste,
100 pcs.
605 401
Happy Morning, trans. white with no toothpaste,
605 403
100 pcs.
• Instantly usable
• Short brush head, 2.5 cm
• Hygienically, individually wrapped
Classic dental care – for in between
 Bristles impregnated with toothpaste
 With xylitol
 Anti-plaque effect
In between meals
At work
When travelling
Before a date
No water needed
Happy Morning® Xylitol
Self-foaming toothbrush with xylitol
The new Happy Morning Xylitol is a single-use
toothbrush with toothpaste containing xylitol. The
special feature of xylitol – a natural sugar substitute
– is its inhibitory effect on plaque-forming bacteria
and acid. Tooth brushing with xylitol toothpaste
prevents the deposition of plaque on the tooth
surface and contributes to the tooth decay
prevention. The outside boxing also serves as an
attractive display.
Same product advantages as Happy Morning, plus:
• Bristles impregnated with toothpaste containing
• Xylitol for additional "anti-plaque" effect, inhibit­
ing plaque and acid-forming bacteria
Happy Morning Xylitol, 50 pcs.
605 496
Interdental cleaning
Interdental spaces, braces, brackets and bridges are
particularly vulnerable to bacteria and debris on the
teeth. They are also hard to clean as the spaces are
small and difficult to reach. Products for cleaning
these hard to reach spaces are essential for effective
prophylactic care.
Interdental cleaning – dental floss
 High-quality floss
 Optimal interdental care
 Floss in 3 versions
Optimal interdental care
High-quality dental floss for optimal interdental care
in three versions
Dental floss is a must for cleaning narrow interdental
Mirafloss chx-Tape allows chlorhexidine (CHX) to
­directly reach interdental spaces. CHX is clinically
proven* to inhibit plaque build up and to prevent
tooth decay from developing.
Mirafloss Tape is not a common floss. It is not waxed,
but PTFE-coated. It easily slides into even the
tightest interdental spaces. The tape “expands”,
once brought into the interdental spaces, cleaning
extremely effectively. It is extremely tear-resistant
and does not fray.
Mirafloss unwaxed is a classical unwaxed dental
floss, ideal for the thorough cleaning of large inter­
dental spaces where it can be inserted very easily.
Mirafloss chx-Tape, Mirafloss Tape and ­Mirafloss un­
waxed are tear-resistant and will not fray.
* Source:
Löe H., Schiött C.R.: The ef­
fects of mouthrinses and
topical application of chlo­
rhexidine on the develop­
ment of dental plaque and
gingivitis in man. J Perio­
dont Res 5, 79-83 (1970)
Mirafloss chx-Tape, 20 m
630 078
Mirafloss Tape, 20 m
630 022
Mirafloss unwaxed, 20 m
630 077
Interdental cleaning – dental floss holder
 Easy to use
 With toothpick function
 Hygienic storage box
Easy handling
Floss holder
The floss holder
ensures the floss is
tightly stretched
With toothpick function
Pick function
The pointed end of
the handle can be
used as a toothpick
Combination of dental floss and toothpick
Dental floss is extremely important for cleaning nar­
row interdental spaces. However, many consumers
find flossing very inconvenient. Zahnpick solves the
Zahnpick is:
• A toothpick to remove coarse food
• Dental floss to remove plaque and
fine food debris
Zahnpick, 30 pcs.
630 039
Zahnpick, 100 pcs.
605 637
Zahnpick is the convenient combination of a dental
floss and a toothpick – perfect for easy, comfortable
interdental care. Fine,
unwaxed floss is con­
veniently fixed on a small
holder, and the handle
makes it easy to floss
all areas including the
­hard-to-reach molars. In
addition, the end of the
handle can be used as a
Storage in a reclosable box
Interdental cleaning – interdental brushes
 Adjustable angles
 Ideal on-the-go
 Available in 6 sizes
CHX impregnated
CHX gets applied directly into
interdental spaces and sup­
ports the anti-plaque effect
Patented system allows
flexible angle adjustments
of the brush head
Protective cap can be used as
handle extension
I-Prox® chx
Interdental brushes with hygienic protective cap and
convenient flex-head
Although you clean your teeth in the morning and in
the evening you might quite often feel an urge to
clean your interdental spaces, probably following
each meal and in between. Compared with tooth­
picks and other tools, interdental brushes offer not
only a very gentle but also a much more efficient way
to clean your interdental spaces. The flex-head
makes it easy to access hard-to-reach areas.
I-Prox chx – high-quality interdental brushes made
of a special wire with ultrafine chx-impregnated bris­
tles and a protective cap. This guarantees not only a
thorough oral hygiene but also makes it the perfect
interdental brush when travelling.
630 092
630 093
630 094
630 095
630 097
630 096
630 098
ø of Insert ø of Cleaning
Ø 0,5 mm
Ø 1,8 mm
Ø 0,6 mm
Ø 1,9 mm
Ø 0,7 mm Ø 2,5 mm
Ø 0,8 mm Ø 3,5 mm
Ø 0,8 mm Ø 5,0 mm
Ø 0,8 mm Ø 2,5 – 5,0 mm
Interdental cleaning – interdental brushes
 Multi Functional system
 Storage compartment
 Set with 4 brushes
Œ Pic Angle
 Brush Storage
Ž Back-Pic
The Pic-Brush interdental brush is ideal to clean
brackets, braces, bridges, and most of all interdental
spaces. The 120°-Pic-angle of the conically shaped
handle ensures optimal and safe use. In addition, the
Back-Pic with its alternative way of insertion allows
for a better cleaning of the front teeth.
Pic-Brush® Set
Interdental brush holder with one brush
Pic-Brush Set, trans. blue
631 002
Pic-Brush Set, trans. pink
631 003
Pic-Brush® Intro Kit
Interdental brush holder with
four brushes in four thicknesses
Pic-Brush Intro Kit,
631 005
Pic-Brush Intro Kit, trans. pink
631 006
Interdental cleaning – interdental brushes
 Protective wire coating
 Ultra-fine bristles
 Available in 7 sizes
interdental cleaning
cleaning of brackets
Pic-Brush® Refill Brushes
Seven different interdental brushes made of a ­special
wire with ultra-fine bristles, ensure a gentle and thor­
ough cleaning. Brushes are hygienically packed in a
reclosable storage box of either six or twelve colorcoded pieces.
631 013
605 748
631 014
605 713
631 015
605 722
631 016
605 631
631 017
605 632
631 050
605 789
631 018
605 711
Insert Cylinder xx-fine
Ø 0.5 mm
Ø 1.5 mm
Ø 0.6 mm Ø 1.8 mm
Ø 0.7 mm Ø 2.0 mm
Ø 0.8 mm Ø 2.2 mm
Ø 0.8 mm Ø 3.0 mm
Ø 0.8 mm Ø 6.5 mm
Ø 0.8 mm Ø 2.5 – 5.0 mm
Cleaning Cylinder
Interdental cleaning – sulcus cleaning
 Thorough and gentle cleaning
 Storage compartment
 Set with 4 brushes
Œ V-shape
The pointed bristle cleans the
periodontium thoroughly,
effectively and gently
 Switch function
The switch function
allows two comfortable angles for
cleaning different areas
Ž Brush storage
Hygienic storage for
refill brushes
I-Prox® P
Contains sulcus brush and four brushes
Neither toothbrush nor floss or interdental brushes
clean every part of the mouth, such as:
• Sensitive exposed gingiva
• Gingival pockets
• Prosthetic works (bridges, crowns, implants, etc.)
The miradent sulcus brush with its finger-grip handle
however, thoroughly and gently cleans areas that
can neither be reached by toothbrush nor interdental
brush. The exchangable brushes are V-shaped and
can be stored in the back of the holder.
I-Prox P, trans. blue
631 032
I-Prox P, trans. pink
631 033
I-Prox P Refill brushes, 4 pcs.
631 034
Interdental cleaning – sulcus cleaning
 Gentle and effective cleaning
 Removal of debris
 Easy home check-up
Gingival pockets
Removal of debris
I-Prox® Care Set
Interdental care set
For a complete cleaning of the oral cavity the
­combined use of the pointed I-Prox P brush and the
double-ended toothscraper I-Prox C is advisable.
This way, even hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned
from debris gently. Following the cleaning process,
the anti-fog coated mouth mirror makes it easy to
control the mouth cavity.
All above-mentioned products are now available in a
convenient interdental care set.
I-Prox Care Set, trans. blue
630 160
Plaque detection
Dental health starts with thorough and regular den­
tal care at home! However, even with disciplined
brushing and flossing some areas might be missed.
Professional prophylaxis products allow patients to
easily detect plaque at home.
Plaque detection – plaque disclosing tablets
 Easy to use
 Two-color indication
 Free of erythrosine
Separation mark
For children half a tablet
serves for one test
Patented two-color
reaction with plaque to
reveal older (blue) and
newer (pink) plaque
Plaque disclosing tablets for up to 12 tests
The miradent plaque test has been used in dental
practices for many years. The tablets detect plaque:
Older plaque is revealed in blue, newer plaque in
pink. To use, chew one tablet (for children half a tab­
let), swirl around in the mouth with saliva, then spit
out to check for plaque deposits. Discoloration can
be removed by brushing teeth. miradent plaque dis­
closing tablets are free of erythrosine.
Mira-2-Ton, set of 6
631 027
Mira-2-Ton solution, 10 ml
605 659
Plaque detection – home check up
 Anti-fog
 Comfortable use
 Ideal for home check-up
Anti-fog coating optimises
analysing all parts of the
Octagonal ergonomics
Anatomically shaped
handle for comfortable and
accurate use
miradent® Mundspiegel
Anti-fog mouth mirror
A mouth mirror is indispensable for professional
dental cleaning. Just like dentists depend on a mouth
mirror for diagnosis in the practice, it is the only
reliable way for checking your mouth at home. It is
very difficult to locate problems and fight them
effectively without one!
miradent Mundspiegel, trans. blue
630 065
miradent Mundspiegel, trans. pink
630 066
The miradent mouth mirror
has an angled, flat design to
reflect every detail within the
oral cavity.
Plaque detection – mouth rinse
 Plaque control
 Fruity bubble gum flavor
 Free of erythrosine
Rinse mouth
with 10 ml for
30 ­seconds and
spit out. Do not
Plaque deposits
are revealed in
Brush thoroughly
with toothpaste
to remove the
blue color.
Plaque Agent®
Plaque disclosing mouth rinse, erythrosine-free
Being on the track of plaque deposits!
The Plaque Agent mouth rinsing solution is a quick
and easy way to help children see plaque deposits. It
is fun to use and motivates children to brush and care
for their teeth properly. It should ideally be used be­
fore brushing. The solution colors plaque deposits
blue. The colored spots can then be removed by tar­
geted brushing.
With a great 'bubble gum' taste, this product is popu­
lar with children and can help them understand the
need for thorough daily dental care.
Plaque Agent, 500 ml
To use, the child rinses its mouth with 10 ml of Plaque
Agent (one dosing cap) for 30 seconds. After spitting
out, the plaque deposits will be blue, demonstrating
which teeth require better brushing. The blue color
can be easily removed with a children's toothpaste.
Plaque Agent may be used again to check the brush­
ing results. There should no longer be any discolora­
tions. Otherwise, the deposits are most likely old and
should get removed by a dentist.
Children may need help with mouth rinsing and
parents should supervise the use of Plaque Agent.
631 096
Cosmetic dental care
Brilliant white teeth make a face look younger and
more radiant. Teeth discoloration can be removed
quite easily with our range of cosmetic products.
Their use can significantly improve a person's smile
and appearance.
Cosmetic dental care – toothpaste
 Effective whitening
 Removes discolorations
 Immediate illuminating effect
Mirawhite® gelée
For brilliant white teeth
With its innovative complex, Mirawhite gelée provi­
des full protection. It gently removes tooth discolo­
ration and actively supports regaining and keeping
the natural teeth whiteness. Superficial tooth disco­
loration and deposits are removed by brushing the
teeth, while further ingredients prevent a quick,
reoccurring bacteria adhesion. The formation of
­tartar is reduced significantly.
A covering translucent layer is achieved by Mica, a
mineral that has successfully been used for many
­years in cosmetic products. It makes the teeth feel
noticeably smoother and gives them a vital, shiny
effect which is immediately visible. The gelée does
Mirawhite gelée, 100 ml
not contain any nanotech ma­
Mirawhite gelée has a bright
blue color and a refreshing
mint taste. It should be applied
twice daily. It contains cariespreventive sodium fluoride
(fluoride 1,450 ppm) and xylitol.
630 123
Cosmetic dental care – toothpaste for dental implants
Brilliant white
in 14 days
 Ardox-X
Safe Implant
Miraclin Implant
Toothpaste for people with dental implants
One of the most exclusive restorations in the field of
prosthetic dentures is a dental implant. Special care
is required to maintain implants as long as possible,
at best lifelong. Miraclin Implant has been developed
to meet the needs of people with dental implants.
Teeth, implants and gums are being cleaned
thoroughly, while the Ardox-X technology preserves
your teeth’s natural whiteness, avoiding differences
in color between natural teeth and implants.
In combination with lactoferrin – an endogenous
protein – Miraclin Implant unfolds all-round protec­
Miraclin Implant, 100 ml
630 165
tion, supporting the regeneration of damaged cells
along the implant. Additionally, Miraclin Implant
avoids gum recession effectively, protects the
implant against external influences and maintains
the implant’s stability. All mentioned factors being
essential for the long‑lasting maintenance of an
implant. Remineralization and protection of the
enamel are obtained by sodium fluoride (200 ppm F).
Cosmetic dental care – xerostomia
Passion fruit
 Increases the saliva flow
 Plaque-inhibiting and tooth decay-preventive
 Strengthens the enamel
ll y s w e e
Lozenges against mouth dryness
Are you aware of the fact that over 25 % of all adults
are affected by mouth dryness? Mouth dryness is
more than just an unpleasant feeling. It can lead to
diseases, inflammations and even cause the loss of
teeth. The following are known symptoms for mouth
dryness: Dryness of the mucosa, difficulty in chewing
or speaking, bad breath, intolerance of dentures,
inflammations inside the mouth, chapped lips.
Mouth dryness (Xerostomia) is caused by a salivary
gland subfunction. The average unstimulated saliva
flow of an adult is 0.25 – 0.35ml/min. Reduced saliva
flow also causes a loss of important minerals such as
calcium and phosphate. Consequently, the lost
minerals cannot be re-absorbed by the enamel. This
may result in developing tooth decay as the saliva
loses its natural protective mechanism, resulting in
decreased neutralization of food residue and acids.
Passion fruit, 26 tab. (26 g)
Sugarfree • No Aspartam • No Gluten
No Lactose • No Fructose • No GMO
The absence of the natural protective mechanism
provides bacteria with perfect condition to build
coatings (plaque) unhindered. The saliva’s overacidification inevitably results in erosion damage on
the tooth surface. The miradent Aquamed lozenges
have been developed in cooperation with dental
experts and meet the need of people suffering from
mouth dryness. Beside the helpful enzyme
(Lysozyme), the formula also includes calcium
lactate, supporting the enamel’s remineralization.
The Aquamed mouth dryness lozenges are 100 %
sweetened with natural xylitol which is well known
for its plaque‑inhibiting and tooth decay‑preventive
630 164
Cosmetic dental care – halitosis
 Fights halitosis
 With xylitol
 Free of alcohol
halitosis spray
Instant fresh breath spray
Fresh breath is essential to feel comfortable and
confident towards other people. In most cases,
bacteria colonising on the tongue are the main cause
for bad breath. In such cases, even frequent tooth
brushing cannot prevent bad breath. The
combination of selected essential oils and flavors
and the special formulation guarantees immediate
and long-lasting fresh breath. miradent halitosis
spray fights volatile sulphur compounds produced
by bacteria. The ingredient ­x ylitol is known for its
tooth decay preventive and remineralising effects
and perfectly supports daily dental care. The
halitosis spray, 15 ml
630 168
integrated pump mechanism makes an accurate
application onto the upper surface of the tongue
easy. Perfectly to be used on the go. miradent
halitosis spray is free of alcohol and has a refreshing
minty flavor.
When needed, give 1 – 4 sprays directly onto the
­upper surface of the tongue. For optimal results
additionally clean the surface prior with the TongClin De Luxe tongue cleaner.
Cosmetic dental care – tongue cleaning
 Gentle tongue cleaning
 Short bristle field
 Concave scraper
Slim technology
Extra flat and angled
cleaning head.
Concave scraper
Bended scraper for
an easy use
Tong-Clin® De Luxe
Tongue cleaner for removing bacterial coating and
preventing halitosis
In 90 % bad breath originates from within the mouth
and studies* have shown that usually bacterial
coatings on the tongue are responsible. These
coatings disturb the sensitive bacterial balance,
support the formation of plaque, and it can affect
the sense of taste. It is both, unhygienic and
uncomfortable to remove these tongue coatings
with a standard toothbrush.
The miradent tongue cleaner, with its finger grip
handle, is particularly effective due to its short bristle
field. In combination with the bristle field, the
coatings are lifted and removed gently by the
concave scraper. The angled and thin head reduces
the gag reflex.
* Source:
Delanghe, G., Ghyselen, J., Feenstra, L., van Steenberghe, D.:
Experiences of a Belgian Multidisciplinary Breath Odour Clinic:
In: van Steenberghe, D., Rosenberg, M. (Hrsg.): Bad breath. A
multidisciplinary approach. Leuven University Press, Leuven
1996. Tessier, J. F. , Kulkarni, G. V. : Bad breath: etiology, diagnosis
and treatment. Oral Health 81, 19 (1991).
Tong-Clin® Gel
Soft and nourishing cleansing tongue gel
Tong-Clin Gel removes tongue coatings by applying
antibacterial ingredients directly onto the dorsum
(back of the tongue), and is, therefore, the ideal
addition in cleaning your tongue. It is a natural
product, containing camomile, sage and marigold
for gentle care of the tongue mucosa tissue. TongClin Gel is an alcohol-free gel and provides a pleasant
and long-lasting fresh and minty breath.
Tong-Clin Gel is also available in a combo pack as
Tong-Clin Set and Tong-Clin Fresh.
Tong-Clin Gel, 50 ml
630 059
Tong-Clin De Luxe, trans. blue
630 029
Tong-Clin Set with 50 ml Gel
631 060
Tong-Clin De Luxe, trans. pink
630 030
Tong-Clin Fresh with 15 ml Gel
630 179
Xylitol range
Since its discovery, xylitol, a naturally healthy sugar
substitute, has continually been taking on greater
­significance. Xylitol is a natural component found in
fruits and vegetables which provides a true alterna­
tive for consumers enjoying sweet specialties while
­focussing on a balanced diet. Please consider current
health claims in professional counselling.
Xylitol range – Xylitol Powder, natural sweetness
 Toothfriendly
 Re-mineralising
Balanced diet
1:1 sweetening power
Xylitol Powder
100 % natural sweetness
Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute without the
disputed properties of conventional sugar and artifi­
cial sugar substitutes. An important aspect is its
tooth-friendly properties. The bacteria inside the
mouth cannot feed on xylitol. As a result, it sustaina­
bly inhibits the formation of dental plaque.
Xylitol Powder is a natural substance also found in
fruits and vegetable fiber. Therefore, it is an ideal al­
ternative for millions of consumers, who like sweets,
but focus on a balanced diet. Xylitol has the same
sweetening power like household sugar, but 40 %
fewer calories. The uses are varied: To sweeten hot
and cold drinks, fruits, muesli or for baking.
Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.
Xylitol Powder, 350 g
Xylitol Powder, 100 Sachets à 4 g
Sweetening power of xylitol versus other
630 119
630 120
Xylitol range – Xylitol Chewing Gum / Xylitol Chewing Gum for Kids
Did you Know?
Chewing gum sweetened with 100 % xylitol has
been shown to reduce dental plaque. High con­
tent/level of dental plaque is a risk factor in the
development of caries in children.
Green Tea
Fresh Fruit
Source: European Food Safety Authority (Q-2008-321)
Ideal dental care without
aspartame and fructose
Recommended daily allowance:
Adults 5 – 7 pcs., children 3 – 4 pcs.
Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.
Xylitol Chewing Gum for Kids
Xylitol Chewing Gum
Dental care chewing gum in a re-sealable box (30 pcs.)
If consumed regularly, miradent chewing gums with
xylitol sustainably reduce the formation of plaque on
the tooth surface. If tooth brushing after the meal is
not possible, our xylitol chewing gums are an ideal
alternative to do good and to protect your teeth. We
focus on high-quality raw materials and, therefore,
entirely dispense with aspartame and sorbitol. Of
course, the xylitol is won without the use of gene
technology. The chewing gums are vegan – and free
of gluten, lactose and fructose.
Spearmint, box with 30 g
630 079
Peppermint, box with 30 g
630 080
New child-friendly, refreshing taste of apples or
Ingredients Spearmint, Peppermint, Cinnamon: sweetener: xylite, gum base, flavor,
thickening agent: gum arabic, humectant: glycerin, emulsifier: soy lecithin, coloring
agent: titanium dioxide, coating agent: carnauba wax.
Ingredients Fresh Fruit, Cranberry: sweetener: xylite, gum base, flavor, thickening
agent: gum arabic, humectant: glycerin, acidity regulator: malic acid, emulsifier: soy
lecithin, coloring agent: titanium dioxide, coating agent: carnauba wax.
Ingredients Green Tea: sweetener: xylite, gum base, flavor, thickening agent: gum
arabic, humectant: glycerin, leaf extract (green tea), emulsifier: soy lecithin, coloring
agent: titanium dioxide, coating agent: carnauba wax.
Ingredients Apple and Strawberry: sweetener: xylite, chewing base, aroma, acidity
regulator: malic acid, thickening agent: gum arabic, humectant: glycerine, colourant:
titanium dioxide, emulsifier: soya lecithin, coating: carnauba wax.
Cinnamon, box with 30 g
630 081
Fresh Fruit, box with 30 g
630 082
Cranberry, box with 30 g
630 090
Apple, box with 30 g
630 192
Green Tea, box with 30 g
630 091
Strawberry, box with 30 g
630 193
Xylitol range – Xylitol Drops
 Caries-preventive
 Remineralizing
 Dental plaque inhibiting
Xylitol Drops
The tooth-friendly lozenges
miradent Xylitol Drops have specially been
developed for an extended all-day oral care. The
tooth surfaces benefit from the sugar substitute
xylitol as it supports the re-storage of mineral
components depleted from the teeth. In
consequence it helps hardening the teeth surfaces,
giving them better protection against food acids.
The sweet miracle also scores with its tooth decay
preventing properties: Oral bacteria cannot feed
Xylitol Drops, Cherry, 60 g
on xylitol. Therefore, it prevents the forming of
dental plaque, significantly reducing the build-up
of tooth decay. The consumption of the drops leave
your teeth feeling pleasantly smooth and clean.
Xylitol Drops have a slightly refreshing taste and are
available in three flavors: Melon, Mint, Cherry
630 171
Xylitol Drops, Melon, 60 g
630 170
Xylitol Drops, Mint, 60 g
630 172
Professional prophylactic dental care requires more
than just a toothbrush and toothpaste. Our range
of specialised products adapted for particular
­conditions includes dental chewing gums, denture
brushes and tongue cleaners. These are essential
components of complete dental care.
Specialties – oral medical provision
 Against aphthae and lichen
 Quick relief
 Inhibition of bacteria
Micro nutrition gel for oral medical provision
Miradont-Gel is an innovation in wound treatment
beyond conventional medicine. By developing its
positive, physical mechanism of action, the mirconutrient gel helps healing oral wounds. Its unique
formula eases painful inflammations quickly and
­inhibits bacterial reproduction.
Miradont-Gel is useful in many dental applications:
• For pain relief in:
- Aphthae and lichen
- Irritations of the mucosa
- Herpes lesions
- Pressure spots caused by prosthetics
- Revitalising following dental treatments
Miradont-Gel, 15 ml
Miradont-Gel contains a unique formula of micro
nutrients, vitamins, herbal supplements, and the
body's own trace elements.
Inflammations can cause a deficiency of micro nutri­
ents and vitamins in the tissue. Miradont-Gel allows
these important elements to be directly applied to
the inflamed areas to compensate. In addition, bac­
teria are inhibited by trace elements, such as zinc
which chemically repels bacteria away from cell ope­
nings and membranes. This enables the body to revi­
talise inflammations naturally.
155 000
Prosthetic restorations
Efficient mouth hygiene is essential for everyone, es­
pecially at an older age as it also improves quality of
life. Special age-adjusted products like implant floss or
denture brushes are an important part of comprehen­
sive dental care. A denture brush removes deposits
reliably, thus preventing the accumulation of bacteria.
Prosthetic restorations – denture toothbrush
 Two bristle fields
 Finger-grip handle
 2 colors available
Octagonal ergonomics
Ergonomically shaped large handle
for safe and easy handling in case
of limited hand movement (e.g. gout)
Protho Brush® De Luxe
Denture brush with an ergonomic finger-grip
Care of dentures is very important as food deposits
and bacteria adhere particularly well to dentures and
their attachments. This can lead to plaque, gingival
diseases and damage to the jaw-bones, affecting
both, the fit and comfort of dentures. Poor care can
also result in unpleasant halitosis.
The miradent Protho Brush is a well-thought-out
product: With its large, ergonomic finger grip handle
it has been designed for easy handling, especially for
older people. The large bristle field is for cleaning
the outer d
­ enture surface. The V-shaped smaller
bristle field perfectly cleans the hard-to-reach inner
denture surfaces.
Protho Brush De Luxe, trans. blue
631 024
Protho Brush De Luxe, trans. pink
631 025
Prosthetic restorations – box for storing dentures
 Waterproof box
 With denture brush and mirror
 Ideal on-the-go
With two different
bristle fields
Locking mechanism
Enables water-tight sealing
Protho Box®
For storage and cleaning of prosthetic restorations
Keeping dentures safe can be difficult, especially
when travelling. The Protho Box solves this problem
as it is ideal for storing dentures safely. The Protho
Box is completely waterproof, allowing dentures to
be stored in a cleaning solution without the risk of
The bristle compartment contains a small, ergono­
mically shaped denture brush with large white bris­
tles for cleaning the outer surfaces of the denture,
and small black bristles for the inner surfaces. Clean­
ing tablets may also be stored in this compartment.
The box features a mirror to assist when re-inserting
prosthetic works.
Protho Box with brush
605 900
Single replacement brush
605 901
Prosthetic restorations – fleecy floss
 For implants and bridges
 With anti-plaque effect
 Antibacterial
Parodontal floss
Fleecy material for
thorough removal
of plaque, 15 cm long
Stiff ends
Facilitate threading
Mirafloss® Implant chx
Antibacterial CHX floss fibers from the roll
Mirafloss Implant chx offers fleecy floss “from the
roll”. The dispenser includes 50 floss fibers, which can
easily be separated by the tear-off edge. The stiff
endings facilitate threading. Implants and bridges
can ideally be cleaned with the fleecy center part,
which is saturated with 0.2 % chx. Chlorhexidine has
an antibacterial effect and inhibits plaque bacteria.
Product advantages:
• Floss fibers in handy dispenser
• Antibacterial chx
• Two thicknesses:
fine (Ø 1.5 mm) and medium (Ø 2.2 mm)
Mirafloss Implant chx, 50 pcs., fine (pink)
630 134
Mirafloss Implant chx, 50 pcs., medium (blue)
630 135
Kids' Corner
Children's toothbrushes, like our Kid’s Brush, have
proven to motivate for an independent dental care.
Children should clean their teeth on their own star­
ting from the age of four. Usually this is supported
with programs in kindergartens and elementary
schools. However, parents also need to be involved
to ensure good habits are formed at an early age. Our
Kid's product range supports children to learn and
enjoy a daily dental care routine.
Kids' Corner – the first toothbrush
 Extra soft bristles
 With teething ring
 No risk of swallowing
Bristle field
Œ Extra soft bristles
avoid injuries
 Teething ring
Handle with nubs acts
as a teething ring and
­enhances dentition
Infant toothbrush and teething ring
“The sooner the better” – this is particularly impor­
tant in dental care. The miradent infant toothbrush is
suitable for toddlers from as young as three months
old. The bristles are extra soft and gentle on the
gums and mouth in order to avoid injuries. The brush
also serves as an oval teething ring which ensures
safe and fun use while eliminating the risk of swal­
lowing the brush.
Infant-O-Brush, red
630 026
Infant-O-Brush, yellow
605 617
Kids' Corner – toothbrushes
 Small brush head
 With protective cover
 Self standing
Small brush head
With soft childfriendly bristles
Practical stand
To keep the toothbrush
Kid's Brush
Toothbrush with child-friendly bristles and hygienic
protective cover in five animal characters
Fun toothbrushes motivate kids! The head of the
brush is protected by a hinged protective cover with
an opening for air circulation. The toothbrush handle
also serves as a practical stand. The Kid’s Brush comes
with a name tag and in five fun animal characters.
Duck “Lady Ally”, pink
630 046
Parrot “Prof. Paul”, green
630 047
Bear “Roy”, light blue
630 048
Dog “Bill”, blue
630 049
Bull “Rocky”, yellow
630 051
Kids' Corner – toothbrush holder
 Hygienic toothbrush holder
 Suction cup
 Ideal air circulation
Suction cup
For attaching the
product to any
smooth surface
Funny Animals
Hygienic toothbrush holder with patented snap lock
in six fun characters
Suitable for children 3 years and above.
These fun toothbrush holders can be attached to any
smooth surface using their practical suction cups.
The patented snap-fit design allows a toothbrush to
be snapped in and out of the holder easily. There is
also air circulation to the brush when not in use.
Funny Cow
630 099
Funny Elephant
630 100
Funny Zebra
630 101
Funny Lion
630 102
Funny Pig
630 103
Funny Dog
630 104
Kids' Corner– timer / storage
 Motivating
 With suction cup
 Very easy to read
 Safe snap lock
 Ideal on the go
 3 colors available
Suction cup
For attaching the
hourglass to any
smooth surface
miradent® Sanduhr
Dento Box®
Toothbrushing hourglass timer
Solid transport and storage box
A practical timer to motivate and help children
easily understand how to monitor their brushing
for 2 minutes: The miradent
hourglass can be easily
attached to smooth surfaces
with the suction cup,
helping to build good
dental care habits from an
early age.
Orthodontic works are perfectly protected inside
this extra small storage box with its safe, impact
resistant snap lock. A
small opening in the
lid provides ideal air
trendy cord ensures
comfortable transport
of this box for braces.
Dento Box, blue, yellow cord
miradent Sanduhr
630 161
Dento Box, white, blue cord
630 162
630 068
Dento Box, pink, pink cord
630 163
Kids' Corner – tooth rescue
 Ready for immediate use
 Safe storage up to 48 hours
 Replantation of avulsed teeth
Knocked out teeth or tooth fragments...
miradent SOS Dentobox®
Tooth rescue box
Sports activities or children’s play time can lead to
accidents in which a tooth breaks or falls out. Time
is then of utmost importance for a successful
replantation. The SOS Dentobox is an innovative way
to prolong the life of broken or avulsed teeth,
increasing the chance of successful replantation. It
contains a patented, ready-for-use nutrient solution
to protect the tooth cells. The tooth or tooth
fragment can be stored safely in this solution for up
to 48 hours, protecting it until it arrives at the dental
Statistically speaking, children have the most tooth
accidents. We recommend that the SOS Dentobox
should be available in all kindergartens, schools,
sports facilities, public swimming pools and also in
every first aid-kits in your car and at home. Better
safe then sorry.
miradent SOS Dentobox
631 040
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